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Eat This American Cancer Society! Na-na-nah boo boo.

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 05:09 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA prepared4truth for the win. I have been passing along this movie every chance i can get. You gota love making the ACS look stupid.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by StrangeBrew

Interesting term you used, a hijacked mind...when I started to go to AA people said I was being brainwashed.... I replied "I certainly hope so". I was a binge drinker, still owned my home looked after my sons etc, but I was a black out drinker when I picked up that first drink and I certainly needed brain-washing. My mind was indoctrinated with propaganda. As a young child my cartoons where interrupted by Dr's recommending Rothmans or Camel cigarettes, people having a beer and a smoke to help with their day, and for the girls...take a valium if it all gets too hard at home and during the day a Bex or Vincent will get you through, and because life is sooooo tough, buy take away food so you dont have to worry about cooking or shopping. As a registered nurse I see the end results of those messages with renal failure high with the old girls and the usual COPD and emphysema with both genders. Not to mention the houses were being built using asbestos products so the boys could breathe in the fibres whilst enjoying their smoke, beer and take away food. Bex, Vinvents powder asbestos all illegal now... but after it was taken off the market we got the fluoride in water etc etc etc

The system I believe could be ruled by powerful people with very low vibration levels, alien type personalities, even hypbrid species of alien and human blood, the ones that could be called 'cold bloods'. With no empathy, no compassion. Not out to save the rainforest, the native people, animals or vegetation of earth but out to exploit earth and earths' indigineous people, human kind. I call them the cold bloods because they are cold blooded in their acts showing no mercy and people may have a choice to align to the cold blooded gene or the warm blooded gene in their DNA as there may have been lots of interbreeding.

The Gerson therapy is beyond a shadow of a doubt to me and I will try to follow that pathway for my health and vitality and to kill the cancer cells that probably exist within me.

Sometimes fellas I reckon if the civilisations of other galaxies were to look at our earth they might view us as the galactic mental institution. Looking around I can understand why that opinion would be considered.

I went to get petrol yesterday and for the first time, due to this particular thread I really looked around at the products available for the traveller. Apart from the rivoting reading provided by magazines that require plastic covers due to the R rated content, all I saw was crap...high preservative mind bending, mind reducing crap that ultimately will hyjack the mind.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 10:53 PM
It really is sad how brainwashed our brothers and sisters are... how sad do you think it makes our Mother to have to repeatedly "wipe us out" until we get the lesson?

We really need to reconnect with Her. All I can say is, spread the word and hope for the best. I meditate on it often.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 01:52 AM
Max Gerson was the real deal.

He used raw fruit, raw vegetables, RAW CALF LIVER in his Gerson protocol.

His daughter Charlotte Gerson dropped raw calf liver... saying they couldn't find a safe source anymore.

I think that is a bogus, seems she's been hijacked by the vegan mafia.

My friend and professional healer Vander Gaditano uses a local version of Gerson Protocol with local vegetables, local fruits and fresh raw goat liver from his own live goat herd. He goes beyond Gerson, resulting in very high success rates. We do combined everything healing in the Philippines. I go beyond gerson myself.

I belong to a global group of raw paleo dieters. Living and eating a lifestyle of beyond gerson with raw everything. Note that the super foods are raw animal fat, raw meat, raw organs, some raw fruit and some raw veggies.

Raw vegans do the world a disservice by taking away nutritious raw animal food from human diets.

It is raw animal foods that are the super duper foods.

Search for raw paleo forum or raw paleo diet. You can take a peak at the forum of actual global practitioners who go beyond gerson.

Yes, people like us exist. It's nice to meet you kindred spirit.

I'm not allowed to post links yet I think being a newbie in this forum.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by goodsamaritan55

Awesome post!!

On another vegan forum I use to frequent one of the posters who worked with gershon said that the rates of cancer survival went down when they took away the liver juice.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 01:53 PM
nice replies! what you posted makes sense, because animals are natural as well. it all depends on how they are digested.

you guys are really giving some awesome input, i like!

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 11:09 AM
Just told a Relay for life team leader that there was already cure to cancer. She ignored me and continued to rant that it would really help out and i would feel good knowing i was helping. I told her again theirs already several cures to cancer in fact and i would prefer not to help people poison themselves i was almost slapped and shot. Most classic look ever. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 05:29 PM
Some people may be interested in additional information about what exactly the Gerson Therapy involves and the steps and practices it takes for terminal illness recovery.

For advanced cancer patients the Gerson Therapy involves a regimented schedule that requires the patient to devote their entire day’s effort towards recovery. For this reason a caretaker or assistant is helpful for a more rested recovery period.

Here’s some very brief and non-detailed reference information about the scheduled chart items –

Acidoll capsules – Acidol pepsin is the most important of the three gastric enzymes. Acidol capsules (betaine HCl and pepsin) are part of the Gerson Therapy for aiding digestion of foods and juices. Taken before each meal is two capsules, three times a day.

Potassium salt compounds – These are made up of a mixture of potassium acetate, potassium monophosphate, and potassium gluconate and are of major importance to the therapy for cell reparation and enzyme production.

Lugol solution – Consists of the mineral iodine and potassium iodide dissolved in purified water. Lugol acts together with potassium to increase cellular energy, reduce cellular edema, restore normal cell functions, and elevate cellular potassium levels.

Pancreatin - An enzymatic secretion of the pancreas. It contains three specific groups of enzymes for the digestion and absorption of food. Supplementation is used to treat impaired digestion, malabsorbtion, nutrient deficiencies, and other digestive disturbances.

Flax seed oil – The richest edible source of omega-3 fatty acid (a-LNA), mandatory for physical health.

Thyroid supplement – The Gerson institute recommends a natural thyroid supplement made by Jones Medical Laboratories. The use of synthetic thyroid is not recommended because only natural based material relieves symptoms of hypothyroidism on a permanent basis.

Niacin - Also known as vitamin B3 it acts as a coenzyme in several important biochemical functions and among other benefits opens the blood vessels promoting increased circulation. It also reduces cholesterol and raises HDL.

Liver extract capsules are used as well as 3 cc of crude live extract is used in the same syringe as vitamin B12 (100 mcg) and administered via intramuscular injection. Such liver therapies where found to bring about the restoration of new red blood corpuscles and help the body make the correct use of amino acids. Decades ago Dr. Gerson used another form of crude liver extract juice which is no longer available.

Other supplements are used as well such as vitamin C, Amygdalin/Laetrile/vitamin B17, bee pollen, etc.

Most notably however, is the use of vast amounts of fresh juices, especially carrot, carrot/apple combination and juices made from various greens. These juices would amount to approximately 20 pounds of fresh produce being reduced to 13 glasses (8 oz.) of juice per day and taken hourly by the patient. Dr. Gerson found that this juice administration together with the other daily supplements caused quick and sudden detoxifying effects experienced by the patient.

This is the reason coffee enemas were introduced.

The Gerson Therapy works to dissolve tumours, malignancies and toxic lymph very quickly by removing them from the body. In order for this to happen, they must enter the bloodstream and move to the liver for filtration and elimination. Dr. Gerson found that the burden placed on the liver from this eliminated toxicity was too overbearing and severe for the patient. He discovered a way to open the bile ducts and help the liver to release the body's accumulated poisons by means of coffee enemas. The coffee would work to stimulate the liver to automatically release its contents and act as a detoxifier to the liver. The importance of the coffee enema is impossible to ignore for patient recovery and is a pivotal part of the therapy. As can be seen from the chart above, for advanced cancer patients, at least five coffee enemas are required per day.

The patient also consumes three meals per day, (a combination of cooked and non-cooked foods) prepared according to dietary restrictions of the therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is a serious commitment to health and a huge lifestyle change overall. Typical treatment times for advanced cancer patients extent for up to two years, reducing in intensity over that period. However the majority of former patients continue to employ a milder form of the therapy thereafter out of a desire to maintain the level energy and vitality they now enjoy.

Based on orthomolecular principals, the Gerson Therapy involves introducing very large quantities of nutrients to the body, in the easiest absorbable way, while adding supplements to assist in digestion and enzyme production whenever possible. The other important side of the therapy is detoxification and subsequent elimination. When employed together this approach has been overwhelmingly successful in restoring the body's defensive capabilities to fight off and recover from what was once considered irreversible, chronic disease.

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posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by StrangeBrew

Believe me, I know ALL ABOUT IT.

She herself may find this very hard to believe, but I actually like VneZonyDostupa even though she does get abit carried away and slams me harder than I even care to admit to sometimes, I do however understand why she does it, so I really can't place all the blame on her. To anyone who does not actually know me or has never met me, most, if not ALL of the things that I say here are going to come across as complete crap, not only just to her, but to many others as well, I'm sure. I have a feeling that the better part of that will change here one day though, hopefully sooner than later to.

People in the medical profession are just hard, if not impossible to convince sometimes that anything other than what they themselves have been tought in school is actually possible. Cancer crooks & cover-ups, H.I.V. fraud are just few things that make absolutely no sense & couldn't ever possibly be true. When people who are H.I.V.+ are given anti-viral drugs their CD-4 count goes uP, that to an M.D. automatically means that the problems GOT TO BE VIRAL, it's not.
Ever heard of people with H.I.V. applying over the counter "CORTISONE 10" cream or ointmint and it raising their CD-4 count ? >IT ACTUALLY DOES !<

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 09:07 PM
I had never heard of applying cortisol cream to help raise CD-4 count... that may be useful information for a good friend of mine. Would you happen to have more knowledge on the subject?

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by prepared4truth

I was told this by the lead researcher of my group, an M.D. friend of his told him about it years ago.

Over the counter HYDRO-CORTISONE 10 cream, 1 teaspoon per day for a week, was what an H.I.V. + patient of his was told to use to treat a mild skin rash on his arm and his CD-4 count went up, he was not taking the drugs at that time due to the fact that they were making him sick. This was repeated again at a later date and it produced the same results. That patient was the only H.I.V. + patient he had at the time , hence he didn't have anyone else to try it on.

There was something I seen on the internet not that long ago that mentioned this as well, I'll try and locate it for you. I was a quite shocked when I saw it. because I wasn't looking for anything like that and "BOOM" there it was, that was the first time besides just hearing about it, that I had ever seen anything it regards to it on-line.
I don't remember off hand what key words I happend to be using at the time when I found it though.

The link below has to do with something else called "Desiccated Thyroid" it does other, lets just say... "GooD ThingS", its not all that hard to get, but man does it ever smell horrible.

I will keep looking until I find that, but for now heres the other thing I just mentioned.

Do you know which strain of H.I.V. your friend has ?

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posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by alpha68

Well, he's not sure he has it yet. He got tested because he was showing symptoms and he felt like he has it. It looks like he might, but he hasn't gotten results yet.

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by prepared4truth

What makes him / you believe he does in-fact have it ?

What types of symtom's was or is he exibiting ? H.I.V. is not as easy to contract as most people may think, you know.

Tell him to make sure to remember to ask his M.D. exactly which strain of the virus he actually has, and not to take "I DON'T KNOW AS AN ANSWER ETHIER", if they do (GOD FORBID) tell him his tests came back positive.

They are pretty quick (TO PUT IT MILDLY) these days with getting back those test results to.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by alpha68

*Phew* Luckily he doesn't have it. He thought he had it because he had sex with a girl who he didn't know very well. After that, somebody at his job who knew nothing about this experience or this girl, said they got a text about a girl going around giving people HIV who had the same name as the girl he had sex with. We both thought that this name shouldn't be very common. He said his privates were irritated, sore, he had nausea/headaches for the next couple of weeks afterward, and the pieces just kind of fit.

Good thing that wasn't it though. He was getting a little depressed.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 08:17 PM
Good post. I think one of the best things for cancer is of course changing the diet to at least 60 percent raw and organic fruits and vegetables. I would also add in that I think it is mandatory to address all mental and emotional issues of the dis-ease. Try to correct those and have an open mind and heart and fill yourself with love and positive intent and thoughts. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water and supplement Magnesium,Potassium,Calcium, Vitamin D,B,and megadoses of Vitamin C. 20,000 Mg.daily split up doses at least. Intravenous C usage has been studied by Linus Pauling. Reishi,#ake, and Maitake mushrooms all have had promising results. Fasting once a week may help too. The Gerson method is really interesting. I think that when someone has the beginning stages of a serious dis-ease they need to address it from all ends with Alternative therapies and then go to allopathic medicine. If it is severe then Allopathic medicine should be used.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 08:19 PM
Good post , couldnt agree more... But do you realize how hard it is to try and tell others about this? I have tried for like nearly 3 years and most just look at you like your somekind of nutcase,while they drink the poision with a smile on thier sheepish faces.
I am done trying to talk about it, I feel sorry for most of them now , but hey I tried...

On a side note, I planted my first Veggy garden this year, 12 tomatoe plants , 30 ft row of beets , 30 ft row of carrots, 30 ft row of parsnips , 30 ft row of turnip , 20 ft row of peas / beans 40 ft row of potatoes , some basil , 4 butternut sqaush plants.

I made 30 bottles of green tomatoe chow , 20 bottles of beets , dried and froze a few basil plants, going to store turnips, parsnips,carrots,sqaush,potatoes.

Its very rewarding , ya I lost a few plants to the wind, rabbits etc but still was good to know I can grow my own produce, I feel sorry for people who only know how to go down to wallmart get thier food.

What will happen when they go down and there is nothing on the shelves ? Could happen , not saying it will happen but it is possible..

Anyway enough of a rant , cant wake up people who dont want to wake up....

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by Reevster

Nice effort! Nice little farm ya got there, people probably think you're crazy just for it huh? Yeah I definitely know what it's like trying to tell people this stuff. It is usually frustrating beyond madness! But luckily, I've learned to set my limits much further out. I will keep trying to tell people until I die, at least then I'll know someone heard my voice within my lifetime.

posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 01:09 AM
I agree that this can be an effective treatment for cancer. My cousin had prostate cancer about 10 years ago, and took the 'healthy route'... He did NOT do chemotherapy, only started eating the best organic food and natural water. He also excercised daily. He beat his prostate cancer using this method. Will it work every time? I do not know... I just have his testimony, and that is enough for me. He is still alive today, no cancer, still exercising, and a vegetarian.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 03:13 PM
I just finished watching "Dying To Have Known",and have the others in queue. I am relieved to have found this thread when I used the search engine here,and am grateful to the OP for putting forth the time and effort to present this so well. Thank you,very much. I am stunned,teary eyed and heavy hearted after watching it,because this is just one more thing on the long list of deceptions and crimes against humanity and against the American people perpetrated and perpetuated by big pharma and other key corporations who's only interest is in profits..But there IS hope,because in other countries highly trained and respected physicians work to bring this into the light thru meticulous research and offer it as an accepted approach to health,healing and well being. But not here,in America. Never here. Knowing this is painful to me on deep levels.

Right now,I feel like alot of you do. I have tried to 'wake people up' to the detrimental effects that poor diet,lack of exercise and depleted top soil thru genetically modified food monoculture and dependance on pharmaceutical medicines and the conventional approach to treatment has had on us,and the earth. It seems useless..people just-don't-care,or so it seems. I became interested in alternative living when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 5 years ago. I was told then that within 3 to 5 years I would need full joint replacement in one of my legs,and was sent home with pain pills to wait it out and "Keep me on my feet" and nothing more..just the pills. It's a thing I struggle with and try to manage best I can,and even tho I do use the relief,I eat a much better way than I did prior to diagnosis,and I am still kicking around,no surgery needed,yet. All my joints are under attack,and I am in constant pain..just standing up is an agony at times,much less walking. Any way,I immediately came home and started researching that day 5 years ago,how I might fight the progression of this disease. Changing my diet screamed at me! No matter where I went,that was the one thing that every article or website stated..I must eat whole organic foods in specific combinations! My first year I did just that. I lost weight very quickly,felt fantastic after only a few days,and I slowed the progression of the arthritis,as well as bringing all imbalances such as heart rate,blood sugar, cholesterol and body mass index back in line with a woman my age and height. My doctor was stunned when I told her how I was doing it. Then,I lost my job..shortly after,my husband did as well. That ended my treatment,I put weight back on,and lethargy and pain took firm hold of me. I am sick of being sick,and this film has inspired me to fight back again. We may not be able to reach others by simply referring them to the data and materials,but we CAN reach them by being living examples of what works. We can lead by example.

Things have improved tremendously for us recently and I will be modifying our diets once again. I want to thank all of you here for presenting the information you have..I have been inspired anew and it will prove invaluable to me and others like me who find their way here. And please,keep up the good work! I am proof that you have reached at least one person,and there will be more. Well done.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:36 PM
Thank you prepared4truth for this amazing thread of yours – I realize it is ages old – but it is in my opinion totally underrated and under-commented. It should have had a kazillion starts and at least two million replies!

And thank you Qouth The Raven for having dug up this thread - and as a result giving me the opportunity too to find it.

In my small circle there has been an explosion of cancer-cases, and I am certain that this occurrence is not in fact isolated, but that my village is in fact just an average demographic for what is happening world-wide at the moment.

No less than 7 of my male acquaintances (aged 40 onwards) have been diagnosed with cancer in the last year – four of them have tragically already passed away from said cancer, and one took his own life when he was unable to deal with the implications of his failing health. An ex-work colleague is at the moment in a 6-week chemotherapy course for cancer of the colon (his wife died from Lymphatic cancer two years ago), and the husband of a close friend is also battling it out – having been reduced to a mere skeleton of what he used to be.

Yesterday my boyfriend found out that his 17 year old cousin (a real fiery and amazing girl with oomph and spirit) was diagnosed with cancer – she had complained of pain in her tongue, went to the doctor – who then found that cancer had invaded a portion of the tongue and spread down her neck. She went in for an emergency operation and a portion of her tongue had to be removed.

As if the news were not enough already, I received news today that an old client of mine (a seemingly health-conscious lady in her 40’s) has been diagnosed with debilitating cancer of the spine.

I am not even referring to the abundance of prostate cancers which seems to be an accepted fact of life to most men I know who are older than 50. Even my father had to go in for an operation and then chemotherapy for the treatment of a tumour on one of his nipples shortly before he passed away last year (he died from a heart-attack due to blood-clots that formed after exposure to the anaesthetic used in the operation).

Obviously I have become very aware of the downward spiral that our society is currently caught in, and in looking for alternatives in treatment for some of my friends, I found and watched “The Beautiful Truth” some time back. Dr. Gerson’s therapy fascinated me to no end.

I researched his methodology (and please bear with my explanation – I am no doctor and am speaking from memory), and discovered that the caffeine enema works in part so well because of its effect on the haemorrhoidal vein – which stimulates the liver in such a manner that all bile in circulation is immediately flushed out of the liver, and a new batch of bile is then produced.

Why is this important? Well – not many people know that the liver recycles bile for no less than 7 or 8 times before said bile is finally excreted. In the ancient days when all were pure, this recycling of the bile was a valuable resource-saver. Unfortunately today – what with the pathogens, toxins, pesticides, viruses, radiation, free-radicals and other junk flying around, our bile becomes saturated with toxicity after a single cycle – and this junk is then circulated back into the body to to be again recycled together with the new batch of junk that has only just been gathered up. The result = an overworked liver, the constant recycling of toxins back into the blood, and the eventual collapse of the body.

When the highly-toxic bile is immediately flushed from the body and new bile is produced, the body has an immediate fighting chance to combat and address whatever needs to be addressed. The downside is that the caffeine stimulation on the liver tends to weaken the liver somewhat – and I would imagine that this would partly account for (over and above the obvious benefits) the juiced / raw diet (perhaps inclusion of liver juice) during Gerson's treatment – as this type of diet is the perfect liver-supportive / no-additional-stress-placed-on-liver course one can take.

I can obviously write another 4000 characters in explanation – also with regard to the standard saline-solution enemas that forms part of Gerson's treatment and the reason for it - but my point here is that normal humans are very capable of educating and healing themselves – if they would only take a break from what conventional allopathy would have them believe!

I have become the most annoying label-reader and ingredient-criticizer. We grow our own organic vegetables. I do believe in veganism and in the benefits of cultivating an alkaline body. And take great pains in introducing all those wonderful Nature-provided gifts of cumin, turmeric and other cancer-preventative spices into every meal. I cannot wait for the day when humans do become self-empowered again.

Star and flag to you! And thank you for the most interesting read!

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