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Quran burning on again? Pastor says maybe

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posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 10:56 AM
Our freedoms are at risk and shall always be tested. We fight over them and the courts often decide on how far those freedoms are allowed to go. When ever there is a clash of freedoms that are protected by law, that is when you see the worse of ideals and fights that will break out, as it is up to the courts to decide which holds the greastest of weight to the individual across the board and equally.
In another post, I have stated, that when it comes to the freedom of speech, it is always easy to back the rights and freedom of a message or act that you agree with. But the true test of freedom and the protection of those rights comes when you have to protect that to which you do not agree with or fully find disgusting.
As in this case the burning of the Quar'an, or any intolerant speech often comes under the fire of the general population, dividing it. The destruction of any holy symbol in an act of the freedom of Speech, is what is the true testament to that very freedom, and those that died to protect those rights. We can not have a law that is based on what is convient or is only to protect when it is convient or something that we all agree on. It also must protect that which we do not agree with and or is not favorable at the time.
In the history of the country, we have seen the changing of what is acceptable to the general population, from the words that are used by others to refer to one group or another, to how we treat one another. Minorities often decry that which they feel wrongs them or puts them in a bad light. In my years, I have seen where at one time it was acceptable to refer to a minority by terms that will now get a person fired and or sued. In the attempt to make everyone feel good, terms that are pc have come to light.
And right now there is the question of tolerance. Should we be tolerant of Islam, yes, but that tolerance does not swing from the Muslim world towards us. If we draw Mohammad, or burn the Quar'an, they are making death threats and are all up in arms, showing a lack of tolerance and understanding of the laws that govern this country. Part of the problem is that many in the Islamic world, do not understand the laws or the freedoms we enjoy here in this country and often take for granted.
The prior posts that stated that the preventing of Pastor from burning the Quar'an, is very correct, as it sets a very dangerous precident, and bringing up the past in our own country, where being associated with certain groups, speaking out against the government or even protesting would cause the federal government to get involve to try to stop such, to the point where people were either imprisioned or killed for their views.
And ultimately, how news worthy was this event intially? It was not, just a blip, but when people who are in the news started to speak out about such, what should have been not even a footnote in history, just became that footnote, there is something very wrong. The moment that the General, the politicians and the President spoke, it took something very minor and propelled it to the forefront of the worlds eye. And ultimately they were wrong for doing such. And what happened, protests and a more volatile situation that happened even before the event was to take place. These people who protested, the Muslim world, needs to take a step back, cause all that told me is that they do not like the United States of America, and do not trust us. Once again, the world is trying to force their point of view and belief on all of us, rather than showing tolerance.

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by whatukno
I know, it's too hard for you to understand, but you want to silence people's first amendment right to freedom of speech for speaking out against morons like this pastor.

This is completely FALSE. I've said all along that I support anyone who wants to exercise their FREEDOMS. Stop making things like this up. It makes you look desperate.
I have absolutely ZERO problem with anyone who wants to counter protest against the idiot pastor and if they are not allowed, I would be just as angry. Again, what you just don't get is that I am NOT supporting what the pastor says, but his RIGHT to say it. There is a huge difference which I've been explaining all along and you have not understood all along. Your lack of understanding is your fault and not my responsibility.

FREEDOM comes at a huge cost. I would venture to think that all those brave soldiers that have fought and died for our FREEDOM since day, would disagree with you that FREEDOM is free. As a matter of fact, I find this particular comment of yours to be incredibly insensitive and hateful to all those soldiers who gave their bodies and lives for that blanket of FREEDOM under which you sleep. But because of that FREEDOM, you get to make that absurd statement. Lucky you huh? You get to make a statement that is OFFENSIVE and INSENSITIVE and others will find inflammatory yet you can still make that statement....HUH ?!?!?!? WHAT A COUNTRY HUH ??????

Soldiers fight because their government tells them to fight.

Again, incorrect. Aside from drafts of the past, The United States of America has been an all volunteer military. That being said, for the most part, people join to fight for what they believe in. I've known plenty of soldiers and frankly they would be DISGUSTED by your comments.

It's not about freedom at all.

It is to the soldiers. Again, why do you not understand that your posts are VERY INSULTING to military personnel. Your comments insult their honor.

The war in Afghanistan or Iraq has/had nothing to do with our freedom here.

True and irrelevant.

Freedom can only come from the individual. No soldier in recent history has given his life for my freedom.

This is the 2nd most inane and insulting comment I've seen on ATS. Congrats to you as well.

No one can give you freedom, they can only take it away. You and you alone are the only person responsible for your freedom or lack thereof.

I bet I can disprove this

I know, difficult to understand. I don't expect you to. I respect soldiers for what they do because it's something I would never do, but they do not fight for my freedom because they cannot fight to give me something I already have.

You only have freedom if you can ensure it. Are you going to stand at post to ensure your freedom? If you don't, how do YOU protect YOUR freedom? If you don't protect it, it can and will be taken away.

And you obviously do NOT respect soldiers because you've shown nothing but contempt for them here.

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