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"Normandy Nessie: has mysterious sea creature returned?"

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 02:31 AM
Now on the one hand, a thirty-foot anaconda swimming along in the ocean is not too too exciting...if that is in fact what it is...unless the anaconda happens to be swimming next to you...

"...One more thing to worry about...damn anacondas...(mutter)...(mutter)"

The link is to sure to click through so as to check out Mr. Sittloh's photo says "2 days ago" which would be September 2, 2010...

Normandy Nessie: has the mysterious sea creature returned?

Clearwater, Florida -- A family vacationing from Ohio says they spotted what they describe as a 30-foot long serpent like creature swimming in the water off Sand Key Park on Monday.

Was it another sighting of Normandy Nessie, the Bay area's version of the Loch Ness Sea Monster?

Russ Sittloh, who first video taped a mysterious black 20-foot long creature in the canal behind his Madeira Beach home more than a year ago, believes it could be Normandy Nessie.

Sittloh named the creature Normandy, after the road he lives on.

Experts say what Sittloh and others have seen could be anything from a manatee to an anaconda.


Sittloh now believes Normandy is an anaconda and he believes he's seen more than one swimming in the water behind his home.

"People don't want to believe that. They don't want it to be true, because of the tourist stuff," Sittloh said.

[Vernon] Yates [of Wildlife Rehab and Rescue] says he's captured several dozen anacondas in the Bay area over the years with the largest measuring about 15 feet long. But Yates says anacondas will usually stay away from salt water.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Here is an interesting video interview with Mr. Sittloh...I like his demeanor, I'd score him good...The first four minutes of the video are the young interviewer in his car on the way to Madeira Beach, you can skip all that and cut in at 4:10...

From the "liner notes" to the video: "Madeira Beach, FL - In October, a man reported seeing an unexplained creature (estimated at 20 feet long) swimming in the canal behind his house. Since then, he reported seeing the mysterious animal 3 times in this month of November. In order to shed some light on the mystery, the man purchased a surveillance system which enabled him to monitor & record video of the canal. Several times, he captured something large swimming in the water....On November 20, 2009, I set out from Orlando to Madeira Beach in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of something swimming out in the canal. "

Now in this next video - it's okay interesting, but nothing probative happens - you get proper shots of Mr. Sittloh's canal, and researchers from the University of South Florida show up with sonar and a remotely operated vehicle camera, and they mess around with that stuff - plus a TV news reporter lady drops by - but no snake or monster shows up...

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 09:31 AM
oooh we have Mr. Sittloh's surveillance video...once he got tired of seeing it and not having proof, presumably...

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Here we have another surveillance cam video from Mr. Sittloh...

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