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The death of Facebook

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 07:36 PM
I've been a Facebook user since 2007. I've always really liked it because back then the only real alternative was MySpace which, to this date, it looks like a zombified, more bloated version of Geocities. Privacy was never an issue to me: I've always shared what I wanted to share, I knew my information was public (because I specifically configured my profile to be pubilc) so I've always had control on the information I was putting out there. However today Facebook has crossed a line for me.

Back in 2007 and up until recently you could become "fan" of things. Quickly this function was used (at least in the Hispanic community, I don't know about the rest) in a humorous way. In Facebook I'm fan of a lot of things such as "eat a hotdog, travel to the future and die at arrival", "men who carry their daughter's pink backpack", etcetera. I've created a number of pages such as this including "discussing art, history and society while being absolutely drunk", which quickly had more than 20.000 fans. Lately Facebook changed their "become a fan" option to simply a "like" button. The reason was simple: an user may not want to become a fan of Coca-Cola but will surely "like" it.

Then it became more and more difficut to create a page. Now you have two options: you can create a page for a product, a brand, an organization or a public figure (although you have to be an official agent of it), or you can create a "community" page, whose definition was never made clear by Facebook. Creating a community page it's almost impossible because Facebook prevents you to use virtually any sort of name. It's never clear which word is preventing you to create a page but regardless what you write you get an error most of the time.

The page I mentioned before was categorized as a community page. However today I got my posting privileges revoked because the page is apparently breaking the T&C of Facebook Pages. I've read the T&C and I fail to see which rule I'm breaking so I said to myself "I should write costumer service to ask them".

Then I remembered: Facebook doesn't have any sort of costumer service. I already knew that because in the past I needed help and couldn't find any sort of resource within Facebook. The only thing you can do is browse the "help" section which is per se absolutely useless and will most likely not respond to the question you're having. At most, if you're persistent, you can find a form to write your problem in and just have faith that someone will read it (not respond to it; you'll never get a response unless you're writing on behalf of a company).

My point is this: Facebook is slowly changing it's direction and it now pays more attention to companies than to users. In the near future the network purpose will be to make people connect with companies in order for them to make more money, whilest users will have their freedom more and more limited. Since I'm the one pushing contents into Facebook (because without users Facebook would be absolutely nothing except for empty space) I will not tolerate to have my freedom reduced in order to make more room to companies.

Some people believe Facebook is invincible and it will be around forever. It will not. Powerful social networks and communities have come and go since the beggining, the only difference is that Facebook has pissed their users more quickly than any other network I'm aware of. The only reason why Facebook is still powerful is because there's still no other alternatives. It is said that Google is working on a social network, and also next month it will be launch of Diaspora which is an open source, personally controlled social network. These options will, I have no doubt, mark the beggining of Facebook death.

Thanks for listening, I needed to vent

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 07:41 PM
It will die just as myspace has, which for me, is sad because to this point, it has been my greatest tool to market my music and comedy. But then again, isn't the "marketing" aspect the part that will drive the community into the ground anyway?

Its a give and take, and creating revenue in a digital market is a hard thing to pass up nowadays.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 07:44 PM
wow. A rant without any adlib curses or $#^$%&^ or even allowed words that are on the edge.. you have civility. I have never had a Facebook page, and I talk worse about them than you do... I am glad you dislike them, if thats in any way not evil.

enjoy for now.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 11:50 PM
Looks like I am going to live through the birth and death of 2 social phenomenons without participating in either.
I don't have a facebook page and I never had a personal myspace page, although I did use it to find bands for clubs a few times. I've never even used Chat Roulette
The last "craze" I remember getting involved in was when everyone in my primary school had yoyo's

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