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The dangers of accepting failed or outdated Ideologies

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 06:13 AM
This is the transcript from the podcast I posted on ATS Podast

Would be great to hear you comments and whether you agree or not?

Why are you here on ATS? What is progress? What have you learnt about potential ? Have you seen glitches in the Matrix? Do you recognise resistance to change? Are you one of many that believes there are too many failures in government and too much abuse of power perpetuating an infrastructure built up around consumerism, control, secret agendas, massive profiteering and often a blatant disregard for core human values?

These are some of the questions I have asked myself for a while these and many more related to the pursuit not only of the truth but also the pursuit of the drive to better myself and make sense of not just our micro-reality but also how we fit into and invite ourselves into the macro-reality.

What interests me is how one exists in a world fundamentally hell bent on concentrating on the efficiency of feeding a machine like economy rather than one which exists to facilitate evolution of the self and the species beyond mere survival!

It seems from a very early age we are taught to accept current ideologies and political systems and merge into or become assimulated if you like almost without question. Effectively doing what is open to us. Well what if such an inherated system is flagged as actually being a false ideology, which lets face it is a realisation which is being voiced more and more in our times.

Where is the outlet or emergency switch in place to effect swift and rapid change that can be introduced in order to create a more advanced race both genetically and mentally. Does such a change mechanism even exist?

The problem it seems is that we are not taught zip about what is progressive thought and how to initiate and introduce rapid change to intruduce creative advancing and progressive thoughts or systems into mainstream society. We are not encouraged to think about what the evolution of man should look like, and what might happen if common evolutionary goals were put into place reaching the mindsets of the masses. Plain and simply put it seems we are not geared to steering society in such a direction. A direction where the best minds are free to work and experiment without hinderance or financial restraint.

Unfortunatly in the absence of little or few progressive ideals and ideologies
the default switch which acts almost like an autopilot (in terms of its self perpetuation and self serving interests) is consumerism.
Ironically as its name suggests it also cunsumes both mental astuteness. drive, purpose, instinct and forward thinking. It does not encourage the extra sensory awareness that is needed in connecting many fields of both knowledge and experience.

The Result of this is that pockets and fields of thought are not put into practice. The dire consequence of this is I am sure directly related to our somewhat slow rate of human evolution. Of course we have little as a frame of reference when it comes to comparing ourselves with other higher forms of intelligence. Unless of course you believe in Aliens, which it seems have not appeared to the masses yet, and so leave us still looking in meteors for proof of other life!

A lack of desire to push for adopting a system which embraces experimental ideals based on sound principals geared towards the freedom to explore and advance the species, inherantly risks missing the very element or key to the evolution of the species. Instead it risks a continued substandard existance. Progression should and could be about exploring all the options available, and cherry picking the best ones with a view to achieving individual and group goals and improving the template of our reality. For all we know life, as many have suggested, goes on. If this is truly the case with each incarnation we would want to inherit and exist in a constantly progressive and dynamic reality, wherever that may be. Accepting anything less even temporarilly would be backward and damaging to the progression of the both the self and society.

It seems our current consumer driven society is made up of idiologies created and propped up by money men, whom spoon fed us their false agenda through constant advertising, manipulation and threat of hardship. Should you not adhere to or follow the work ethics of the company or boss you are selling your manpower to, manpower nearly always worth hundreds sometimes thousands of times more then your salary, then the consequences are that you may lose your job and have to sell your labours to an organisation with almost identical consumer driven ethics, again accepting a fraction of your real worth to a company. In short it is a simple form of prostituting yourself against your will. You are litterally being forced by circumstance and socialogical bullying. Of course most don't see this submission to what is essentially a master and slave type relationship. Those that benefit most from this relationship are those best at cracking the whip ie higher management whom are best at telling you what to do to keep the machine spitting out as many units of stuff as possible).

Half the battle in many ways is recognising when an ideology has reached its sell by date which i believe has happened in the western world. We must wake up to and re-evaluate our current socialogical mindsets.

So what are the danger of inaction? Well bluntly put one is both accepting and passing on a substandard way of existing and litterilly losing out on a more fulfilling and happier lifestyle. One which may even lead to answering age old questions asked long ago.

So if you agree with the above and have any suggestions as to how to go about introducing an improved ideology then please post your comments.

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