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TA-ATTACKS: Kim Sun-Il, Captured South Korean Has Been Beheaded!

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by Valhall

Originally posted by jsobecky
Where do you come up with this unfounded garbage? This is from Al Jazeera:
You can interpret that to say, "Whoops - we went overboard here, and this is too violent to distribute, even by our standards, because there is a good chance it will generate much outcry towards us".

Excellent question jsobecky. I don't think the people who pull these statements out of whatever silly-statement-generating orifice they use understand the outrageous minimalization they apply to another human being's suffering. As I stated before - I agree that every death of an innocent soul is a loss to humanity, but all deaths are not equal - I would much rather die in my sleep than have my head sawed off. It really upsets me on a personal level to see some one just wave this off because they can't rectify the cognizant dissonance it causes in them.
The honorable thing to do is suffer the psychic wound this reality causes and accept the truth.

great post. it is true that with time, these murderers will thankfully dissolve, but the best and worst thing is, the memories of those who parished for this cause will always be with us. i cant state enough how proud i am to be an american. though america has a lot to be desired within the system itself, this unholy mess of a war has brought many lives and beliefs together for one cause....the mourning of great innocent lives, and figuring out how we are going to end this. I feel sorry for those less fortunate, but as we americans know all too well, we have a near-open door policy. our colleges are harder to get into because we believe that letting non-citizens learn in the usa is just as important as a citizen getting in. we have forgotten what this war should be about. the right to live as we wish, within good standing of course. we are teaching everyday that violence is not the answer, but in some cases, it is apparent that it is needed. bless the families and loved ones fighting for a cause that nobody can directly specify, and god bless the men and women fighting to save a country that would better see us dead. and god curse the souls who defame good people.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 01:28 AM
Another 24 hours have gone by, and in spite of claims that one or another of the Kim videos is available, there still does not appear to be a working link anywhere to the real thing. The NEIN site is hopeless, the site no one can mention offers only a two second snippet (this may be from hacking, but it played as if the file were intact), and there doesn't appear to be anything else.

Plenty of links simply point to one or another news story in which all you get are talking heads.

I find it very strange that board members who spent great time and effort on the Berg video are not complaining about being denied the opportunity to analyze this new event. If the powers that be want me to believe that al-Zarkawi did the evil deed, then they will have to stop blocking examination of the video. Otherwise, I must assume that it is an even worse screw-up than the Berg fiasco.

They've probably reviewed them and discovered that one of the "Arabs" has inadvertently flashed his Marine Corps tattoo.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:00 AM
Well just saw the video of the murder, it's very disgusting. I think allot of people might be feeling preety bad at the moment because i know allot of people thought Nick Berg was killed in Abu Ghraib.

Well as you know this latest murder was claimed to have been commited by the same terrorists who killed nick berg and by the video its quite consistant with the floor colour and walls also the build of the men is the same.

Somebody did mention that it looked asif he was anethitized at a part of the video which is similar to the Nick Berg video. Also the jump suit is the same worn in the Nick Berg video if not the actual one worm by Nick Berg.

Once again there are changes in time between the start of the video were he is begging for his life moving around to an instant cut and time change were you cannot see his face and his head is hanging down.

The head is cut off extreemly fast and looks quite suspecious. I'm just hoping that he was dead before they beheaded him.

The time change is at - 8:16:36 which then skips from him begging for his life at this time to 8:20:40 were he is not making any movement at all and his face it not facing the camera.

Very similar to the Nick Berg murder in camera techniques by which there is hard zooming used in the beheading scene which totally distorted the image.

When the body is turned over the orange jump suit has either white paint or some other substance all over the right leg of the suit.

When the man lifts the head up you can see a clear image of a watch if anybody is able to get a cleared up image of the watch we could see if it has numbers in english or arabic.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:12 AM
Also forgot to mention if you listen at this part of the video - 8:23:20 i swear it sounds like english voices once again like the Nick Berg video. Anybody able to clear up the sound or do a much more in depth analasis, would be very appreciated.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:26 AM
Thanks Nukz, you've inspired me. I've gone back to the Ogrish site with a resumable downloader, and this time it looks like all get the whole 1.9 megs. You are absolutely right. Sound is essential to a real analysis of these things.

I'm still looking for the original Kim video in which the "terrorists" give their "demands". It makes no sense that only the networks were allowed to capture it. All I could get was 30 second spot with some BBC woman talking over 10 second clip.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:40 AM
heres the original link to the posted video, its much faster than the ogrish link which took me ages to download and its worse quality.

You might notice this is the same domain which was used to host the Nick Berg video as well. Also if i'm not wrong this is even the same username account that was used to host the Nick Berg video. Whatever happened to the account being disabled which it said just after the video of Nick Berg was released.

With the issue of the original video which states the demands i have not been able to find anywere which has a full copy but i do know one thing. It was not filmed in the same location as the murder was.

[edit on 24-6-2004 by Nukz]

[edit on 24-6-2004 by Nukz]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:49 AM
Whao just changed the Url a little and found the original page.

This site also contains links to another file which im getting as im posting this.

The Url to this second file is -

This site contains lines of links to the exact same file of the beheading but one link is to this.

as you might notice iraqnews2 is a different account. Also this is a different web link which is used

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 03:16 AM
Not that I want to insult anyone around here but... how the hell do so many of you grow up to be such babies?

This thread is not about who is fantastic or not.

We don't have to argue about who is responsible or not for this beheading, cause nothing is going to get any better with a bunch of babies throwing pies at each other anyway.

If you see any point in throwing fuel on fire, I suggest you start to consider the possibility of there being a terrorist within yourself to begin with.

Arrogance won't help. Anger won't help. BS... won't help either.

Grow up and make some positive difference.

And Yes.... Those of you who feel offended and upset about what I say are exactly the ones I'm talking to. The rest of you, I'll be looking forward to discussing other topics with ya'll in another thread. have a nice day

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 07:20 AM
I apologize for my misleading, he is not dead, i guess since all of these ugly rats look the same and ssound the same, I was confused. please forgive my mistake.

on another note, as im sure there are many different and equal thoughts on the korean government proceeding with plans to send troops, i would like to put out my opinion, since after all, this is an opinion forum. i am glad to see that all of the ally nations are coming together to fight this war together. i dotn neccessarily agree with us going into in the first place, but since time cannot be rewinded, i think we might as well fix what could have a been a much worse mess. japan and korea are behind us, although with different motives, as korea is sending troops to "repair and reconstruct" and japan is offering support in both reconstruction and security forces. i read in the new york times that japan is sending around 10k troops and korea is sending 3k. whether this is a guess-timate or actually correct numbers, we will find out. but either way, there is no winning this war. terror survives as long as cruel intentions are intact. there will never be a perfect world, and there will always be those who cant find a place in society who decide to lash out in various ways. but as long as we continue to show an intolerance for the extreme cases, it will subdue some to a minimal damage effect.

with that said, i would also like to share what i read in the paper today(though as we all know, news programs and newspapers are a biast source for information). according to professors and experts, the beheadings are nothing to be surprised about. yes it is horrible, and yes, for the americans it does wrench our stomach a bit. but the fact of the matter is, until the late 19th century, the united states used beheading as an option for execution. though rarely if ever used around that time, the fact remains that it was used here. the difference obviously being that in that time, it was used for criminals only, and it is being used today on innocent people. the militant extremists are using this method of terror as a metaphor. beheading a non-iraqi civilian, is to them, beheading america. whether or not these views are just or fair is null. the point is, they are TERRORISTS, unruled militants who have rearranged their symbolic and religious beliefs to fit the tactics that they use in what could better be called as "genocide". they are not killing attackers, or killing prisoners of war. they are killing innocent people because they know that it is the easiest way to make a point. had nick berg, or daniel pearl, or kim sun-il been a military soldier, he would have been trained and had knowledge of what these people were going to do to him. put yourself in there former place. myself, if i were kidnapped by these people, i personally would not have just kneeled and made a statement, only because i have studying terror since desert storm. i would have fought and rolled until either they killed me, or by the grace of god they decided i was of no use and tossed me into the streets with only some other method of torture (tongue searing/slicing, etc.). as many of you will not agree, that is ok. and you may post what you feel, again this is an open speech forum, and this is my taking advantage of the freedom most other countries dont have

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:26 AM

I apologize for my misleading, he is not dead, i guess since all of these ugly rats look the same and ssound the same, I was confused. please forgive my mistake.

im guilty of confusing al-zarqawi with al-muqrin. my bad. the names are hard to remember.

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