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The time to take back your land has gone

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 03:27 AM
People who want their land back - the Oz aborigines, the NZ maoris, the American indians - it is too late.

Too much blood has been mixed.

Good luck to the aborigines - I don't see how you can win.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 04:44 AM
Ummm. Not really.

There are still numerous landclaims in progress currently here in NZ.

I'm also not too sure just how 'mixing of blood' alters the current landclaims either??
Given that I'm unaware of any true 'full-blooded Maori' being involved in any of the previously successful landclaims. So being of 'mixed-blood' wasn't a factor in those claims.

There may well still be the odd full-blooded Maori out there somewhere...I haven't met them yet though. The greater majority are like me...of mixed heritage.
I may be of Te Arawa, Ngati Ranginui, Tuhoe, have a mixture of Tuwharetoa and Tainui kicking around in there...but I'm also of French, Celtic and English descent as well. name is about as 'Non-Maori' as you can get!

But - lets bring a little perspective to the whole thing:
'People who want their land back'...well...that lumps together many different sectors really.
You have your, what could be seen as 'legitimate claimants' who are currently going through the Crown processes, and you have you more radical elements who wail on about how everyone Non-Maori should just head to the nearest airport and fly outa here...

...that last group, well, which part of them are they going to send back to wherever? Their leg? Their arm?
Definitely there are radical groups in Maoridom...just as there are a radical groups in other races. There are greedy elements in there as well...just as in any other race too.
Greed and radicalism isn't and has never been the monopoly of any single skin colour or blood makeup...

What I would encourage people to do is not to get sucked into the racial loudmouths...on BOTH seek to inflame racial tensions for their own ends.

The reality is that the greater majority of us...all of us...Maori and Non-Maori...are just going on about our day, living fine together, not worried about kicking up a big ol' fuss about anything.
The greater majority of NZers - again, regardless of racial heritage, are just moving on with life....


posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 08:46 PM
It is never too late to get back what was stolen illegally. Even the Swiss banks learned that lesson for holding goods and money stolen from the Jews by the nazis.
In Canada some Indians insist on being compensated for what was taken contrary to signed treaties. Now there is a movement among rural landowners in eastern Canada to get back the rights the Crown gave the original settlers which were never removed or over ridden, only buried under tons of paper.
So the movement to regain ownership of lands taken without fair compensation is not dead by any means; just getting going. Ask a Mohawk or a member of the Ontario landowners association. "Back off. This is our land," is their slogan.


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