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Never Apologize!

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by NeverApologize
Good day everyone! I would like to introduce myself. For over three years I have been a lurker. This site has always occupied my lunch hour at work, and during work, oops...

so .... you work for the government and utilize a government computer to access ATS then????

The debates are heated.

only if you are on the wrong side.

The topics, taboo.

after three years of lurking you would know they are not too taboo here on our ATS.

There are idiots.

your only real basis for comparison when making such a claim is that which you have to hold up for comparison, yourself. maybe it takes one to know one, perhaps...

There are scholars!

i for one find your recalcitrant Magniloquences to be exceptionally farcical.

Now for a little bit about myself! I am a twenty seven year old father and husband.

sure you are. i believe you. honest i do.

My daughter is two, my wife four years younger.

your wife is four years younger than two? womb robber.

My political leaning is Conservative.

your post thus far seem very liberal to me.

Liberals annoy me.

you are a liberal.

I do believe in the Right / Left paradigm!

most ovis aries do, kiddo.

I don't think there is a gray area in human rights and abortion.

what are the number of laws, and when held in context with eachother, what do they all mean?

I cherish everyones life.

uh huh. i believe ya. honest i do.

I DO NOT, believe in the death penalty but I believe I can assist a "Freedom Fighter", in meeting Allah and getting their virgins.

how much sense does that sentence make? what does that mean? could you say the same thing a few other ways, please? thank you sooooo much.

I also strongly believe we were indeed attacked on September 11th 2001.

no kidding. really? but by whom and to support what agenda(s)?

Sorry guys

i want an apology for you saying you are sorry when your thread title and name suggests you would never do such a thing. i want an apology for you saying you are sorry, please. it was off topic!!!

... throw some jet fuel on some concrete, ignite, and watch the results. Also, plow an aircraft traveling over 700MPH into steel, concrete, and re-enforced concrete beams...

source please? where did you learn that those planes were travelling in excess of 700 mph ? or are you just making stuff up as you go along?

There will be nothing but tiny scraps and liquid remaining.

so, you have a chemistry degree then i take it?

Darn those facts.

obviously you have damned the facts. you don't let them get in the way of your entertainment or opinion, it seems.

Truther's piss me off and every opportunity I receive to debate one I always leave them scratching their head.

after the upcoming Debate Tournament finishes up i would be happy to accomidate your request for such an opportunity to join me for a debate in the Debate forum, should you accept.....

Yes, it gives me a hard on debating Socialists, Liberals, and so-called Progressives! Facts are very hard to drill into a Liberals head...

that is a very liberal thing to say.

A little background on my occupation. Well, since I will be accused now or sometime soon, yes; I am a bought and paid for dis-info agent.

well that just isn't true.

My SSN# begins with "134". Look that up kiddos.

i know a few other people with the beginning of their ssn being 134. it means they are from new york.

I am here to wage a war of information on your progressive ideas and ideals. My employer is 1 S. Stewart Avenue, Ridley Park, PA. I specialize in engineering dis-information.

i'm sure they would appreciate you overtly announcing this and sharing it.

Specifically rotorcraft and "death-from-above", tactics.

how fast do those planes fly, again?

In short, I am glad to be here and have the chance to spread my dis information.

by all means, try.

For God and Country. John 8:32: "...Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free." (location, location, location!)

the truth is that G.O.D. and Country are one in the same. how can god be all things if god cannot be all things god?
god is just an accronym for:
Government Of Dollar$

[color=414141]NO Welcome to ATS,

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 10:59 PM
Welcome to ATS - you sound like your gonna be more fun than a room full of chimps.

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by Esoteric Teacher

Quite the imagination and condescending reply! You sure did take the time to break down the post. I understand you are probably far too intelligent for me to even come close to a witty reply that you wouldn't understand but that's just life I guess!

There were really only three things that bothered me in your reply.

1) No, I was not born in New York. I have never been there even or even visited. The 134 Social is an error or intentionally done.

2) Sorry. I am not Liberal, I am just a mere arsehole. Plain and simple. Seems you may be too, we should get along just fine!

3) No I do not have a Chemistry, physics, or any other "chemical", based degree. I do however have a Master's in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle in Florida. Therefore, I would know just a little bit about accidents for aircraft don't cha think nah?

I am sure that your Government Issued Brainwashing Degree, sorry, Teachers Degree can explain away the holes in your 9/11 Conspiracy Theories though? I am also sure you are smart enough to ping my IP and see I am from A small little town Chester County, PA. I do not log on to my user account from work. Yes, it is a pair of Quad Core drafting machines issued by the Government.

I spend my days chasing after "Home Grown Liberal Terrorists", like your self... just an FYI.

Remember, everything you do on the internet is being funneled through a filter and botnet. I tell you this to bring your attention to the obvious...

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by AProphet1233

You did smell sarcasm right? I am going to make millions creating a sarcasm button!
Oh. I am a Government employee. Maybe. Maybe not. Right? I may also be lying. I probably am a liar. It comes naturally.

I may not have a social security number beginning with 134. I could have thrown a diversion in the entire post to see how people are able to zero in on one minor thing. (Or seemingly...)

I may not even be a U.S. citizen!

I could be playing out a fantasy and spinning lies for pure entertainment? Hmmm?

Oh. Say hello to the Oompa Loompas for me too. Hehe...

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