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Metaphysical Menagerie

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 03:22 PM
Hello and welcome to this small collection of accounts of ghostly animals that i have put together.

In a sense, these encounters are all linked - by virtue of them being amongst the strangest examples i could dig up. Sorting through the information available, i have discarded the mundane stories about ghostly cats, dogs e.t.c (who wants to read about those?!) and have plumped instead for the following oddities....

"Ungrateful skippings" - The Soper Lane 'mole'.=

In the summer of 1661, Mr Andrew Paschal reported on the curious events that occurred in his fathers home in Soper lane, London. Taking place over a time period of 3 days, it was in essence a brief and intense outbreak of poltergeist activity with some unusual aspects.

The usual tricks and pranks were employed by the poltergeist (throwing of shoes, noises similar to furniture being moved about in adjacent rooms) but the singular experiences of Mr Paschal's sister and her 'gentlewoman' friend as they shared a bed sound terrifying! (here i am paraphrasing from Harry Price's book Poltergeist over England):

"Moreover, something came into the bed, which the gentlewoman said ran up on her by degrees, and seemed little and soft like a mole. Upon this she shrieked out, and we came in again with the candle, when all was still again"

The peace did not last long for the poor lady who, as soon as the candle was removed from the room, was once again subject to the attentions of the mole:

"The thing was continually moving and stirring in some part or other of the bed, and most commonly at the feet, where it usually came up first."

In fact, the ghostly creature became bolder and was active in the presence of the candle. And when the witnesses clapped their hands on the beast as it scurried around under the bedclothes, it made a bizarre and indescribable 'clacking' sound!

The next night the poltergeist noises intensified, however the mole had yet to make an appearance:

"But towards midnight, that thing which came into the bed before, came now so often with such ungrateful skippings up and down upon her that she often shrieked and cried out."

Mercifully, as a hand was clapped against the creature as it ran over her body, it disappeared for good in a "puff of wind".

"I'll split the atom! I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world! - Gef, the talking mongoose.=

In the annals of psychical research, never has there been a story quite as fantastical as the one concerning Gef, a supposed mongoose that 'haunted' the Irving family on the Isle of Man, UK, in the early 1930's. The creature has almost gained a cult-like status due to the amusing and bombastic statements that he issued forth from behind the wainscoting of the Irving family home.

The Irving family resided in an isolated farmhouse and consisted of the father Jim, his wife Margaret and their daughter Voirrey (the seeming nexus of the phenomena).

Gef first made his presence known with "blowing, spitting and growling noises" from behind the wooden panelling of the house. Soon, with encouragement from Jim and Voirrey the noises developed into a voice and the phenomena gained a personality. Apparently, Gef (as he called himself) said "I am not a spirit. I am a little extra, extra clever mongoose" who was born in India in 1852.

Gef only presented his physical person to Voirrey (12 years old at the time) but from this a good description of him was gained.

He was certainly very vocal - and full of himself....

"If you knew what i know, you'd know a hell of a lot"

"I'll split the atom! I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world"

"I am not evil. I could be if i wanted. You don't know what damage or harm i could do if i were roused. I could kill you all, but i won't."

....just a few of his utterances to the Irvings.

Eventually, the phenomena petered out and Gef was consigned to the history books. The general consensus amongst investigators was that Voirrey Irving had hoaxed the whole thing but, interestingly, she denied this right up to her death in 2005.

For more information on this subject please visit this brilliant website:

The Hoe Benham 'Hog'.=

In 1907, in the sleepy village of Hoe Benham, Berkshire, UK, two men painting in their garden happened to notice their friend, Miss Clarissa Miles, walking up the lane to their house.

What astonished the men (Oswald Pittman and Reginald Waud) was the creature that seemed to be accompanying her, pattering alongside her like a pet dog. It was a large pig with an unusually long snout!

Mr Waud, fearing for the safety of his plants in the event of a pig running amok in his garden, leapt up to bar the animals entrance but was baffled when Miss Miles arrived at his garden gate alone - denying all knowledge of a strange, long-nosed pig!

A search was immediately instigated by the men (without success) and the matter was thoroughly investigated at the time by the respected Society for Psychical research. No rational explanation was forthcoming.

I wonder, was it a ghost, a deformed pig, perhaps a stray Aardvark...

... Lord knows! Definitely one to file under 'Odd'!

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 05:43 AM
I see this one got well and truely buried.You obviously put a good bit of effort into this thread.

Interesting cases, I had never heard of any of these before.

I have to say the mongoose looked more like a squirrel to me but that's just my first thought.

S&F anyway mate, thanks for the info

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by Wide-Eyes

Thanks for the kind words Wide-Eyes.

It took me a whole afternoon to tap that post out and it knocked my confidence when I realized nobody thought it worthy of a star and flag - even for sympathies sake!

Nevermind. I'll just have to try harder next time to come up with a more interesting and original thread. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on it though.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Silver Star

Don't despair mate, it was a good thread. You probably wrote it at a bad time.

So many threads get lost in the depths of ATS. I hope my posts are bumping this

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