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More Lights In Arizona

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:37 AM

The link does not lead to a video of the incident; therefore, I will recapitulate what I saw and heard on the news. The Palo Verde power plant experienced an outage and, less than 48 hours later--hinged upon the shaky video I saw--7-12 orange-red lights appeared in a seeming wedge shape or linear fashion.

This is exciting insofar as I live in Phoenix!!!

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:58 AM
That page you provided did have a link to the main website for this event, which does contain a small .WMV movie clip of the lights.

The video itself is fairly interesting to see such rapidly blinking lights. Not much else to discern out of it, though. The video gets blurry any time he tries to zoom in on the lights, so there isn't a lot of detail to be seen.

Tons of people saw this at least and some have reported it already to

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:18 AM
Hard to come to any conclusions on a picture like that...the first thought that struck my mind was coloured lights they have on wires during festivals/carnivals hehe

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:47 AM
lol someone hasn't taken down thier christmas lights yet...

It does though has some time of saucer shaper to it when the cameraman attempts to zoom in. And with several people reporting the sighting, who knows......

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 08:18 AM
Not to sound like a downer given i posted some pics i myself couldnt quite explain but i ve seen those very lights many times , around here we call them planes. The V like shape gives it away and there locations on the craft , i will however admit that in the one pic one light seems a little askew for its normal position plus the color schem is odd, but its a plain none the less. It allmost even looks like the plane is coming in on approach for landing.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 08:26 AM
The person who shot the video had this to say about the lights.

While putting the kids to bed, my wife pointed out very bright and unusual lights in formation to the sothwest. We live on a mountainside and had a good view of thses lights for 5 minutes, 2.5 of which I have on video tape. These lights were almost stationary and in formation this did not change. Brightness of each was Venus maggnitude or brighter. Lights seemed to flash in a pattern. While my eyes said they were red and white, video shows green yellow and orange as well. As the lights went from sight, a movement to NE seemed to take place. I am an experienced sky watcher and this was not an ordinary occurance. Size was a minimm of 600 ft and at the most 3000=4000 by my estimates.

The public so far only has access to 27 seconds of the video he taped, but he has an additional 2 minutes of footage of the lights sitting there stationary. I have little reason to doubt this person would lie about such a claim given that he's already provided this much evidence already.

Plane? If it was a plane, it hovered. Helicopter would be a more appropriate descriptor, but there is no claims on of hearing any audible noise from these lights either.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 06:10 PM
i've u2u'd muppet from minniescar's thread to see if he or she can take a crack at fixing this new video up in shake; hopefully muppet'll take a look soon and post some findings.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 06:32 PM
Hi guys..

Unfortunately wmv files and Shake don't mix too well(it's a mac thing!), so I haven't been able to look at it in that yet. I should be able to rectify that in a day or two though.

I've had a look at the video as it is and noticed though that the lights appear to be alone the top of a ridge of hills in the background. (you can see this by increasing your monitor brightness or looking from too high an angle if you use an lcd screen)

The lights don't move in relation to the ridge or the rest of the scene at all which lead to be to think they are ground based.

My first thoughts were party lights but they are a bit bright; or maybe emergency vehicle lights? but then again you'd expect them to be blue and red..(or yellow)

Once I get the wmv converted into something else I'll see if I can figure any more out..

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 06:52 PM
thank the lord me and my friend weren't the only ones to see those lights... I should probably report it to nuforc. We were driving west on the 101, and were shocked when we saw those... Above someone said they call those planes... Well, I've lived in Phoenix for 18 years and A) that was not a normal flight path & B) The lack directional movement other than just up and down (for almost all of those objects, and there were roughly a dozen at one point) tells me it at least wasn't a normal airplane...

Definitely unidentified in my book. (I've watched the skys for years, and we have some strange stuff here in Phoenix... on numerous occasions I've seen stuff that defied physics as we understand it)


posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:54 PM
muppet, thanks for the quick reply; if you can get it converted and take a stab at fixing the video up a bit it'll be interesting to see what pops out. it's interesting you pointed out the ridge, though:

I've had a look at the video as it is and noticed though that the lights appear to be alone the top of a ridge of hills in the background. (you can see this by increasing your monitor brightness or looking from too high an angle if you use an lcd screen)

The lights don't move in relation to the ridge or the rest of the scene at all which lead to be to think they are ground based.

if you look at the guy's website he's got an unusual name -- robert kritausky -- and there're only two listings in the local phonebook (

Kritkausky Robert & Lorraine
4326 W Corrine Dr
(602) 938-2834

Kritkausky Robert L
25641 N Singbush Loop
(623) 869-8385

both of which i'm guessing are him (maybe a divorce or something). the first address is pretty close to ASU -- a bit to the southeast -- and the second doesn't show up on mapquest (anyone local care to help out with that one -- where is it, what's nearby).

when the image gets brightened it might be possible to tell where he's filming from -- unless someone just wants to email him and ask -- and which way the camera's pointing, etc...

places that come to mind where there are cliffs near the guy's first address are papago park -- with that military facility having the biggest cliffs -- and also the rock that's over the stadium at asu, and we should be able to tell if it's either of those once muppet fixes the film in shake.

ScislaC: do you know that military facility (i think it's used for army reserve exercises mostly) that's near papago park? was the direction the lights were coming from consistent with them being from there? (you'll probably wanna look at a map and see where you were on the 101 and where this facility is when you check this)? what about those rocks around sun devil stadium (it's possible it's consisent with both those places if you were going west on 101, i think)?

do any of the phoenix people here know anything about the guy's other address -- ie, are there nearby cliffs, what else is near there, etc.?

it'd be nice if we could sort of pin down the light's location this way -- triangulate a couple of reports and get a rough idea of where they were -- and then check and make sure this isn't something obvious like the radio or cell towers down in ahwhatukee or something similar.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 08:03 PM

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 08:26 PM
kinglizard: thanks for finding singbush loop.

what's weird is that mapquest says that [4300-4399] W Corrine Dr is way southeast of the address that mappoint does -- is there anyone local who can see which address is right?

if i had to guess i'd say kinglizard's map is probably right, cause there's the 101, there's two houses near each other (which would make sense if there's a divorce and the guy doesn't want to move too far away from his old neighborhood, or whatever), and that area's a lot less developed than the places i'd mentioned earlier.

when ScislaC gets back we'll find out if this is near to where he or she was on the 101, and which direction the lights were in -- it's interesting that there's that luke air field right there, though, cause i'm pretty sure that is or used to be part of luke air force base nearby.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 10:34 PM
This is so cool. I wish I had seen them. Question
Do you think this is related to all the fireballs that have been sighted around the world

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:35 AM
Try and get a daylight pic from the same location if possible.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:57 AM
Quite thorough reply, Sisonek. You ostensibly are a phoenician!

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 11:32 AM
It was 6/14 @ about 8:30-8:50pm (sorry about as accurate as I can pin it down to), I was on the 101 just at about Cave Creek when they were mentioned to me and they were (mostly) in view until shortly after we hit the I17 (until we almost got to the Bell exit)... so I was basically in between those two addresses on the map... Also, based on the distance it appears to be in the video, I have to say that he was at that Corrine address because they were a little smaller from my location. And in regards to them appearing stationary by the mountain, that's actually how they were noticed.

For reference the 101 is "hilly" (as all our freeways are) to control flood waters from the desert (plus they like to alternate over and under-passes for some reason)... anway, point of that is that the view would come and go, meaning we could see it when we went up, but view was obscured when we went down, and it constantly goes up and down (when I say "went down, then up" in the story, that's us I'm talking about).

Onto story, my buddy asked me if those lights were antennas on a mountain, I caught a quick (3 sec) glimpse and said I didn't recall us having any other main antenna mountains other than South Mountain (a bit to the south and a ways east of there) and that those type of lights are normally red too... anyway, didn't get a good look when he said it. We go down, then up... so I looked around at the horizon and it was very clear out (no haze), and noticed there was no mountain underneath, there was one off to the side in the foreground though (which I pointed out to him, no mountain close enough). At this point I saw there were 7 lights, zig zagged, up and down, tightly packed together except one off to the right side (from my perspective, which means it was toward the NorthWest). Also, that one was roughly 3x further than the avg distance of space between each light in the group. Definitely had a clear view... for 15 seconds. Went down, then up. Same view again but no talking, both of us just watching this for another 15 seconds. Went down then up, same again... clear unobstructed view for 15 seconds, which at this point it was obvious that there was no apparent vertical movement & horizontal movement was minimal, just a little "compacting of space" between objects... which at that point w/ lack of Vert movement, I assumed there was less chance of flares (as was my first thought given that Luke AFB is in the same direction). Down then up. Holy crap, there were now almost twice the number of lights (12 or 13... too in shock to try and count). The new ones were slowly moving in from the right. And the new ones maintained the perfect up-down zig-zag that went from left to right. 15 secs to stare in awe, sped through the down, went back up. The new lights were now in "perfect" alignment with the rest, they had "joined" the first group. Went down, then up. We then had a clear unobstructed view for about 45 seconds as we got onto the I17 from the 101. After the onramp when we got down to tree level the view was obscured. After that, we only caught a *quick* (1-2 sec) glimpse of 2 of them again after we exited to the West on Bell. That's the end of my story.

Now based on the video, it appears that the mountain was obscuring the right part of the string (of lights). Tis a shame. Also though, the lights were white-ish orange, the did not change colors in the least that we saw. Also, just to clear up the way I explained, there was nothing mathmatically perfect or exact with the distances between objects. They were all spaced slightly different both horizontally and vertically, so the zig-zagging wasn't perfect, like Charlie Browns sweater, but you should get the idea... here, Il drew a picture.

Sisonek: Is the military base you mention Luke? Or is it a diff one? Unless they were helicopters or VTOLs, (or whatever the abbrevation for the vertical take off and landing jets is) the only other option is flares. Most definitely not enough movement for regular planes. Also, to answer from a later Q, if you are asking about the airfield to the NorthWest, it wasn't that one, it was definitely more in the direction of the main Luke base. Oh, and which area is not really developed? Are you talking about the "new" area (to the north) or just still undeveloped stuff to the south?

mewzik's got a good idea... Sometime later this week I will drive out to both addresses with my digital camera and see if I can line up a similar shot. Maybe I'll also have my wife drive down the 101 and I'll snap a few pics so I can highlight where we saw stuff.

Anyway, whatever else you wanna know, ask away.


PS: for the record I'm a guy... (only mentioned because some said he or she)
PPS: I hope you can see the pic, it just shows me the BBcode in the post here.

(edited to correct time & date info, per my wife)

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:19 PM
nepenthean: i grew up in phoenix so i still know the place pretty well; i didn't know that the 101 was built all the way up into glendale, though -- they were still just getting started on it when i was there, and it was just out in the east.

ScislaC: does the spot on kinglizard's map labelled "Luke Air Field No. 1" look about right to you for where the lights were, if you had to guess? if so, we've probably got a pretty good idea of where the lights were. if not, do you have any sense what a better guess location is?

in any case, if muppet can retouch that film and turn up the brightness a bit we'll probably be able to tell if the lights are attached to something or not. if we get lucky there'll be enough landmarky things visible that someone could figure out pretty much exactly where to take a few daytime photos of the same area, and thereby make sure that there's no obvious explanation we're missing here.

from the video my guess would be that that airfield set up some kind of emergency beacon during the power outage, and they probably had to move them up and down a bit to get it just right for incoming planes or whatever. from ScislaC's description that explanation doesn't sound as likely, cause i can't see them moving more poles with lights on them in from the right with that much precision.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 02:28 PM
sisonek: It was not out at Luke Air Field 1, it was definitely in the general direction of the main Luke AFB (toward the SW corner of the map)... however, I'm really bad at guaging distances (especially from objects in the air and not seeing anything in the way of an "accurate" ground reference beneath them). the thing I'm curious about, is where in the heck is Palo Verde actually at? I thought it was to the NW of the city towards Luke Air Field 1. I live in NE Phoenix (at roughly 40th St. & Greenway) and mainly stick to the East side of the city, so I'm really unfamiliar with the west... To give you an idea, I had no clue where PIR was until a year ago when we went to San Diego, that hows little I venture towards the SW part of the city. Basically the furthest south I ever go when on the west side of town is Dunlap (specifically Metro Center). However I can tell you that there were ground lights on when we saw the lights, so the emergency beacon is that much less likely. I really wish there were other angles of this other than from the NE. I wonder if it was an illusion on spacing due to the angle it was viewed from.

Also, my "drawing" has been updated, (spacing was slightly off).


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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:37 PM
Scislac: I am a former Phoenix resident, and I go back every once in a while. Palo Verde is west of Buckeye. So it is considerably west of phoenix and south as well.

I was wondering, they built that new stadium off of the western part of the 101, over there along 99th Ave. Could what you saw have been in that direction. The stadium is a bit north of Mc Dowell, but I beleive not north of Camelback. This, given the locations you mentioned in your route, would be generally between yourself and Palo Verde, but so would Luke. They have built a bunch of stuff out there along the 101 in that area they are calling Desert Sky. Ooh, that reminds me. Desert Sky pavallion is that way also. FYI, Desert Sky Pavillion is north of Mc Dowell on 91st Ave.

Not that I am trying to debunk here, I am hoping that you can either rule out the possibility of these, or we can consider them as a possibility.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:47 PM
it looks like christmas tree decorations

like it's all dark you can't see anything just a few flashing lights

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