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INTERPOL issues global alert for increased terror threat if Koran burning in US goes ahead as planne

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by Mykahel
reply to post by oozyism

Pretty much any who enforce Sharia Law, and the Jizya. Those who follow the hadtih and execute those who reject the faith. Those who shoot or pour acid on women who have somehow displeased their spouse, spouse to be, father, brother, or any male for that matter. Those who commit "honor" killings.

It started with the actions of Muhammad himself, and then the infighting came with his death and the split of the Sunni and Shia sects. I'm not talking just about the taliban or hamas. I'm talking about all of those people I listed above.

WOW we have an Islamic scholar amongst us.

Firstly Sharia law is chosen by the people, if it isn't chosen by the people, there is no way you can implement it on them, because it would be against Islam. Muslims are the citizens of Islam, Islam is the nation, the Quran is the constitution. I have a thread in regards, and it went up to 60 pages of haters like you trying to spout arguments against Islam, and failed miserably.

Secondly Jizya is tax, there is nothing wrong with tax, hence Westerners take tax even from those who visit the nation for a while, or stay in the nation without being a citizen. That is exactly like jizya, hence citizens pay tax therefore those who are not citizens but living in that country should also pay tax. Get it? Muslims pay tax, so why shouldn't non Muslims? Are you that brainwashed?

Execute those who reject faith? That is not in Islam, in fact there are extreme minorities who even give a F which religion you convert to, as long as you don't commit treason, you will be left alone hence, if you are an American citizen, then you want to revoke your citizenship and become a N-Korean citizen, that means you will be watched, especially if you are living in the US, people won't trust you, but you won't be prosecuted unless you commit treason, and from what I know, the US also has a harsh penalty for treason.

Those who shoot and pour acid on women, last I heard it also happened in the US, it was very recent and it was on ATS. Someone threw acid on a girls face, for what ever reason is non of my concern, but if you suggest it is an Islamic reason, then your brainwashed brain is exposed even more.

Honor killing is cultural, it isn't even Islamic, it started in India, go look it up. By the way, the last statistics I saw, showed a huge number of honor killings in the US, it was boyfriend, girlfriend related, not to mention wife and husband.

In regards to when it started

Mohammad is one of the most influential man in the world, that says much about him
and Bush is one of the most hated man in the world, that says much about him.


To finish it off, the extremists you are talking about came to existence due to Western extremism against them, they wanted Democracy, in a sense that people would vote for Islam and a Muslim leader, but the US didn't allow that and tortured those people in to extremism. Trust me my friend, you put people in to extreme situations, they will become extremists. Have you ever been to prison?

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by oozyism

How influential a man is says nothing about whether he was right or wrong. Hitler and Napoleon were very influential were they not?

I bet the people being executed as a result of Sharia law weren't the ones choosing it. If Islam is a form of government, which I believe it does in fact require, then America should look at is as a foreign invasion and take up arms against Muslims because their Nation has infiltrated and will eventually try to bring its own style of government to rule.

Yea, honor killings are cultural. Doesnt mean that Muslims who practice it are any less guilty. Canabalism can be cultural too, but it doesnt make it any less gross or humane.

Even though I'm not brainwashed, I'd rather be brainwashed and held innocent then be the one doing the brainwashing and be held accountable to God on the day of judgment. Those propagating that Islam is founded on peace, was spread peacefully are liars.

The only thing you and I have in common is our hatred for Bush. He was a tool and took away many freedoms from us Americans. He also ended who knows how many lives around the world by his actions and decisions that were uncalled for.

Edit: Also, I already answered your question at the bottom of your post. Is it supposed to be a signature, did you not see my earlier post, or are you simply copy-pasting from some how-to tutorial for defending Islam against people who know what they are talking about?

You have a thread with 60 pages worth of people arguing against Islam, and your defense is simply that we are wrong and misinformed. Good for you. I have 2000+ years of people trying to prove false the faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. I think I've got you beat.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Mykahel

Having 1.5 billion Muslims follow Mohammad as an example says much about him my friend, then again most haters use the bad fruits as an example of the whole tree. Last I heard you guys had pedophiles who even locked their own kids and raped them for 18 years.. Can I I judge your tree based on that disgusting and puke material fruit?

Funny how you ignored the fact that there is more adultery in US than there is amongst Muslims
check the statistics, I'm not stopping you, but then again, they say ignorance is a bless.

People who are being punished under Sharia law, know the law, which ever form of Sharia law it is, the people are informed first that these laws will be implemented upon them, so if you go against it, it is your fault, as much as the government's fault for enforcing that law against your wishes. Enforcing Sharia law on to people who didn't agree upon first, is wrong under Islam, because the Quran says leave them alone and let them live how they want to live.

Then again, it is the same in the West, where the majority rules the minority, where the government enforces laws without the agreement of, actually most of the people. That is why agreements are done at group level, hence you guys have representatives, that way it is easier to control a group, and create BS agreements with that one corrupt representative, therefore the faith of the whole group is doomed, that is America for you. Where you choose a dictator for 4 years.

While Islam allows people to choose (hence Islam, not supposed Muslims). Islam allows individuals to make their own agreements, hence I make an agreement with you in the bases of an eye for an eye philosophy. Where if you assault me intentionally, the punishment you acquire would be the same injury, if we both agree, the government's job is to enforce those agreements. That is all the power the government is suppose to have, but the problem is lol today's governments (I mean empires) want world domination, there are only couple of empires left, and every small nation either join those empires, or face sanctions, assassinations, or never ending wars hence Afghanistan and Somalia. Since both Afghanistan and Somalia are not joining any empires (hence Afghanistan kicked USSR out and Somalia kicked US out), they are constantly being destroyed, as punishment for other nations who might not join sides, like Bush said, you are either with us, or against us/
Proxy wars are being played on both countries, that is how they punish, they punish puppets differently, hence Saddam who cut his strings off, the US invaded Iraq and hanged him to make him an example for other Arab puppets.

The world is not black and white, you have to know the small details in order to understand the policies the empires are implementing, other wise it is just jibrish, and the leaders of the empires look like dumb idiots.

I go have a shower, got appointment, I will continue later ..

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Yea, and the bible says that those who sin sexually will be thrown into Hell. I have no problem saying that those evil men posing as leaders in the church will be condemned and punished. It's what scripture says. In fact they will have it worse off than anybody because they have lead others astray, brought harm to innocent children, and caused unbelievers to blaspheme the name of God. Islam encourages the radical behavior we've been discussing. Last I heard, there weren't any of those pedophile priests raping kids in the name of god either.

Perhaps you need to read more to know the vile stuff like rape doesn't only happen over here. Perhaps this story of an Islamic man raping an 11 year old girl and leaving her in critical condition is a good place to start.

Or maybe we should just go back to the pure violence as evidenced by this story...
or this one...
or this one...

There, maybe we can stop being naive now.

Now, when did I ever claim that America was an upright and just society. I love the freedom that the flag stands for, but hate just about everything that our current government is trying to push through. It is a corrupt system. You make the mistake, as many Muslims do, that Christianity is the basis for how our current government works and how the citizens as a whole live their lives. Our great country was founded on Christian principles, but it has long ago left them as it denies absolute truth and seeks hedonistic pleasure at every turn. Besides, Christianity does not require a political system or government to survive. It transcends national, cultural and political boundaries. Do not equate what America does with what Christianity is.

Your attempt at using the "Look at America's corruption as proof of Christianity's failings" makes me think even more so that you are following a scripted response in order to debate me here. Know that it won't work.

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