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Tesla vs. the Quantum Atom

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:26 PM
Did Tesla work with Quantum Atom structure as we know it.
Let see what we do.
12 Mev
we still needed Tesla so
12Mev Tesla
just to see if any actual Tesla reference is found
12Mev Tesla Manifesto
No but perhaps more interesting none the less.
So basically we use large amounts of energy to find atomic parts.
What does that tell us.
The atom has a very strong structure.

Very high voltage levels were not unknown to Tesla.
Tesla did reach into atomic structure in the very fine medium of the
atmosphere and the ether that moved with his coils.
This made Tesla theorize about the structure of matter being a
collection of ether as his high voltage frequencies began to accumulate
charges and began to make space rigid.
Sounds to me Tesla was bringing small particles together with high
voltage and not tearing atomic structure apart.
However we do not know Tesla's voltages and frequencies for any
quantum effect except for wireless electricity and the making of
space rigid.

The only clue we have of Tesla's atomic quantum abilities is
his announcement to making Radium cheaply.
Perhaps bringing on the glow in the dark watch dials and the
glow in the dark plastic Jesus.
Well it was either that or using Radium for power plants or
other monumental purposes.

ED: In any case be it known the Tesla worked with atomic quantum
levels of voltage.
ED+:There is a Tesla Manifesto
Figure 1.
twelve million volts is written at the bottom
What did people think of that in that day in age.
ED++: Note football coil at top left of page. Seen also in the Spooky Tesla Radio
video on youtube linked in my profile pages.

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:05 AM
I think the tables have turned on one account with Quantum electron jumps
in the atom being the source of light.
Isn't that a pulse.
Tesla tuned the pulses to attract charged matter in the ether by way of the very
nature he proved that the negative charge 'preponderates' and thus created a mass
of negative charge.
The way the pressure builds up is due to sound or pressure waves in the ether.
These forces can not be built up without the ether.
Thus science for some reason says Tesla is wrong we can not build up charge
in the ether because there is no ether and no further studies are required.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 01:17 PM
I put this summary in my profile:

The Quantum theory of light as issued from electron voltage jumps in the atom is
itself the very model of voltage pulses Tesla employed in the large coil up wire
at only one end.

The atom issues voltage jumps into the ether and so did Tesla.

posted on Oct, 30 2010 @ 08:40 AM
So we see Quantum Jumps are important in creating light rays.
Now what about the Quantum Layers or Orbits of jumps and electron voltage levels.
In O'Neill's book there should be a discussion of the electron.
For some reason, unknown to us of course as the science corporation of America
has most of the Tesla works to analyze, Tesla thought the electron has layers of
charge. A thought that suggests the origin of electron shells to Mr. Lyne.
Perhaps not too off the mark if Tesla was well read by scientists that get the OK to
publish their analysis.

I thought the Tesla electron layer idea came from his circuits that increased voltage
to millions of volts. A wave detector of millions of volts must be quite sensitive.
That is atomic level for sure. Tesla surely referenced voltage in the hundreds of
millions of volts. Tesla said the Sun voltage was in the hundred billion voltage
level if we read right in the Margret Cheney book. What do you do with a spot on
the Earth that has the voltage of the Sun. Sounds outrageous like orbit changing
power. The HAARP configuration just has a lot of power in circular antennas that
might not do as well as Tesla might work them. Even though Tesla said all radio
waves were sound waves in the ether perhaps the way one approaches an operation
thinking differently just can't approach the level Tesla attained in his work.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 04:47 PM
This page
has a Tesla document with some notes attached.

Note to ... Fig: 1. This result is produced by the discharge of an electrical oscillator giving twelve million volts. The electrical pressure, alternating one hundred thousand times per second, excites the normally inert nitrogen, causing it to combine with the oxygen. The flame-like discharge shown in the photograph, measures sixty-five feet across.

Tesla mentioned 12MV in a document I linked above.
In the process of burning 12Mv is discharged.

I sense the attempts of anti free energy or anti Tesla science agent to cloud the process.
Yet does it take 100kc and 12Mv to burn Nitrogen as we might be led to understand.
Not according to the FES
yet no one can make a flame from that small device.

Science never says the hydrogen cycle has any unusual form.
I tried various searches on mono hydrogen cycle with denial by silence for the normal
Lyne revelations.
There seems to be activity.
Imagine two pounds of hydrogen launching a thousand ships without the hydrogen
burning in oxygen for steam without coal oil or nuke power.

Well there is also burning Nitrogen backup. I think Tesla said to use oxygen from hydrogen
release from water for the process to use the hydrogen elsewhere.

The quantum theory needs the factors of the free energy theory of Tesla.
And don't forget the direct electrical generation without steam that the 99% can't find and the
1% of the 1% must say can't be possible.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 06:44 PM

The charge on the electron was due to a surface layer of electricity covering it, and it could receive many layers, giving it multiple charges, all of which could be dissipated. These statements were similar to those which he had published a

eBook-English-John-J-O-Neill-Biography-of-Nikola-T esla-1944

Layers or quantum shells as Tesla made higher and higher voltages by some unknown method
not related to us for unknown reasons by denial in the hands of the technology cartels.

The super electrical engineer and pinnacle physicist of the nature of the material world must
have more than that to explain to us.

Quantum electron shells of the Atom of higher voltage meant nothing to Tesla as he
disintegrated every known material with electrostatic waves. Creating atomic voltages perhaps
meant the discovery of free energy as well. If Tesla waves could make Nitrogen release its
bonds like heat releases the bonds of coal carbon for heating, the free power from air is not

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 09:23 PM
recently linked:


Voltage jumps are required by the atoms that at least show themselves as light.
Atoms hold together quite well unless disintegrated by some means.
Tesla always achieving great voltages had control over atoms.

If the Lyne discovery is true that recombining hydrogen gives off 1000 times the input heat
some of those hydrogen clouds in space must be very hot and set to combine as stars
once accumulated in mass for fusion up to iron.

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