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What is America's Purpose?

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 01:22 PM
Americans! You are my people, you free and beautiful people.

We are no longer a child nation, we are no longer a child people. We have reached our maturity, passing through our adolescence of wars and global calamity.

Now that we have become extremely wealthy, comfortable, and luxurious, what now? What is the purpose of forming a nation, and a people? Why have we organized ourselves?

Now there will be some of you who give me the elementray school answer: "To pursue life, liberty and happiness." That is not sufficient for me. I want you to really think.

The majority of the people will always be concerned with nothing but the most basic things for their whole lives, materialism, money, entertainment. But we are supposed to be an advanced people, a big country, with lots of things going on.

So then, what is the point of having a nation in the 21st century? What should our leaders focus on? What kind of things should our smart people focus on? Is the creed of America nothing but gross materialism from the lowest of the people to the highest of the elites?

I cannot accept that there is just corruption and ignorance at every level of our society. It just cannot be so. There was once a spirit of innoation, inquiry, and adventure in our people, and it was generated at every level of our society. Where did it go? Like the water on Mars, it may have gone underground, hidden from view.

We as thinking individuals need to think in terms of our citizenship, and take ownership of our future, and our nation. We need to think deeply on the purpose of America, why we pay our taxes, what we purchase with our labors, and the goals of our government and people and institutions.

If you cannot think of any, then there must be a changing of the guard, and the government needs to be exchanged for a new one.

The lowest form of human intellect is material desire, the increase of wealth without a higher guiding philosophy. I don't mean just the will to power and to govern, those are not what are good for us. We are a people of Liberty.

Our leadership has completely avoided speaking about America's future, its goals, its innovations, and its character as a people. They focus merely on empty rhetoric, being emtpy and uninspired poeple themselves. We need peoplpe who are full, people with a mind unlike those of corporate men and lawyers, who are profited from working within a system of non-innovation and stagnation.

Where are the citizens? I know some of you are here. We are the true soul of this nation, not these stuffed suits who have come to you selling themselves in our government. Throw those wicked men out, they are not going to any good for our nation.

There must be SOME of us willing to examine the whole condition of the world, and of America. Not just willing to "go to work and consume", for we know that to be the way of cattle and crops, not of free men.

So to those of us who take thought, those of us who have considered, and wept for the condition of the nation and her people, unite! Speak to me now, and answer me, let us be as one and take our inheritance from this land.

It will begin in the dialogues we Americans will have among ourselves. We will no longer accept the pathetic awareness of the TV mind, the empty words of ungifted presidents and leaders, and the spiritually and intellectually degrading "consumer culture."

Many of you will live your entire lives in this kind of value system, but that was always true no matter what time period you were in. What is worrisome is that the small segment of society that was the thinking part, the intellectual part, the ones that formed the spirit of the nation and its innovations.

Those people have vanished from government. They have been swallowed up in the emergence of the corporate-industrial-federal combination of power in America, it has suppressed everything else in favor of its faceless, mindless blob-mass of power and influence. It has no point, no direction, or any philosophy, it just exists for its own power, and seeks to occupy everyplace.

Instead of the thinking citizen who speaks and convinces others, we have become afraid of speaking to each other, and fragmented, trapped in cities and constantly on the move, none of us can pause even for one second to enjoy the fruits of Liberty which we claim to be working so hard on. What are we working so hard for? What are we serving, and why?

Why on earth are we supporting this kind of system if it does not promise anything at all for us as a people? Why do we teach our children to serve it, if it will do nothing but harm their minds, and make them slaves to it?

I am not willing to say, it's the end of the world and things are just all bad. That's just a stupid thing to do. There are millions of intelligent people, and many good ideas. The system has become TOO STRONG, and it has begun to choke off the development of our people.

Instead of the government serving the good of the nation, it has become a overly fat dog in the manger, not eating or doing anything great itself, and preventing everyone else form doing so.

That kind of thing we would never tolerate on a smaller scale, if a rock gets in the way of your plow, don't you pluck it up and cast it into a pile?

You don't just say, "well, I can neither plow, nor move anything out of the way, so I guess I will starve this season."

You just throw the rock out of the way.

The same thing holds true for this country and its citizens. We have been tricked into staying quiet and submissive, the loudest voices have become the TV people, the Consumer-Producer people who try to get rich off our plenty, and the soulless and corrupt politicians who should be run out of washington on a rail, if not tarred and feathered as they did in old times.

Do not let these people run this country. They are not the right ones to do it. They will not lead us anywhere, they will just increase the SYSTEM that enriches them and preserves their power.

It is OUR burden, OUR responsibility to lead our nation, not the government's. And only a few of us will be able to it, that's the way it's always been.

Good men never did want to be lawyers and corporate people. They became thinkers, and never got rich, because getting rich requires you to forsake your soul (Most of the time) and any ideas of doing good. It requires you to join the system, because it is the system that they use to get rich.

I know the "system" sounds a lot like the "man" of the 1960's but I think I am hitting the mark. Today, even the youths are totally locked into the system, they never knew how to be free.
Cellphones and toys, fashion and TV, useless for raising people to be free citizens able to lead a modern nation. Who then, is leading us, and what does it mean to be a citizen today?

Take ownership of your nation. If you neglect your right as a citizen to innovate and think, to speak about the goals of the future, then you are a cattle-person, and deserve every oppression and confusion you will receive.

To sum up, you who will answer me, I want you to think and tell me what our point is as a people, why we organize ourselves as a nation, and what our government should be doing. We are paying them to do something, what is it? If they aren't doing it, do we really need them? Break free of the confusion and the sleepy TV awareness you have been tricked into.

SOME of you HAVE to do this. It is ciritcal for the future of our people. We cannot be a nation of free people without this. It is the soul of our nation, and we are in danger of losing it.


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