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BBC - Why don't black Americans swim

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by dbloch7986
Ding ding dong.

You didnt read the article either.

That would be the article displaying the typically biased British view of race which would have you believe that black children can't swim because of:

a) White racists who ban them from pools; and
b) Black women who are concerned about spoiling their hair.


I've seen black kids at the pool, and they invariably seem to find it harder to stay afloat than white kids.

I don't know why, I don't have any theory or reason, but it's what I see.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:47 PM
Sinkers and floaters - people are generally one or the other as humans are just barely buoyant as a species. From what I understand, and has been mentioned, a lot of blacks are sinkers, especially when young (and still thin). An unlucky result of slight differences in body types.

I'm white but I was always kind of a sinker and thus a terrible swimmer when I was younger and skinnier. My bones are very dense and I've always been a good 20 lbs heavier that most males my size should be. I'm older and fatter now, so my body density is less and simple floating is not as much of a problem for me anymore. When I was young it took every ounce of effort I had to tread water and keep my head above the surface, an I was a good athlete back then too. Now, I'm not very athletic anymore but treading water is much easier.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by Aquarius1

Unfortunately you are right. Some people obviously do not understand how to deny ignorance. Its like someone eavesdropping on a conversation and only hearing half of it. Then they assume they know everything. Its quite irritating.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:50 PM
because no one can afford pools or a ymca membership in the ghetto

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:00 PM
Remember people, google is your friend. Blacks have a different center of gravity than whites making it a little bit harder for them to swim. There is even a thread about it here on ATS. Also, Blacks hip structure and femur bones are a little different than whites. P.S. stating facts is not racism so take that into consideration before you start to burn me for listing differences of races because race IS NOT a social construct.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by Aggie Man

Actually I did add my opinion. I fully agree with the articles assertion that it is an unwillingness to learn passed down by parents who were children in the segregation days. Instead of letting those days go by the wayside they decided to pass their own inability to learn onto their children through an unwillingness to teach. Also by labeling swimming a "white sport".

Did you want to comment on the article or promote unscientific bone density myths and then contradict yourself later?

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by kimish

Actually the article makes an interesting point about the social construct that causes black children in America to encounter an inability to get their parents to teach them to swim.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:17 PM
This is from somewhere backing up the bone density "myth". Remember people, google is your friend!

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Retseh

Actually that is only two of the myriad of points brought up in the article. I actually thought it was interesting because I have been privy to the stereotype that blacls camt swim. It looks like its possible that black people have heard that so much that they honestly believe it. It also makes a good point about how segregation played a role in all this as well. I thought it was a well written piece.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by dbloch7986

But due to our PC society they only want you to believe that race is only a social construct. There is some truth there no doubt but there are more physical differences amongst different races hence it throws the social construct theory in the trash. For example, if one race has higher sex hormone levels or different bone densities than other races that means the difference is not only a social construct but differences are also physical and emotional as well, because we all know that hormones play a role in a persons mentality. But back on to the subject at hand...

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:24 PM
ok Ill Bite on this

Ask a Marine what the ratio is of Race that Failed Swimming Qualifications CWST at Boot Camp Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot in
South Carolina some that Fail are just not City Boys Either ..

I Seen alot that were Sent home ... this was in 1990

I have seen this ... I Been there

Here a Video Rap of
Black Men Cant Swim

!!! WARNING Considered Racial to Some !!
Black Men Cant Swim

ABC News

African-American Kids Don't Have to Drown
Researchers Offer Ways to Cut Disproportionate Drownings Among Black Youth

One demographic in particular, African-Americans, is threatened by the statistic. Black children drown at a rate more than three times that of white children. While 40 percent of white children were found to have low or no swimming ability, the same was true for nearly 70 percent of African-American children, a USA Swimming survey finds. Latino children also lag in their swimming level, with 58 percent at low or no swimming ability.


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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:28 PM
Bone density my foot. It doesn't have anything to do with that.

In the Caribbean there are two cultures of black people when it comes to swimming.

Group 1: are swimmers due to the sea being involved in lots of their activities, because of them living on a small island. It's in their culture. And it only makes sense to learn to swim. People in this group know what fun it is to swim, or how necessary it is in their lives. I (and my family) belong to this group. I love snorkeling and swimming in very rough water while doing so. I also love diving to the bottom where it's 12-15 ft deep, or following fishes to try to touch them (which they're usually to quick for) or observe them further. My mom, a black woman used to be a swimming instructor in her younger days, and use to throw me (as a 3-4 yr old) in the ocean at times telling me to swim
. Because of my parents, me and my cousins where fortunate enough to spend lots of time in the sea, and in hotel swimming pools (we had time share) during our childhood.

Group 2: The ones (the women mostly) for whom appearance is more important than swimming. Their hair is most important, must stay beautiful and cannot get wet. So if they go in the water, they stay in the shallow part.

Group 3: The people who live a fear based life, who do not take risks, are not open to new things and stick to what they know. Same reason why you'll never find some black people skying in the mountains, or doing X-sports (skateboarding, skydiving etc...) It's just not in their culture, even though they live on a small island in the Caribbean.

The two cents from a black guy living in Aruba.

One of the comments in the BBC link:

This phenomenon is not only African American. Believe it or not, we have the same problem in the Caribbean. Although we are surrounded by sea, many children of African descent in the Caribbean just cannot swim. There is some initiative lately, especially in Antigua and Barbuda, but it is not ingrained in black culture.

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by TheBandit795

Very good points my friend! I don't believe that bone density is the reason its harder for blacks to swim either, I posted the article in response to a poster that stated there was no difference in bone densities. I believe it may have to do with center of gravity though, I mean as far as some having a harder time learning to swim than others, after all there was scientific research done on this. The hair thing just makes me laugh, I know plenty of white girls that wouldn't participate in pool class in high school because it would mess up their hair.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:40 PM
Oh yeah, as a kid I was really good at swimming under water for 30-50m without coming up for air (swimming pool or the sea). More evidence for me that that bone density myth is, just what it is... A myth... Complete nonsense...

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by dbloch7986

I agree it's a very interesting article, and I also know that TPTB are trying (at least here in America) to separate and divide and conquer.

I'm not going to believe in all that because I know a lot of blacks
and I also know people have some basic similarities. Take the number of races that were listed on the census!! How many were there 8,9,10?

Well on mine I put 'Human" in every question about it.

There really is not a lot to learn, it is very easy, and most would try if they had the opportunity.

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by Starbug3MY

I like that! Human. So very true. There are more differences than the PC people will admit but when it comes down to the nitty gritty we are all Gods children, Humans. Embrace the differences I say, it's what makes all of us special. It's people that are ignorant of the differences that cause the majority of the race related problems. We are not all equal and to me that is a beautiful thing, if everyone was the same through and through life in general would be boring. It would be like all the dogs (just an example) in the world being the same color, height and weight.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:03 PM

After the race riots of the 1960s, many cities did start building pools in predominantly black areas, says Prof Wiltse, but there was still a problem. Many of the new pools were small - often only 20 by 40ft (six by 12m) and 3.5ft (1m) deep.

"They didn't really accommodate swimming. They attracted young kids who would stand in them and splash about. There really wasn't an effort to teach African-American children to swim in these pools."

Create an endemic swimming inability crisis in a major social group, so they are more prone to drowning. That's textbook eugenics.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by IgnoranceIsntBlisss

It's not eugenics. That's a BS statement in regards to the subject at hand and Your talking about after the race riots in the 60's, which was over 40 years ago buddy. The times have changed even in the past 20 years, soo... anyways, A Lot of blacks where I'm from won't swim or even attend the pools that were established for their communities because of the violence, drugs and thug like mentalities that frequent those pools. They did offer swimming lessons at these pools but for the reasons I listed above no body ever went to these pools to swim or the parents wouldn't let their children attend these pools. And enforcement was taboo because the enforcers would either get jumped or harassed off the premises. Now the majority of the blacks that normally would frequent these pools will walk or take a bus to the YMCA to swim.

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by Retseh

Typical anti-British response from Retseh which has nothing to do with the article.

British are racists, are we? I suppose you'd know, Retseh, as you are one of us, despite your best efforts to slam us at every opportunity. If your comparing societies and their response to race, you can hardly fault the UK for it's efforts on race relations but you can pick huge holes in your adopted societies treatment of non-white people.

If you read the article, it covers a wide variety of reasons why this may be the case.

As also stated from a black chappy in this thread, the sarcastic comment you made about Black Women not wanting to mess their hair up does actually hold some weight. In fact, take any woman near a swimming pool and they'll fuss over their hair. Mine does and she's white!

On the flip side, the article could as easily be titled "Why don't white americans play basketball?" or "Why don't Chinese Americans play hockey".. (and before you jump down my throat this is a general observation of the professional level of the sport in question)

Each different culture group will have certain leanings towards doing certain sports, based partly on history, partly on what facilities are available and partly on that sports popularity within their culture group.

I can also assure you, as a Brit, we have no misconceptions about black people being unable to swim. My daughters swimming class has a couple of black lads in and they are strong swimmers. Me, a 6ft White man who has played Rugby and Football, can only just about swim enough to get by. I hate it and regard it as a bit of a non-sport, but that comes from my cultural background and upbringing where I prefer contact team sports over individual events.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 07:37 PM
Here is a news article about the "center of gravity" theory.

Scientists have tackled one of the taboos of modern sport and believe they have explained why black athletes sweep the medals in sprinting events, while white swimmers dominate in the pool.

I don't really believe "black people can't swim", if they don't swim much, I'm sure it's more social than genetic, but it does appear there are differences in the races that will show up in high level competition where everything else is equal.

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