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Oil dispersants' effects still largely a mystery

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 09:27 AM
Despite the usual blather of the officials involved, I have misgivings about the nature and effect Corexit has yet to reveal; especially after spraying 2 million gallons of it during the Deepwater disaster alone.

Physorg's article re: Oil Dispersant effects

The use of chemicals classified as dispersants seems to be a curiosity to me. No one seems able to definitively explain just what the long-term effects are, or even the mid-term effects, not to mention the lack of clarity on short-term effects.

Were I a member of an investigating committee - should one ever be assembled - I would be eager to ask if the reason for all the uncertainty is a) a lack of research into the effects, b) a lack of scientific understanding regarding the substances, or perhaps c) secrecy born of the corporate citizens desire to avoid liability.

We can already be certain that the government agencies (mostly manned by former and future corporate executives) have adopted a protective stance insofar as these activities are concerned. Much like pharmaceutical and medical cases... any civil complaints will be met as 'predatory,' 'lacking standing,' or 'trivial.'

Some of the article may cite facts which are still in dispute, such as the magnitude of the spill and how much dispersant was used. Perhaps we may never know the real answer considering the protection of corporations against liability. Regardless... there are some points which merit discussion when considering the industry's preferred solution to such crises.

Scientists say they still don't know whether dispersants truly enable bacteria to digest spilled oil more quickly or whether dispersed oil is safer for marine life than untreated slicks.

Which seems particularly odd since they have been using the technology for 50 years.

Bacteria do seem to be digesting the oil in the Gulf of Mexico, according to an Aug. 25 report, but data are mixed on whether dispersants help bacteria along. Mervin Fingas, a retired scientist with the Canadian government, said that of roughly 40 biodegradability studies he surveyed between 1997 and 2008, about 60 percent said dispersant retarded growth of oil-eating microbes and 15 percent reported no effect. The remaining 25 percent noted a positive effect.

That's an alarmingly weak vote of confidence.

But positive findings are open to interpretation. At a 1999 oil spill conference, researchers reported that microbial populations dining on oil treated with the dispersant Corexit 9500 (used by BP in the Gulf) grew more than seven times as large as those eating oil dispersed physically, suggesting the bacteria were helping.

Yet a comprehensive 2005 review of dispersants by the National Research Council concluded that the healthy bacterial growth in such studies could easily be due to microbes feeding on dispersant, not oil. "There is no conclusive evidence demonstrating either the enhancement or the inhibition of microbial biodegradation when dispersants are used," the 12 authors wrote.
Emphasis mine.

Once again, I am not encouraged by such studies..., why was the industry compelled to choose otherwise?

This jumble of findings has led to disagreement among experts that might be resolved by careful analysis of real-life cleanups, which hardly ever happens, said Larry McKinney, executive director of Texas A&M University's Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Funding for such studies "waxes and wanes with oil spills, but never seems to follow through," McKinney said. Many investigations were launched after the Ixtoc spill to explore the effects of dispersed oil, he added.

But funding, and science, dried up when the well did.

Is it terribly sarcastic to ask that we ponder why studies never seem to get completely funded from beginning to end?

Thanks for reading.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 09:49 AM
This is yet another instance in which we will never get the whole truth. I think we have the right to know, our governments think otherwise. We are at war with the government and truth is the first casualty.
It's reassuring that someone is at least thinking about the truth.
Thanks for the info.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:45 AM
Agreed there is definitely something going on with Corexit and this is what is discerning to me. Corexit is produced by Nalco holding which is part of Blackstone group and who sits on there International advisory board? No one but Lord Jacob Rothschild So with these companies and all of the lobbying provided I guess one can assume some government officials do not have the best interest of the people on there mind. Hence the lack of investigation into the subject of Corexit and its effects short, mid and long term. It seems kind of convenient not to do toxicology tests on a product you want to push as being the leading dispersant as they make it seem. Corexit 9500 on page 5 of this document it clearly states "no toxicology test have been conducted" also on page 6 states that based on there "characterization the potential for human hazard is low" hmmm. Where has all of the common sense gone? Out the window it seems. Question Does sinking mass amounts of oil to the bottom of the ocean solve anything? Obviously not so what the hell is going on there are way to many angles and I have to go to work.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by QuestionTheGovernment

I find the corporate connections to be interesting. However, it would be difficult to draw any specific conclusions without knowing about the Corext revenue stream. Nowadays, corporate holding is a shell-game used to obfuscate ownership and minimize liability exposure for the modern-day robber barons. Rothschild certainly fits the profile, but being on the advisory board of a company doesn't conjure up too many concrete connections.

The information is valuable though, because it seems to gain strength by repetition....

Seems like at the end of the corporate holding rainbow we may find all of two dozen companies owning everything ... THEN their board members' identities will tell us volumes.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 02:51 PM
On so many levels I am unable to fathom anyone within their "right" mind who would put a man-made chemical into Nature, as if the arrogance of our Species is not enough. It certainly enforces my belief in the Corporate Psychotic Mindset beyond the human handlers awareness, and the dangers ever present in our World.

Beastly, Ghastly, and Evil come to mind. Horrific is putting it mildly.

My only comfort lies in my Spiritualism. The classic Good vs. Evil, with Good winning of course. For each of us that engages Spirit in our lives the context of the message is the same.

The Iroquois/Mohawk story of the Three Serpents rings with a message of Truth; The White Serpent and the Red Serpent in a Great Struggle. Our Political System is in a Battle today, can you see it? The Social Progressives with Zionist Ideals are waging war over our Traditions and they are pushing their destructive agendas. Democracy and Communism at Battle again.

Then there is the Black Serpent who comes from the South and Destroys.

Deganawidah: The Two Serpents

I really see the Black Serpent as the Gulf, in the story there is a woman who comes from the hair of the White Serpent, she comforts the Black Serpent and as the Black Serpent rests she tells him the terrible undoings of the White Serpent and the Red Serpent. Then the Black Serpent becomes enraged and attacks.

I believe the Gulf is at that moment when the Female (the Gulf herself) is realizing the destruction done to her. This will awaken within her a vengeance. Our Earth is being sucked upon by blood-suckers, her blood is oil, eventually the Spirit will awaken to this and lash out at us.

This is where I see the Fall of Babylon, not just our Monetary System, but a poisoning of which causes the "investors" to run and hide forever (to the East of course). The Middle East is where the Final Battle of Good and Evil will engage, and of course the Good will Triumph (the Great White Light in the East).

We had best consider the Rockie Mountains if people should suddenly wake up to a toxic cloud moving across the Plains, but then again, they may not wake up that day and those in the Mountains will wake up to a different reality. Maybe we are already being called to the Mountains? I know that I was living happily in South Texas and I was suddenly prompted to move here in 2000. Lovely view but there are always reasons if we believe in Spirit, and that tells me that I was urged to be where I am most needed and most protected from any future calamity (only reason for me to still be here). It certainly makes sense over the past few years.

The Gulf is all part of the Bigger Picture and it hasn't even begun to reveal itself yet. I am guessing the White Serpent and the Red Serpent have some more battling to do, maybe by November and the Elections results could be the final blow that pulls the "white hair/woman" from the White Serpent. Maybe Lady Liberty is the woman? She is the one that is being destroyed.

I am still not dismissing the enormous amount of Methane release that is still possible. I believe the agenda all along was for the methane and not the oil. The Green Movement was the newest big Money Machine to be invented for the masses. It blew up in Copenhagen but it wasn't suppose to; damn those global warming scientist. This fiasco in the Gulf was to take control of our hearts and force us to hate oil, force us to hate gasoline. I bet the next big sign would have read, "Bad Oil, Good Gas", but like Copenhagen this too will blow up in their faces, literally!

Corexit, Natural Methane deposits, Radioactive Asphaltene, and Hurricanes. That is a Cocktail of Mess!

Run to the Hills! You are invited to join me in my Garden!

My backyard--Organ Mountains of New Mexico

The Photo site is a reminder of the World outside of the Concrete Jungle, what a waste it is to hurt Nature with Chemicals, it breaks my heart when people use 'Round-Up' or other Herbicides. Pesticides can be found Naturally but Man has to make his own just to out-do Nature! It must be Arrogance?

S&F sorry for the Rant!

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Exactly correct hit the nail on the head with the corporate game. This is an extremely frustrating situation based on the mere fact that no one seemed to know what to do and went with the quick fix which going to get us in the end. I mean now you have an oil plume 22 miles long underneath the ocean now and its not just going away. I read the EPA response and info from there website and its a joke, strait propaganda for the bottom feeders that have no clue. This is the EPA website for the BP spill. It's retarded I mean you do zero test's but after spaying tons of corexit in the ocean then you start to test it???. This is found here So looking at the whole situation it stinks of rotten fish.

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