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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:56 AM
I wanted to make a video and let the universe, err tarot cards choose a topic at random.

I tried to keep it short and had to cut it several times to keep it on track. This kind of #$% branches off in every direction man.

Feel free to discuss away and i'll try to give my input. This self-reliance thing goes to crazy levels. Some of it I really just wouldn't want to discuss as it could get nasty. We all have our ideals we clutch on to, but sometimes your arms get tired and the little voice in your head is telling you to give it a rest.


posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 12:35 PM
I liked it. This is long I'm just going to write my stuff, I don't expect it to all be replied to if it loses your interest.

You talked about meditation and how we change. We really do change for the better over time it seems to me, I am feeling it more and more.

I had a situation like you were talking about where I met someone really different from me. I'm not in a big city like you so I don't get that a lot, but I learned a ton. We could barely communicate properly, our jargon and approach to life was so different and we were just coming from different perceptions and levels. But I learned a lot and realized I love that kind of thing, even though we aren't sure which doors might be opened up and what we may have to give up about ourselves to keep the dialogue going it's very much worth it.

Ignorance is not a crime - I agree we are all ignorant in different ways.
When you observe yourself you are less hard on others, because you understand your own weaknesses and moments of weakness and realize we all have them. Anytime I can see someone being judgemental or lazy I know that feeling, if I want to be hard on them I truly can't.

What bothers me is when someone who is older and should be wiser is that type like you said, scared to call the phone company or walk into a store to pick up their pizza LOL. And this person instead of "wising up" over all the years just has learned how to be an "angry customer" this is the same sort who you will see all but lose it over having to stand in line for a few minutes - they start sighing and mumbling to themselves and you really wonder will they survive having to stand in line (EDIT: You know, while others around the world are starving to death).

A good analogy I like for this sort of fear that you talked about that is deep in us. Jumping in the pool. The first time you jump in your body is yelling at you not to lol, but the second time it's better, the third time your body wants to jump in. But then next day, you are back to square one again.

Also about people that seem lazy. I come across as lazy to others and like I don't want to be there. Even when I had no place I'd rather be, I've still had teachers, coaches, authority figures tell me I don't seem to be with it or be into what I'm doing, when really it's all I wanted to do. EDit: It's like you said they might have hobbies or something that they are really into and work hard on.

I go home and read up on things, I sort of go in and out of effort with my dreaming - because I don't want it to become a discipline. But the times I am really working on my dream recall and journalling, I am busting my ass. I'm getting out of bed every night 2AM and 3 AM and cutting the light on so I can record some things, while my body is saying "NO! go back to sleep you fool!"

Just because all my efforts don't go towards something that makes money, or raises my social status, does not make me lazy. I work full time so I work just as hard as the average person period - just because I'm not making an ass of myself to move up in the world that makes it a "problem." See that's what bothers me because I think people somehow get it in their head that people like me are the problem, people who do not harm anyone, do no crimes and just subsist. That apparently is not good enough, materialistically you have to be in debt and living it up, spiritually you can never accept anything as "good enough" your state is supposed to be a constant state of hunger and drives.

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:42 AM
I think it's great that you put yourself out there on Youtube. The things you discuss are things you notice as an observer. I like how you stay grounded and use real-life examples to explain your point. There are obviously all kinds of ways this could be discussed spiritually but I think it's good to stick with the real-life examples because they back it up all the same and are things everyone can relate to.

I'm surprised more didn't discuss this.

Maybe people who aren't into spirituality do not like it when "truth" is spelled out to them in ways they can't debunk as "Out there." When you use real life examples they don't have an easy way out, and easy way to dismiss, and they actually hate you for it.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Novise

Nice reply.

Sorry I wasn't around, tired myself out yesterday. Yeah yeah yeah, self-reliance. I know what I have to do to "get with it".
. Its sheer willpower, or meditation to balance out, but in other cases its just a matter of priorities. I didn't feel like engaging in any more conversation yesteryday, physical fatigue also does a lot to your mental energy. I wish I said that in the video. You become a different person if you sleep 2 hours more or less every night. Getting a full rest, that included eating well enough and being fit enough, it changes you as a person. It makes you more enthusiastic about everything.. Physical energy translating to mental / emotional.

Some people may feel more inclined to take on this "self-reliance" thing after working a really physically active day of work... just pure grounding spirituallky speaking, or physically call it endorphines and such.. either way it gives you a boost of vitality and confidence before you sit down and then it crashes, kind of funny how it works like that. If I want to utilize that state, when I'm done work I keep doing stuff, I don't give myself time to rest and I stand and run around and keep my shoes on. Its kind of funny what simply wearing shoes does to me mentally, I feel like i'm more in the position to get more done.

But yes, I know what i'm capable of and I know what I'd like to see improve, and know what I have seen improved. That's the point of this post. It wasn't really about meditation and I hope that point wasnt lost on anyone who watched it. The point was

Self-observation = learning about self = evolving.

So if there is a block in the personality you'd like to see removed, it simply needs to be explored, and it can take some time, but sure enough, you can change.

Peace, thanks for posting with your experiences.

posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 04:38 PM
Excellent video. I love your insight, it is intelligent and refreshingly open.

Great topic also.

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