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Zodiac Alive and Killing in Canada for 40 Years??

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 02:48 AM
Following this, I can honesty see why authorities would dismiss your claims.

Your case comes off as the baseless ranting of someone who has no idea how senseless they are being.

Slander, conjecture, grasping at straws...its overly all here.

I won't comment on your kid's tragic history...but I will say that I find it odd that you can sit here finding EVERY cryptic and invisible detail to invent connections between two completely unrelated people (are you batman?), yet, you couldn't guess that letting this man have time alone with your kid, AFTER he showed you pics of people chained up and tortured, was a bad idea?

In short- "my kid is not allowed alone with people who take pictures of chained up people in a sexual dungeon-fetish way".

I dunno man...just seems like your detective skills here are as faulty as they were all those years ago when you ignored injuries and signs that you "graphically detail" here.

Like I said above, if this is the kind of stuff you are sending to police, true or not, it is no shock to see it ignored. I wouldn't be shocked if they are looking into "you" for that matter...

If I was you, I'd hire someone to communicate and investigate this...someone with the ability to do both "correctly", because it is very obvious that you can not, and that you are your own worst enemy on this quest of yours.

Please don't decrypt anything I wrote here...I'd hate to learn I was Hitler or something.


posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 02:55 AM

Originally posted by melody_leigh

This isn't the original link I found, but this one states what I refer to. If I am wrong it is because the story I found on the internet is wrong. I only speak of what I have found on the internet. think this guy you are talking about is the Zodiac killer, who molested and tortured your own offspring, so you spent ten years researching the two suspects...and you failed to get correct information on the Zodiac Killer because you must have clicked the wrong link!!!!????



How is it that I know so much more about the Zodiac Killer- yet I've never researched him online? I just know from it happening, and from discovery channel shows and stuff...basic laymen crap...and I know more about the guy then you...who has researched this for a decade... are a troll or just horribly of two...maybe both.

Good luck with inventing stories for whatever reason you do.


posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 03:34 AM
You don't think Henning follows any of this stuff? He could hold any identity he wants and post to these blogs.... perhaps that is why there is such persistence in that direction.....

I know, I am so creative at inventing stories that I actually have coaxed psychiatrists, counsellors, the vancouver police, and rcmp into into writing reports.

In actuality this is the only message board that people have been so "rude" to me on.

At the least you can read the psychiatric reports, you can see that the police were involved, that I am not lying, and that perhaps there is reason I would be obsessed with this, and wanting to know who this man really is.

Imagine how it feels, and imagine how you would feel if you didn't try to tell people and more women kept being tortured and murdered in your neck of the woods. This is real NEWS and has been happening here for 40 years. That is not a lie. So is it possible he is a suspect....

Regardless of all the negative comments (only on this board), I can say that I at least tried to find answers, to maybe get another mom who has been victimized to see my details and step forward.... something I don't know.

So OMG let's say he is not Zodiac, but just someone who likes to bind and torture children and [snip] and likes to drive a van with chains hanging from the ceiling and goes out of town up that highway all the time..... and the police know there is a serial killer on the loose for 40 years, but it couldn't possibly be him.

Whatever anyone says, it would be irresponsible of me not to say anything. I met a PI tonight who previously worked for the RCMP and he pointed out how things really work and the way the police think. What I say is nothing in a real case... I understand. But perhaps something I say will prevent a woman from getting in a vehicle with him, or perhaps another victim will step forward.... I don't know. Regardless, it is worth the effort if in some way it prevents anotyher victim, or gives a venue for another past victim to speak.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 04:27 AM
reply to post by melody_leigh

Have the police ever talked to this man about your claims?
If so do you know what happened when they did?

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 04:41 AM

Originally posted by melody_leigh

I know, I am so creative at inventing stories that I actually have coaxed psychiatrists, counsellors, the vancouver police, and rcmp into into writing reports.

Coming from the person who says they studied the Zoodiac Killer for many years, but then proves they don't even know the basics of the case, I can't say I take your word on anything...

Your case presented here is sloppy, littered with inconsistencies and absolutely ridiculous at moments (worrisome at others).

I ask politely, please stop being so graphic with your details...we get it...we don't need to read pornographic details from you.

Also, again, let me say-

IF THIS IS TRUE (not the zodiac killer part, you proved to me that you fabricated that in your own head), and your kid was attacked by some guy you know, please find someone with a better ability to present facts to talk to the authorities...

Because, if someone came in my office ranting and saying half the things you are saying, I'd have them committed for evaluation...

Not being rude...being honest...your story is badly crafted and littered with holes in rational thinking.

Any police officer or agent hearing what you typed here would surly think you are "making it up" and that you are "possibly in need of medication".

Again, I find it odd that you researched this guy to the level of decrypting secret codes to attach him to the ZK, yet you failed to even do proper research to locate a factual site of information on the infamous killer...

You need to see this in a saner light...cus really, your dropping the ball.

Like I've said twice before, if this is true, you are your own worst enemy....hire someone "logical and talented in presenting facts" to talk to the police...while you are at it, have that persn also tell you where you are making this look like a joke or illness...

Rude? No...

Blunt and to the truth...

Your story is hogwash on many MANY levels...invented and incorrect...that can never help your quest.

ps- I also suggest you learn at least A SMALL BIT about the zodiac killer...It is apparent you have spent many years thinking he molested your child, yet you have not once "researched him or the case". Lazy? Bad with google? I dunno...but get on it.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 07:29 AM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

Click here for more information.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by melody_leigh

First, let me say it helps in these types of forums to hit the "reply to" button. Other wise, we really have no idea who you are talking to. You have quite a few to reply to, I'm sure it would help you keep it all in order as well.

Second, I have read over those reports you posted a page back.
And out of the first group you know what stands out the most? "it is our goal to reunite this family in a healthy way.We strongly suggest that Melody be afford the help that she needs in terms of her depression in chronic suicidality so that this goal can be achieved"
What family is being reunited? You and your daughter are already together, who are the other players?

The second group of documents:
Where does your daughter's biological father fit in here.

Did your daughter undergo "in depth assessment" and if so, what were the results. If not, why?

Those are some question I have. I will be up front. Something about your story does not smell right to me. But I am willing to give it a bit of a chance.

A tip to help you be understood better is to leave most of the emotions at the door. It only makes you look hysterical when you say things such as your description using starred vulgar language. Not to mention it's a violation of T&C, something I normally alert, but as I understand, assuming you aren't playing us, that this is emotional, I am not.

Keep it calm cool and collective. I said before talking online doesn't help you, but since you are doing it anyways, help us help you.

Another tip: we are a conspiracy website. If something doesn't smell right we call people on it. It's the nature of the beast. We are not a support group, but we can help you figure out the truth if you work with us.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 12:49 PM
Dont take this the wrong way but how can you honestly say this man raped and tortured your daughter for years and not do anything to this sick individual. If that happened to my daughter regardless of how long it had been or who it was I would make sure he didnt have the mental capacity or limbs to hurt someone like that again! The problem with most things like this are you have to assume he did what you think he did. If you never saw him doing any of this you cant be 100% sure in your mind. If this is true I pray for your family and there is no worse crime than crimes against children. I hope someday you and your daughter can put this behind you, and who knows everyone gets sloppy eventually maybe it will all come to light someday but unfortunatly it would probably have to be at another victims expense.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 01:13 PM
To the OP...

Perhaps my wording was misunderstood...let me put it clearly and in short form.

YOU are making this story sound false with your misunderstanding of the Zodiac Killer and your apparent inability to detach his name from a crime you are trying to report.

IF THIS IS TRUE you are doing yourself and your daughter discredit in trying to prove her assaulter to be the infamous Zodiac Killer, when in truth what you describe doesn't fit his M.O at all.

It would be like saying- someone broke into my house and stabbed me, and then saying it MUST be the Boston Strangler, a guy who never stabbed his victims.

In other words, if your kid was attacked like you say, then you are ALLOWING the crime to go unpunished and unproven due to your obsession with trying to attach the crime to a killer who obviously is not involved.

SO, for the sake of the kid, I must shake you by the shoulders and demand you snap out of your fantasy world and seek PROPER help from authorities and STOP trying to make your daughter's assailant one of the number one killers of popular infamy, and start looking for the REAL guy who did it.

But, frankly...I'll tell you, your story sounds fabricated. Totally made up to get people jumping and talking.

You can not even tell me how it is that you are convinced that the ZK did this to your own child, but yet you have not even researched him enough to know that molestation and cannibalism is not his M.O.

Like I said...your calling a hang-man a shooter and a shooter a butcher...

Sorry...I suggest this is either a joke, or the fantasy of a very disturbed mind. You show all signs that you are either pulling legs for fun or just grasping at straws out of some "delusional state".

I still ALSO find it odd that this man used to show you pictures of mutilated humans hanging on a wall, but you STILL allowed him alone with your daughter many times...and yet, your smart enough to uncover encrypted codes in email you are smart enough to uncover cryptic codes, but not smart enough to say-

"gee, this guy has pictures of women bloody and tied up, owns tons of used cloths from women, and has a jar of blood in his fridge, maybe he should not be allowed to baby sit my kid".

Yeah...figure out why you are getting "grilled here".

For the sake of your child, seek proper help and drop this fascination with a random killer who owned a watch like some guy...please.

Hope that was clear?

My worry is for the child...not for you, who seems too have done much to have allowed this to happen.

My kid is safe at all times...and the second anyone shows me pictures of women bleeding and hanging on walls in chains...I am going to have them arrested.

And trust me...if your case is being ignored, it is not because you have a boat load of good evidence.

Most likely its because yoou are coming off as a loon or a lark...not saying you are either, but I can promise you that your writings here beg a sensible person to assume such.

Good luck. Hope you get what I am saying...I'd hate to have to call the FBI myself just becuase you can't seem to handle this on your own.


edit on 10-9-2010 by Mr Mask because: (no reason given)

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 01:36 PM
Removed my original post here myself because I truly believe I am just a pawn in your game to get a reaction-

or worse, I am debating logic with someone who needs "professional" help that I have no ability to give you.

Good luck...take my advice...hire someone who is calmer and more able to make sense of this matter. Because really, your story is just not holding water and that in itself can be the very reason your case keeps getting ignored.

Also- having police write a report is nothing related to proof...I can have police write any report I wish...fabricated story or true...the police are obligated to write any report you wish to report for future evidence that you have made a complaint or report of a crime...

I can have my police write a report that aliens took me away last night...its easy. Its what police do.

Sadly, you think having reports written is further evidence that the Zodiac Killer is to blame...showing again that you may not be "understanding" the situation here.

Get help...real help...for the kid's sake...

And just so you know, real help dosn't include ats, bts or a website that pays homage to serial killers (I noticed you posted there...on a fan site for killers!) a parent...I am telling real help...a few kinds actually.

edit on 10-9-2010 by Mr Mask because: changed my post due to feeling this is a joke or an illness.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by 187specialist

Well if I had done anything then what good would have done my chld if I ended up in jail. From what I usderstand my dad took care of some business with that. I never knew anything about it until his funeral when one of the guys he worked with told me about it....

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

I never said that he showed me pictures of mutilated humans. I said my child drew pictures of such after her disclosure. I did say he showed me a couple porns he said were from Germany, on that had people chained up with safety pins in them and the other with orgies of people defecating and urinating on each other and eating it. It was at one of his german friends house before I had a baby, and honestly I just thought it was for entertainment. Lots of people have a morbid sense of curiousity and look at weird stuff. I was only 19 years old. This guys knew me since I was 16, and I had no other family and it really wasn't that hard to manipulate me at the time. I think this is pretty common place for kids who have been abused as a child and end up in foster care....

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

The reports I have posted are not written by the police they are written by psychiatrists at Children's Hospital. I think they would be capable of understanding if the child made this up, and also for diagnosing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not only that but her theme in play therapy was descriptive of dismembered bodies. Play therapy is not cognitive therapy and events are not discussed. The child on her own displayed these themes. I know a doctor, I can only say what the doctor's said to me and produce the written reports.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

I only ever thought the posibility of this guy being Zodiac when I recognized the handwriting from the movie in 2007. I have some samples of his writing and when I printed off letters from the internet and compared it appears to match. That is why I am saving to hire a graphologist so I can get a professional opinion.

The crime comitted against my daughter was reported in 1999 and I never said anyting about Zodiac, as it wouldn't be for 8 years later that I thought this to be a possibility. When someone who is like family to you commits such a heinous crime against your child, you question everything about them. All the things that I didn't realize at the time could be questionable, comes flooding back and you have all these questions that cannot be answered. Why all the vehicles, why did he like about some of them, why was he charged with mischief for setting up the false steeling of one of his vans, why were their chains hanging from the ceiling, why did women disappear when he went out of town..... I don't think it would be unusual for me to have an obsession.

I have noted others saying why haven't I got all the details together, well I was on disability fo 7 years, completely fell apart over this. I don't think that makes me nuts either, it makes me a devastated mother. The things I speak of about this man, I didn't see at the time. I believed the used clothing was from swap meets, or that his vehicle was stolen, or it broke down and he had to get another one.... why would I question it.

As for the jar of blood in his fridge, I didn't know at the time it was blood, i just remember seeing it and the he told me it was rotten tomoto juice and not to touch it. After my child said he had a jar of blood in the fridge he pulled teeth out of and sucked on, I realized that was the same jar I saw with the dark red liquid and it must have been the blood she spoke of. The events I speak of took place over 16 years, and I trusted him. He was the only person I had in the world. I had no reason to believe anything bad about him. He helped me with homework, he helped me buy food when I had none tyring to finish my last year of high school, or struggling as a single mom, he gave me advice.... just like a dad. I didn't really know what was normal considering I was abused myself as a child and apprehended and placed in foster care. When you life that kind of life as a child and someone shows you kindness it is very easy to be manipulated. I had no idea at the time...

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by iamsupermanv2

This report was written by Children's Hospital as the discharge report for my child's one month residential assessment. It was determined that my child was so severely traumatized that she needed to live in special care with foster parents experienced at caring for children who had been sexually abused. In addition it was noted that I was severely depressed over what had happened to my child and at times suicidal. I cannot tell you how badly this hurt me.... I couldn't cope and the more my child attended therapy, the more disturbed she became and I was not well enough to cope with what she was going through. That doesn't make me nuts, it means I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder myself, extreme guilt over what had happened to her, and with her continued gory stories and acting out it was very suffering for me....

The family the report refers to reuniting was my daughter and myself because she was taken into foster care. This Ministry said that if they didnt intervene that my child would likely end up a prostitute and a drug addict, so I signed the papers. Turns out she ended up a prostitute and a drug addict anyway.

The father was not in the child's live. He never has been, never paid support, quit his job and went on welfare so he didn't have to pay, moved to the island and got another girl pregnant. He abandoned his daughter and he was an abusive man.

Anyway I am not making any of this up and I am a good person. Many people with an abusive childhood use it as an excuse to be a jerk, but I always fought to make it, to further educate myself, to work, to help other people, and to be compassionate because I understand first hand other's people's pain. I have always given to others before giving to myself. I was an innocent young girl without the life skills and family support to understand that this man was really a predetor and not my friend. That doesn't make me crazy or a bad person.

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

I didn't realize that site is a fan site for killers. I have just been trying to find places to post, because posting has brought this story to the attention of some PI's and police. I have contacted Interpol and the Vallejo police as well. It is about getting the word out so that someone who can simply compare finger prints, or perhaps pull some records with his handwriting can maybe find something out.

I also post in hopes that someone else who has been victimized by Henning may step forward. Another mom whose child was molested, or another woman who had been assaulted by him. Way back I found two women who had been assaulted by him, but they were too scared to come forward. Perhaps one day someone will see this and have the courage to come forward. It is all I can do.

When you suffer something like this, and 10 years later you are still not free of it because now your child is a drug addict and you fear each day that she may die.... you don't get a chance to really get over it, and you ache for justice. There isn't anything more that I can do about what happened to my child. I already contacted the police back in 2007 and they said that my child would have to come forward, and my kids is too messed up to deal with it.

Me coming forward now with these other details are because the police here have been asking for the public's help regarding the Highway of Tears murders. I have not mentioned any of the Zodiac stuff here. There are just some strange coincidences there.... One thing I am sure of is what he assaulted my child. She is 19 now and maintains her story. The other things, the murder stories.... it haunts me because I want to know why my child would say things in the graphic details she told me, detail that I have not shared because it is far too graphic, and why she drew those pictures... all the questions about who this man really is, and is he the one who has been killing here for 40 years??? Somebody has been and I think somone who can do the things he did to my child is capable of anything. In addition to all the other weird things, like the compartment under his bathroom flor, etc, etc, I don't think I am crazy to think he is the killer. It is my personal belief and I am entitled to that.

Those of you who don't know me or him or what is going on here with the killings, it is your right to not believe. That is fine, but please reserve calling me a lunatic, or a liar..... just because I am trying to answer your questions. Sometimes I get emotional about it because it takes it's toll. I tried to apologize for that. I am not a bad person. I am good person with a big heart, and I somehow feel like it is up to me to stand up and speak out, to not hide like the other women who this man hurt, and to be the voice perhaps of those who lost thier lives. It is just how I feel, because that is the kind of person I am.

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 05:01 AM
I believe your story melody leigh,buddy do you not think green eye leo gave good advice for the time line idea?
In my opinion it was a great idea mate. Please do me a favour try even put a hour a day into geting your daughter clean. What drugs is she adicted too if you mind me asking.?

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by melody_leigh

Me coming forward now with these other details are because the police here have been asking for the public's help regarding the Highway of Tears murders. I have not mentioned any of the Zodiac stuff here. There are just some strange coincidences there.... One thing I am sure of is what he assaulted my child. She is 19 now and maintains her story. The other things, the murder stories.... it haunts me because I want to know why my child would say things in the graphic details she told me, detail that I have not shared because it is far too graphic, and why she drew those pictures... all the questions about who this man really is, and is he the one who has been killing here for 40 years??? Somebody has been and I think somone who can do the things he did to my child is capable of anything. In addition to all the other weird things, like the compartment under his bathroom flor, etc, etc, I don't think I am crazy to think he is the killer. It is my personal belief and I am entitled to that.

The part I made bold up there, the "I have not mentioned any of the Zodiac stuff here" is a plain old lie.

Your thread title for this one is "Zodiac Alive and Killing in Canada for 40 Years??" (and if you ask me that second ? is unnecessary)

From your OP in this thread....

Gallus: Cockerel, Constellation founded by a German Astronomer and is said to lay between Pices and Taurus. It thought in Zodiac's profile that he is born near Taurus and refers to himself as such. He was born May 25, 1935 only days from Taurus.

Sure seems like you are mentioning "Zodiac stuff here"

and one paragraph later...

Ko Ko is from Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta "Mikado", and refers to the "High Executioner". Zodiac refers to Ko Ko in two of his letters. Reference also speaks of women being used for barter and how Ko Ko gave "Yum Yum" for this purpose. In a birthday card he gave my daughter he says "They are ever so yummy. Happy birthday to a sweet little 8 year old lady".

So, if I didn't say it in my other posts, I'll say it now.

You are lieing. Somewhere. About something.

You have stated and provided documentation (if that is even real) that you have mental issues.

Get help woman.

You need it.

But feel good about yourself.

You tricked someone who is usually very skeptical into trying to believe your web of lies.

This is the kind of thing that happens to people with good hearts. We fall for sap stories that are partially or all the way false.

We end up looking like fools.

Good job Melody...good job.

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posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by iamsupermanv2

What I meant was that when I reported my child's abuse in 1999, and since I have recently forwarded information to the RCMP, that I did not mention any Zodiac stuff.

Writing on message boards is easy to take things out of context and assume, and take what is being said in other directions, or fill in with your own details if you feel something is missing. This is a generalized statement and not directed specifically at you.

The report was from 10 years ago and showed that I was severely depressed..... who wouldn't be after suffering that. I went to counselling for 6 years, went back to technical school and graduated from Materials Management, and 2 courses shy of my Industrial Engineering. I returned to work and have held Management roles in supply chain..... I am not the 16 year old girl who met this man when he began to influence me. I am not the young single mom with no support systems anymore.... I am 42 year old educated woman with a husband and have raised two step children including a child with special needs.

That is why I am coming forward again now, because after all the counselling, reclaiming my life getting back to school and work, I am finally able to dedicate some time again to this. Not only that, but where I live the police are asking for public assistance regarding the "Highway of Tears", murders, and I feel that I have important information to share on someone who at least to ME is a very scary person.

I am sure that if you met me in person and talked to me personally about this you would see I am indeed a very sane, intelligent person, who is a survivor and only trying to get to the bottom of things, and perhaps one day stop this man.... maybe even bring peace to loved ones of missing/murdered victims.

I too have a big heart. Since I was a child I have worked with handicapped kids, seniors, fundraising, just helping out a neighbout in need, donating to various causes whenever I could, even taking what little food I had in my own home when I was a sturggling single mom and sharing with the other single mom down the way. I am not a liar and I pride myself on my integrity.

If people think I am a liar because of my personal suspicions regarding this man being the BC serial killer and perhaps the Zodiac Killer, I don't think that is really fair, because this is something I have lived, and my feelings aren't just about data, it is about emotion, intuition, just how in hind site I see all these things now. So let's just say I am way off track with Zodiac, but when I posted it was meant to try and find answers because it just adds to the mix of the unanswered questions that I have. Like brainstorming..... people should be able to come together and discuss and find solutions. That is my quest. If I am incorrect with my "personal", assumption then it isn't because I am nuts or a liar, it is because I can't understand how his handwriting looks like Zodiac, and then when I dig around I start finding weird stuff like him seeing these 5 whirlwinds touch down that create the stellar map of 5 pentegrams, and all the other stuff I have already said. It just makes me want to find out answers and hoping that maybe someone who has connections sees this, and can do a simple think like check prints, or examine handwriting from his immigration papers or something...... just give me an answer.

As for the hospital reports being fake, well why would I put in there that I am depressed and suicidal so I can be accused of being crazy. At the time I was on disability and severely depressed. There would be something wrong with me I think if I wasn't depressed considering the circumstances. Also I do not have the medical knowledge to write the diagnosis, etc, nor would I be able to come up with the real names of doctor's and therapists. If anyone cares to check that out, please freel free to do so.

I am sorry if I have somehow upset you. Please try to relate to what I am saying and how I feel too. Please if you have questions, just ask before assuming. If you want to put a face to who I am, look up Melody Wall on Facebook. Perhaps if people can see me and my family and that will be able to better relate to me as a human being and not just some faceless person writing here.

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 11:43 AM
Why put his e mail up? are you not afraid of someone writing him?

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