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Are People Waking Up or are They Just Being Reprogrammed?

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 05:51 AM
This is sort of random, but also sort of related and I'm looking to start up some convo so let's see what happens.

A few years ago I did a decent amount of research into the ideas of Bio-Technology and Nanotechnology; to sum things up I basically was looking at the Human Body as being an actual living machine, comparing it to an automobile, in an attempt to better educate myself (and anyone else) as to how the different parts of the human anatomy work together as one system.

At the time I was posting all of my "theories" or whatever you want to call it, on the web site; I had collected and put together several pages of information on the site.

However, one day when I logged on to make a few updates and add some new information, I discovered that ALL of my work had been completely removed from the site....

No message of any kind, no warning, nothing.

I'm just sitting here bored and wondering if anyone out there has seen any of this stuff or has had anything similar happen to them.

All this talk about MK Ultra and "being programmed" instructed my mind to think this way I guess - sorry if I'm going off topic too much here.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Personally, from my investigations, I believe Kaczynski solved the mathematical equation, which made the ARPANET/Internet possible, because prior to it becoming wires, programs, and machinery, it was a complex math problem.

I have never heard of this idea before, would you mind sharing any additional information with me either on here or via Private Message? I would appreciate looking into this more on my own.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:43 AM
If you feel trapped in a cage by the ever-increasing electromagnetic web that encircles the earth, designed by an international despotic elite who illegitimately crept in to take control. And dominating and oppressing the earth’s population, they track them down like delinquents, spying on them, manipulating their personal information, and violating their privacy [computers, cell phones, security cameras, GPS… etc], while the appointed international organizations, guilty of the greatest treachery, don’t even bother to protect their human rights.
What is amazing to realize, is that most people are not even aware of the malicious stratagem going on just above their heads. It is disturbing to think that anyone could feel well integrated in such a decadent society, destined to fall under the occult forces of obscurantism. When men refuse to be governed by God, they condemn themselves to be governed by tyrants....
This is part of the full text available at Go to this site and you will find your way out of this necessary evil inflicted on the world.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
We hear it all the time here on ATS as one member after another proclaims they are awake. That more people are waking all the time. That the powers that be are in trouble because fewer and fewer people believe the spin that the mainstream news media places on events.

Yet one thing remains the same, those who consider themselves awake are not even in close agreement on many fundamental issues.

While those who are awake are quick to bandy about words like sheeple, and use the self descriptive “I am awake” to often establish a moral high ground in any given debate, the deep divisions between the awake on politics, political systems, religion, prophecies like 2012, and just whether there is a new world order cabal and who they are and what their agenda is are profound.

Many suspect programs like MK Ultra and other ultra secret government mind control programs have produced a surplus of Manchurian candidates over the years. People whose minds have been reprogrammed without their own knowledge to carry out a specific function years or decades down the line when a preprogrammed command activates their programming, who then might carry out any particular assigned act to create watershed or life altering events.

Subliminal Messages in Television, Music, Movies and Advertising including such technologies as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and possibly the mysterious and hotly debated HAARP device might all be actively engaged to influence moods, thoughts and prompt emotional reactions and alter perceptions
Above is a article by the PPG Gazette that briefly describes Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and how it might be used in your digital cable TV.


Above is the Wikipedia article with the basics of the MK Ultra Program.


The above link is to HAARP Net a site dedicated to HAARP conspiracies.

The debate amongst conspiracy theorists, academics and armchair scientists rage on as to just what extent our governments or corporations might be employing such devices and techniques and if they even work, and in some cases if they even are, what exactly they can and can not do.

Yet the nagging question remains, if these things are real to what end are they being used.

Many consider 2012 to be a pivotal moment in earth’s evolution theorizing everything from a magnetic pole shift to a conscious shift to a shift of dimension itself. Many though insist nothing will happen at all, and it’s just one more poor interpretation of an extinct culture and history being marketed for profit.

Yet many people who consider themselves awake, will in fact try to reconcile these prophecies with others from Christianity and Eastern religions and disciplines to tie them all in together as something destined to happen.

Which of course begs the question what would cause a Christian or a Taoist to buy into these 2012 prophecies from a foreign culture with different deities?

Fanciful thinking, a desire to make it as much about those other religions and cultures as the one that it supposedly originates from or is there something else driving people to cross-mix these vastly differing religions, disciplines and cultures to all flow together.

Is it an awakening or is it a reprogramming?

Then we have the dreaded New World Order. We have heard one politician of prominence after another all over the world call for a New World Order, a global currency, a global environmental task force, a global religion, even a global government.

Most people are opposed to these things, mostly because of a belief in the security and superiority of their own nation, their own culture, their own currency, their own health system, and their own religion and their own national government.

Yet we see more and more amongst those who are awake, those increasing speculations and beliefs that their national political systems are broken, that their currencies and economies are being manipulated, that their health care systems are inadequate and rife with fraud, that there are impure elements within their own religion and that their national government has broken down and is dire need of restoration or repair of some sorts.

Is this an awakening or is this a reprogramming to turn against all those individual things on a national level that might ultimately lead one to conclude a global shared system would be better?

Are the awake, as awake as they think they are? If so how come they differ so vastly in regards to philosophy, politics, government, and religion?

Are people really awakening to reality, or are they simply being programmed for a new reality, a reality being promoted across the Internet, and across the Entertainment Industry, manipulated world and economic events and crisis in the present religious systems?

I find this an intriguing question.

What are your thoughts?

[edit on 5/9/10 by ProtoplasmicTraveler]

Thanks for the post, What about the matrix? Have you forgotten? I died went to heaven, I am Neo. I typed faster than light, and my other account is TheRealJesus. He who tested I, banned me. I smell something fishy on this forum. I do not tell a lie. Been awhile since I have approach this forum or any other for that matter. Just had back surgery, and don't even remember going under the light. Neo dies become God.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:30 PM
I think more and more pople are waking up or at least trying too but TPTB keep trying to prevent this from happing with new technology used for mind control and such, it's up to us to evolve and see through the illusion.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:42 PM
People Are waking up, and they are being reprogrammed. The plan is to beat us into submission so that a one world government can be put in place. People will beg for it out of desperation.

Here is an alternative.

Check out the plan I have linked at the bottom of this post.

If you find it agreeable, pass it, translate it if you can, help get the word out.

Thank you,

Your Brother

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 03:46 PM
People are waking up to the frauds of the new world order, there is no doubt about it. You can play word games all you want but every day people are waking up to things such as

Federal Reserve slavery system
Vaccine scams
Bogus wars we are fighting for the Rothschilds so the CIA can run the drugs in Afghanistan etc
Depleted Uranium poisoning our planet
Aspartame eating holes in your brain
Deadly fluoride in our water
the New World Order in General
plus lots more

I only see this as a positive. Alex Jones has done his job very well! Instead of wasting your time arguing about whether it's good to WAKE UP, why don't all of you go out and get 5000 friends on facebook and tell others about the new world order. Why don't you hand out business cards with websites on them to wake up others everywhere you go.

That's what it is going to take to bring down this evil NWO system so we can bring out the Tesla zero point energy our government has hidden from us for 60 years! I wonder how many of you reading this thread are waking up new people to the new world order every day? I would bet most of you are not by your answers and if you aren't doing all you can, then you ARE part of the problem and helping to let the evil continue.

"Evil Can Only Flourish When Good Men Do Nothing" Edmund Burke

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 05:00 PM
Reading about (SSSS) got me thinking that perhaps "Binaural beats" are an early crude version of re-programming for the people that have already broken away from mass media.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Just the name of this topic is one of the most intelligent things I have seen on ATS. I have wondered the exact same thing, and I believe that people are either waking up or being reprogrammed, either naturally or artificially (meaning it is either orchestrated or unorchestrated). I have been paying attention to how people act around me for a very long time and things are definitely changing in that regard on many different levels.

Coincidentally or not, I have noticed that the way people think is exponentially changing the closer we get to 2012. I have noticed changes caused by technological advances, and I have noticed changes with the way men act, and I have noticed changes with the dating scene, and I have noticed a trend of changes with any kind of structure such as religion, families, close friendships and relationships.

There are two different spiritual explanations for this as well, one involving the time period of 2012 given by the Mayans and one involving the time period of 2010-2032 by the Bible. There is also the astrological interpretation of this, which believes in a cycle of ages, each one bringing with it a prophet and new way of thinking.

We are currently in the Age of Pisces, and are entering the Age of Aquarius. If one follows the astrological interpretation, one might come to the conclusion that the people in the highest authority *believe* this and might even orchestrate it. It is possible that they might also be working for off-world spiritual or alien entities (good, bad, or both), or be working off of manuscripts.

This is also the thinking pattern I am assuming will lead to the New World Order. It could all be something created.

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Take their word for it they are waking up. If for no other reason than they are doing something different or are beginning to see more of the life they are living than they had before. Some were unaware of all the things that are going on today. Some are unaware of the suffering caused by their belief systems. It's an infinite number of ways 'one' can wake up. Maybe how they treat someone, or the kindness shown to them they never noticed, or the kindness they showed another that in the past they never would have done. Infinite.

Then there are others who are awake and have a 'calling' so to speak. Certain catalysts have gotten in their path, and each one has led to some sort of failure but has provided a great lesson if they are a good student and don't dwell on the negative aspect of the catalyst; they can use it as a tool to effect change.

Those who wake up to the lessons learned, are prepared for a battle of sorts, it could be a battle of knowledge, or understanding, or will. It's not necessarily a physical battle of guns, and war, and terrorizing. Maybe a situation where they would normally comply with something or comply with someone against their free will, they refuse to. Case and point is the Ones who choose to fight their foreclosures in court without an attorney. Many aren't educated by this existence to know what to do, but deep down inside something is driving them in the face of darkness to effect a change. Or maybe they realize they have given over a right or power to someone who was not deserving and it must be removed. There is an infinite number of reasons. An awake one, knows the Matrix is full of those who seek them and want to know what their role is in all of this change. It's as minor as opening the door for someone you would not have, or a sweet comment, or as major as exposing a perceived wrong and bringing it from darkness into light.

Then there is the Universe. It has to maintain a balance. Just like Nature maintains a balance. Imagine a cold or flu that is new and it hits a lot of people all at once but eventually subsides, and things return to normal, or what one would consider normal so as not to feel like they are living in a reality that has a power distortion.

The activities of this existence has caused many to 'feel' a change and certain words, phrases, colors, ideas, a commercial, the words of a child, some verse in a song, a sound, anything has caused them to 'remember' something deep within.

One who awake do not look without for the information. It has always been within. That's why One may have posted information about meditation and similar activity.

I read a book a long time ago, the Confessions of a Reluctant Messiah or something similar in that title, and I will paraphrase what it said in it, something to the effect that 'learning is remembering what we already know'.

We have forgotten who we are and so we have been forgotten. If all is One, then that phrase makes sense even if paraphrasing from the 'Great Book'. You have forgotten me and so I have forgotten you. (yes a paraphrase). See it doesn't matter that we are specific in anything we do, there is no right or wrong way to get there or to say it. Those locked in third density get caught up in the details, but that's third density thinking and belief systems. The solution, the words, the ideas, the way to do it, to say it, to think it, to feel it is infinite.

The One who awakes becomes more tolerant of others because they 'feel' the connection, and sense a greater purpose. TPTB will use their medium of exchange, t.v., radio, and financial market and foreclosure information to attempt to throw you off balance. When you awake, you know that the only thing that matters is 'now'. Observe 'now' and change it. It will change the future for you. If you think about the future, you create what you think but may not get the results you seek. If you take care of right now, you will be moving in the direction you desire the most.

The sources you listed are all someone else's ideas and belief systems and programming. An awake One would not even engage in a negative discussion over whether they are awake because of those sources or not.

I'm glad you posted this, and many have awakened and many more will. We have different purposes, so you won't hear the same thing or see the same activity. There's an infinite number of changes being made in the 'now' by each who had made a change right now. Ultimately the collective result of the individual changes will be observable by those who have waited to late to take part in what is happening, right now. It was by choice that many remained asleep, and it is their right to do so.

If you want to awake, notice the words you hear most often, or numbers that appear all the time, or things that feel familiar but you haven't done those things before. You have on a spiritual level provided yourself with a catalyst of some sort to wake you up. I remember a Star Trek Next Generation episode where they were caught in a time warp and kept seeing the number 3, the entire ship's crew saw the number 3. By the end of the episode, it was their way of trying to remember what they needed to do, because each time at point where they could leave the time warp, they ended back up in it, and at the end they realized they were looping over and over for weeks, and kept sending clues back to themselves to help them get out.

Awake ones are receiving the clues and then they just 'know' they are awake, even if they are learning what they are supposed to do.

I'm awake, at one point when I thought I was awake, but I was just waking up and I called it being awake, but I'm 'awake' now. How do I know. For the catalyst that keeps coming my way, I have learned how to conquer it without fear. So I'm prepared with the tools and know how to use them for the 'change' that will come.

Some will enjoy the changes that are coming, some will not because of who how they are locked into their path. It depends on where you are in the spirit on how you will experience what will to come to pass. How you are in spirit is okay, because that is a personal choice that you made, so whether you like what is to come or not, really was your decision, and by your free will you made choices that you get to experience the outcome for. I would not point fingers or determine anything good or bad. As the turtle in Kung Fu Panda said (paraphrasing), "There is no good news or bad news, just news".
Worry not. You are where you want to be.

I am whole blood. I am life. Do not suffer my feet to be moved.
Light and Love

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by p51mustang
the minute you start to become more aware/intelligent
there will always be a new clever thing to distract you..
the psy-ops rolls along..
should you remain intelligent/aware and talk that way-
they will attack/ridicule or in someway neutralize you.
or if you persist - things could go badly for you.
they know how to intimidate. it's their main tool.

They know how to intimidate yet if one-1 does not FEAR than one-1 can no longer be intimidated.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by Another one of You

Just to quote, that I had an unusual and scary encounter whilst in the millitary two years ago and I never went back. This so-called E.T/ Reptillian starred me right-out whilst I slept in my bed and as I awoke because I sensed the presence of danger in the room I turned around to have a huge 9-10 feet being stood 2 metres opposite me at around 05:30 hrs and it was hugggeeeeee!!

And I tryed not to show FEAR and returned back to sleep and then when I re-awoke I had half the squad stood around me as they were concerned but wouldn't say at first. We all got sectioned later on in the week and were told NOT to speak to the rest of the Troop about our encounter. So that was that!

Those so-called lizzies didn't want me to be a-part of their system which in all due respect I'm so glad I had that warning, in the sense, "Get off our property".

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hi DClairvoyant,

You had an extremely traumatic experience. Thank you for sharing what happened to you in the military.

Dracs (I think that's the breed you're referring to?) are most definitely huge and about 9 to 10 ft. I've only seen them while asleep. They've tried to rape me. I cannot recall a time in my life that lizard mutants haven't harassed my dream-state. They are the most vile creatures I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. For years and years I didn't even know about Reptilians. I just thought they were demons. I never discussed my dreams with anyone until about 9 years ago. But that was only because the man kept probing and prying. I think he was a CIA agent (I won't say why I think that because Mr. CIA man is/will probably reading this and the info is not for the public..

Speaking from personal experience, when we sleep, in the dream-world, we are vulnerable to programming and obviously snake-face knows it.

My mind doesn't belong to them, they can't have it. Not as long as I am able to keep it from them.

You must threaten them in some way from them to take such drastic measures. They prefer to stay in to stay in the shadows, especially since sunlight hurts their eyes. Did you do any specific to show themselves to you? Just curious.


P.S. Thank you Proto for starting this thread!
I've have read pretty much every post. But It is late now so I plan to return soon to share my thoughts on the matter.

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

I've never met a Reptilian and it is not my desire to meet one. Two meters seems to be as close as it could get to you without violating some Universal Right you have for physical contact. I've encountered shadows, as best as I can explain it, and they seem to be surprised they can't get closer than they have, by the time I'm aware of their presence. Something about my evolution drew them to me, and kept them from me.
Like you, I got that feeling something was there and awakened.
It is during sleep that they like to appear as, it seems, that's when they consider you most vulnerable. I think I vibrate in the higher frequency of Love more now than then, and I think they can't detect me or get close enough to me in this vibratory field I've created. You may have been heading in that same direction two years ago, rising in vibration, and, maybe, it wanted to instill some sort of Fear in you to change your future course. I know nothing

This density has a belief system of good and bad, and to be considered good; it has a way of enslaving you "supposedly with your permission" . No method they have at their disposal is more powerful than you when you awaken, but to awaken you have to face those things you fear the most, and your heart beats really, really fast while you are learning, so you can learn how to defeat their tools with your tools.

In the movie, The Matrix, Neo is moving about in what appears real, but is an illusion. Neo was also told that it is harder to wake up someone who is older in the Matrix. The first fight with Morpheus, Morpheus told him to 'concentrate', He said something like, I appear faster but I'm not. He was told their world is based on rules, and our advantage is we don't have to follow them.
Neo, apparently realized Morpheus was not faster and in the fight scene after sparring for hours, he anticipated Morpheus's every move and either blocked it, or avoided it. The movie doesn't show that Morpheus fought the same way each time. With practice, Neo could defeat Morpheus because Morpheus knew the moves but was stuck in rules of starting and ending the fight. Sort of like; move this way, and strike with this hand, lift this leg, kick, punch with this fist, etc. (there was an order to how Morpheus sparred with Neo,). When Neo fought him over and over, he concentrated and saw that he started off the same and move after move was the same from the previous fight in the same sequence (order) of deliver. By this time, Neo know this move and the next move. Then as he learned Kung Fu, he knew from the download, that exactly how he learned Kung Fu would be how he would be attacked by someone who knew Kung Fu. So all he had to do was know the moves and use them in a different order to his advantage from the Kung Fu program. Once you know how they will do something, you know how to avoid, or block it or defend against it.During what was called 'bullet time', Neo stopped running. He realized what Morpheus said, their world is based on rules'; and now that he was awake he realized they were so stuck in their rules of how things have to be done, that he knew even bullets don't have to be deadly if you know when they are coming. Morpheus told him if he died in the Matrix he died in real life. When you are dead, you stop moving, you stop blocking, you stop defending. Neo decided he was not going to stop, so he was not dead. Of course anything in this post is all opinion, and any thought in this world is open to interpretation, belief systems, and debate, and there is an infinite number of ways to see something.
I post them as an opinion so I don't have to comment on them any further.

I limit my comments on this site because as a collective conscious; I see ones reject whatever isn't already approved by them collectively. I'm reminded that in the 100th Monkey Theory, not all of the monkeys accepted a new understanding or adjusted to a new way of life, but the majority moved on, and some monkeys remained stuck in their old ways. I'm sure that is nature's way of maintaining it's balance.

Being awake does not give you powers over another, it gives you powers over you. . Self empowerment is a power TPT(want to)B can't hide, can't give, can't control, and can't remove. We are either at the same level of understanding, or we are not, and that's okay...from an awakened perspective.

Their world uses words of art, or words as defined in a legal dictionary. Words can harm if you don't know what they legally mean to the one you speak to legally or sign contracts with legally.

I AM Life. Allodial. Free. Freeman.

Light and Love

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 01:24 PM
Reprogrammed for sure, What a joke of a civilization we are.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by matt4GA
Reprogrammed for sure, What a joke of a civilization we are.

If we are being re-programmed.

Who programmed us in the first place?

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 03:07 PM
Remember to look "within" for your answers.

A belief system can limited your willingness to know something different and to do something different.

Try to recognize when you have a belief we must say a certain thing, or do a certain thing, or be accepted a certain way, or sign your ATS posts a certain way, or speak convincingly to try to change another's mind about your purpose. Those are all illusions. There is no one to satisfy but you.

There is only the Way to do what you do.
Don't know what awake or reprogrammed means? Don't worry about it.. Its about what you think. You move forward, for you. Worry not whether anyone else moves with you. It's all about individual change.

I have yet to experience sarcasm as a positive energy.
Can a positive source, project a negative energy? Does the source have to be negative to project sarcasm?
Sarcasm, I figure, is for the balance of nature. , Where someone posts a positive statements of encouragement, there has to be someone to post a sarcasm statement of discouragement. Which promotes growth? Both are required elements, like dark and light, or night and day, or moon and stars. Sarcasm is a required element of the whole, or we'd have no balance.

If you do everything a sarcastic one says, who is happiest?
Wake up to live, or live to wake up. Doesn't matter.
If you think you are reprogrammed, there are infinite number of reasons why you believe that.
If you think you are awake, there are infinite number of reasons why you know that.
If you don't want to awake, there are infinite number of reasons why you chose that.

The term doesn't even have to be called 'awake'.

And I am free.
I live now.
I used to follow a regiment for even how did things for acceptance, and I sign my posts.
I've accepted me for who I am. Each second into the future is a new 'now'.
It starts within with total acceptance of you.
You are the key to the change we are creating now

Today I choose to do this...right "now" I will.

Remedy, Way, in jure proprio

Light and Love.
Right now, I am exactly where I want to be.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 04:03 PM
"I was a total bum leading unworthy life, but then I JC came into my life and I was lifted - now I see how the evil governments are sacrificing to the beast and Obamah is teh anti-christ!"

"I was raised good catholic, taught in discipline - I prayed each night for god to speak but nothing happened, I hence became atheist and now I believe there is no god."

"I was atheist/christian/whatever before, but then some dude whatever fancyfully compined all teh religions and revealed the esoteric core and demonstrated with undeniable logics that all religions came from same root plus he had some fancy yoga techniques which made me to contact with my inner being - atman."

"I didn't believe in UFOs, but then few cracpots showed me some material and now I like totally believe that governments are hiding aliens somewhere in the desert..."

"I didn't knew much before, but now I have read few pop-scientific articles and I can assure you that all the spirtual things you foam about are nonesense..."

This could be carried as long as there are various beliefs left to list. Who is the spin master and what for? We are ourselves, to fill the stark emptiness within. Whatever you want, it's there. Just ask and look long enough, you'll find something akin your taste.

Open your eyes, give everything name of your own. The people who lived before you were not wiser, they were not more advanced. They started exactly from where you started as well. We all did. Quit believing, start exploring. Cast aside the symbols that others are offering for you. There are no gurus, no teachers, no nothing when it comes to mental/spiritual things. Think as if they all were charlatans and imposters. And please, don't say "I am" - I said all this to myself.

I know


posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by Annee

If we are being re-programmed.

Who programmed us in the first place?

Mosly, elites use TV to take care of people's mind by first preconditioned us to prepare our minds for upcoming events and changes and then reprogram people to indoctrinate us to the new world order system.

When chaos in USA, after Obama kenya Birth Certificate is proven, will you really be surprised !
When Israel attack Iran, will you really be surprised !
When USA backup Israel, will you really be surprised !
When the World will fall into the Worst economic collapse ever, will you really be surprised !
When WW3 start, will you really be surprised !
When under a post WW3 chaos, a One World Goverment will be proposed, will you really be surprised !

Oooooooh yes..... people are definitely being reprogrammed ! and Who Pulls the Strings? well according to ProtoplamicTraveler, All Roads Lead to ROME, the ancient Empire would be secretly still TPTB

This is a great thread ProtoplamicTraveler
S & F

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 12:35 AM
Can anyone tell me why this thread is no longer listed in the "Recent Posts" at all?

And where is Proto?

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