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Exploiting Ecosystems

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 07:28 AM
There is something important i have to let off my shoulders.

What im about to say wont come as a surprise to many people, but i want as many people as possible to understand the consequences of our actions on this planet.

We, as humans, have decided to take a path of advancement that relies on exploitation.

Everywhere you look, you can see this exploitive nature. Be it the car sales, the oil refinery with all of the oil spills, the gas guzzling pollution. All of this is exploiting the environment for a brief gain in advancement in technology.

There are lots of ideas on how to "reduce" emissions, recycle, re-use etc. But all of these do not avoid the problem in the first place:

We as a society are draining the planet.

If you look at everything around you. The tree's, the plants, the animals, even the universe, all of it self recycles. It self-functions. It self-governs.

We as a society have decided that our lightspeed advancement in technology is more important than forming a balance with this planet. Our lust for all things technological and "new" have created this idea that we can throw away our natural environment, our birthplace, all for a few hundred years of comfort.

Eventually, the Karma of our lightspeed advancement is going to rebound, causing a huge cascade of problems for our society.

Imagine a scenario where the entire planet no longer has electricity.

All major cities would have riots. Many people will die from violence. Most that survive the riots will have no idea how to hunt on their own and die of starvation.

It will all cascade and crumble down. The fabric of our society is like a house of cards. We have so many disagreements and wars because we know that it only takes one big change in our ways to cause mass chaos amongst our society.

When this happens, there will be a huge rebound effect. This will be the karma of our ways bringing us back to where we "should" be. In the end we will realize that we have gained nothing. Not an ounce of "progress."

It is not because we are un-inventive. It is not because we are destined for this fate.

It is simply because we betrayed nature, and nature found out.

All we needed to do was live amongst the ecosystem. We could have easily created cities, lived comfortable lives, recycled our resources. Sure, it mightve taken twice as long to get where we are today, but in the end we would be much happier.

We are all so tired. We are sick, tired, bored, lonely. Everyone has these feelings all the time. This is not a "natural" phenomena. This is us becoming detached from our reality. Reality isnt "how fast your car is" or "how big your house is". Reality is everything around you. It is the relationships you create through struggles and feats.

I know i cant change the minds of our world. But hopefully, one person at a time, i can change the way we think about our role in this world.

The best advice i can give you, especially if you are concerned with "the end of the world" or a collapse of society, is to go outside. Go outside, step outside of your concrete jungle, and see the world for what it really is.

The car may be going by quickly, but the person inside of it is going no where.

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