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How we became (my opinion)

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by noeyesnoearsnofacenofears
Hm, I was with you up until you mentioned the "negative" civilizations. Might have interpreted you wrong but I assumed you meant each of us are made of 66.66 positive and 33.33 negative, which would mean the human race is made up of both the positive and negative, not to say there are "positive" civilizations and "negative" ones as such. Each civilization would be some balance of both positive and negative? Anyway, your theory, I don't mean to hijack it or anything.

I'm curious though, what evidence leads you to believe in these other beings pulling strings from behind the curtains?

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Hi noeyesnoearsnofacenofears-

I don't think I answered your question as best as I could. What I meant by negative and positive civilizations is not that they would be 100 percent negative or 100 percent positive it would be a percentage.

so the 66.6666 (infinite) positive civilizations and the 33.3333 (infinte) negative civilizations would still have positive and negative in each of them it would just be tipped more one way than the other. Each civilization goes through both just like in our own history but what happens in the end I feel determins the overall position of the civilizations history. The same thing will go for each form of energy like ourselves for example, we all do positive and negative things but in the end our overall spirit or soul if you will is dertermined by our overall balance of positive and negative. If you are at 66 percent positive or above your overall spirit or soul after your death will be a positive one but if you are below that percent then you will have a negative spirit or soul. I feel that if you are below that number and you are negative it eats away at you brain because your own soul has infact become greedy and wants to consume everything in its path including your good memories leaving you with only the negative ones that you have become. If you realize this before it is to late than it can be reversed, like Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Anyhow I hope I explained myself a little better and hope you have a great day.

added- To answer your second question I feel that we are out of place on our planet. We are so much more advanced than anything on this planet I feel that someone or something has put us here or made us and we either escaped our captures because they became to small in numbers and had to hide from us, they were destroyed in some event but because of our numbers we survived, or are still here but because of our gap in consciousness awareness decided to go behind the scenes. I kinda look at like a very drunk person talking to a sober person. There is only so long you can talk to a drunk person if you are sober before you want to find someone else to talk with.

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by traditionaldrummer

Originally posted by Trudge
I came to that because we are not 100 percent positive nor 100 percent negative we are both and something created both who I call the "creator" or "God"

What makes you think something created these things?

which if "God/Creator" is everything then he is 100 percent everything.

I don't see how that is possible.

We are not "THE GOD/CREATOR" but are still part of "God" and that is shown in the math.

No it doesn't.

If God Created good/evil, happy/sad, light/dark, positive/negative that shows that both must exist for one to exist. If that is the case then in order to be created it requires all 3 positive, negative, and the creator.

What if god didn't?

In showing us who we are we can understand who the creator is.

It's going to take more than simple mathematical tautologies to achieve such a claim.

I guess we are just on different pages. To me I see everything I have said clear as day but how I interpret things is different than how you interpret things.

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