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my experience is too strange to tell others

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posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 08:37 PM
unusedphoenix: thanks for the info on the memory cleaner -- if we start from the assumption that it works based off of technology we're already familiar with (in other words, not stuff that uses laws of physics we've never heard of) it sounds like it must work off of some kind of electromagnetic principle, mabye combined with some ultrasonics also. i'm just speculating wildly here but i'm guessing that it operates by putting out some kind of high frequency emf radiation that puts you into a temporary coma by disrupting normal neural activity in some very particular fashion -- the details of this i have no clue on so far, as this is just a general hypothesis -- and probably something about your brain is different enough that the technology doesn't work so well on you.

speculating further: mutually interacting oscillators in nearby frequencies tend to synchronize each other -- the actual reasons behind this are kinda cool but don't matter here -- so, for example, in earlier times you could put two grandfather clocks (the kind with the big pendulums on them) next to each other, and if you waited for a while both pendulums would be totally in sync with each other. it wouldn't be that hard to imagine some way of sending massive emp pulses at the frequency associated with one of the typcial brainwave patterns -- i forget which one is the one where you're sleeping -- and thus using the synchronization effect to effectively put you to sleep; it might be a much more advanced version of something like what's described in this article:

Anyways, with that as a going hypothesis for a second, the idea is that if they use this device to "set" your brain to something it might last for a long time in everyone else, but your brain might be less stable due to your narcolepsy and thus "pop out of it" quickly when you're not directly next to the memory wiper -- the idea being that whatever it is that makes you have your narcoleptic sleep attacks might not be controllable by this machine, so it "bumps" your brain, which then goes back into a more normal state than whatever they're putting you into with the memory probe.

this is all just a hypothesis but it already suggests some lines of attack -- i wonder if there've been any examples of epileptics getting abducted, for example, because the memory wiper probably wouldn't work at all for them, either. i need to think more about it, though, and in any case it's not the kinda thing i can just go experiment with.

as for videotaping -- trust me, everyone on this board knows that it's almost impossible to film the greys doing their abducting, and that they seem to be pretty paranoid creatures and do a very good job of making sure there's very little physical evidence left behind when they do their abductions.

but, you are in a very unique situation: your wife appears to wake up some of the time while you're being taken. everything you read seems to indicate that their standard way of abducting people is to send some kind of paralyzing signal out and also somehow manage to make sure that all the cameras and whatever else don't work.

what no one seems to know, though, is how carefully they check out your place when they're bringing you back. if they're using something similar to the thing that makes people all zombielike and memory-wiped on the other occupants of your house, they might assume that as long as they get everything set up right when they take you, nothing's gonna change while they're gone because they've knocked everyone out.

since your wife is also narcoleptic and thus seems to have a similar partial immunity to their paralysis stuff, she's in the unique position of sometimes waking up while you're gone -- you really don't read much like that happening in most abductions. since the greys are apparently not very aware that their memory-wiping technology doesn't work as well on you as it does on most people -- it works only when it's right next to you it seems -- they might not expect your wife to be able to sometimes wake up while you're gone.

so, she has the possibility to set stuff up while you're gone, which is something they may not expect, and if she's clever about it you might be able to get some physical evidence that way. you obviously can't just put a webcam over your bed and go to sleep -- if that worked there'd be a lot of good videos by now -- but your wife might be able to hide something (maybe an old hi8 or other analog movie camera) while you're being taken, and if you're lucky the greys won't be smart enough to think to doublecheck everything again, cause your wife's supposed to not have woken up that whole time so far as they know.

again, it might work, and it might not, but something like this seems worth trying just because you have a very unique situation -- not everyone has a wife who can get up and set things up while you're gone.

just a side question -- are your electronics all blanked (like clocks reset to 12:00) after an abduction? if they aren't, it means one of two things: either they're more selective about how they handle electronic equipment, or they take a lot of care to make sure that everything is as you left it when they bring you back. you might be able to do an experiment and see which way it works: if you've got more than one digital clock -- like the ones a lot of people use for alarmclocks, with the big red leds -- why not set them all to be a little off of each other (like one +5 minutes, another -3 minutes, etc.), make a record of which ones are off by what, and then be super strict about keeping them exactly that much off -- ie, at the end of every week, check that they are all just as far off as they are supposed to be.

if you get abducted and the greys just knock out all the electronics in your house then set the clocks when you get back, they might be sloppy and not figure out your system, if you see what i'm saying, and set them all to the right time or without the right differences between them. i don't know if this would work, but it's subtle enough that you might be able to catch them in a mistake and thus get a small amount of evidence.

even better, if you have or can borrow an analog watch (ie, gears and stuff) that doesn't make a ticking noise, why not set it to something off from all of your clocks, document it, keep it wound so it's accurate, and hide it somewhere really nonobvious -- if after an abduction it's no longer off from your digital clocks by the same amount, you'll have some kind of evidence that your electronics get messed wth.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 08:52 PM
I'm narcoleptic too and dont believe this guy for a simple reason. When I go to a deep REM state the dreams are so vivid and real that it's like another life. Once you realize you're in a dream state you can do whacky things (lucid kind). At first I started to dream about being captain of Voyager and stuff like that, later I realized that things like abductions can find their way into the dreams and it does feel real and scary. I have found a simple way to eliminate these dreams, and that's figuring out the source of them. Most often abduction experienses and such originate from www stories I've read and they still freak me out even after I've realised the source. Point is that if you wake up and you're still in your own bed room and life is back to normal, it was just a vivid dream.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 09:01 PM
So if dreams are just dreams, then what is a dream?

Some of us would believe that the dream is the distraction. Past the dream is the lucid dream, past the lucid dream is the oobe, and past the oobe is consiousness.

What better way to keep you distracted than to let you watch a movie, and if that doesn't work, they let you play a role and even be the director. But when you wake up from all that, where are you. This is an astonishing thing. What is reality? If you find yourself in a place that has every aspect of this reality then how can it not be reality. This is deeper than a dream, you can prove a dream while your in it. This is different.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 09:21 PM
I'm going to go with PsykoOps on this one. Just check out the definition of Narcolepsy:

narcolepsy ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nrk-lps)
n. pl. narcolepsies
A disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by PsykoOps
I'm narcoleptic too and dont believe this guy for a simple reason. When I go to a deep REM state the dreams are so vivid and real that it's like another life. Once you realize you're in a dream state you can do whacky things (lucid kind). At first I started to dream about being captain of Voyager and stuff like that, later I realized that things like abductions can find their way into the dreams and it does feel real and scary. I have found a simple way to eliminate these dreams, and that's figuring out the source of them. Most often abduction experienses and such originate from www stories I've read and they still freak me out even after I've realised the source. Point is that if you wake up and you're still in your own bed room and life is back to normal, it was just a vivid dream.

thanks for bringing that up, thats why I need evidence..why do I have marks on my body? maybe I scratched myself, or picked at something. What about when my wife wakes up and I am gone? Maybe she is dreaming too. Why is it the same dream over and over with a little variety? Only at night? Why do I have migranes after the expereince? Its not like my wife wakes up everytime, it has been a few times, but not everytime, mutiple videos and analog clocks are a good Idea, Ill try. If I could find another with the exact same expereince it would confirm more, I can think of alot of details that nobody would know unless they expereinced the same...
I am aware of the connection between narco and UFO claims, I should search out more info. ANd it seems so real like I am wide awake.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 09:38 PM
Before a doctor diagnoses nacolepsy, there last and most scientific test is......... To ask you if you think you have it.

Yes, the reason for hallucinations as a symptom is because most all people that have this different wiring in their sleep program experience strang things that can only be exlpained by science as a hallucination.
Near death experiences are claimed to be hallucinations, but who are you going to believe the guy who actually died or the doctor that has never experienced dieing. Oh yes, the blind will lead the blind.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by PsykoOps
I'm narcoleptic too and dont believe this guy for a simple reason. When I go to a deep REM state the dreams are so vivid and real that it's like another life. Once you realize you're in a dream state you can do whacky things (lucid kind). At first I started to dream about being captain of Voyager and stuff like that, later I realized that things like abductions can find their way into the dreams and it does feel real and scary. I have found a simple way to eliminate these dreams, and that's figuring out the source of them. Most often abduction experienses and such originate from www stories I've read and they still freak me out even after I've realised the source. Point is that if you wake up and you're still in your own bed room and life is back to normal, it was just a vivid dream.

Yeah I know what you're talking about with the vivid deams -- i'm not narcoleptic but i've had enough sleep problems to probably be able to relate, and definitely have seen the dreams get way more intense and lucid when i've had trouble having any for awhile, the "heavy rain after a drought" effect if you will. what's interesting about this guy's stories though is that his wife's been waking up without him being there.

it could just be the case that she's waking up while he's gone to the bathroom or whatever, or she could be just dreaming those dreams also, so we'd need a lot more evidence before we could establish that she's waking up while he's being abducted -- it'd probably be a good idea if she started writing down anytime she woke up and found him not there, for example -- but if we could get that evidence and thus confirm that she's waking up while he's gone we'd be really going somewhere interesting.

basically we have the opportunity to actually test if his experiences are just the usual hypnagogic hallucinations that sometimes come with narcolepsy (see if you're not familiar) because apparently his wife sometimes wakes up and he's not there. if she starts taking notes and it turns out he's just a sleepwalker or going to the bathroom or whatever, then odds are that you're right and it's just unusually intense dreams, but if his wife's able to document his being gone unexplainedly then there might just be more to this than just dreams.

moreover, if there is something more to this his wife might be able to use the fact that she sometimes wakes up gives him a very unique opportunity to get some sort of evidence, which makes this a very interesting case indeed.

granted, it's quite a long shot -- you could be right and it's just intense dreams, and even if its more than that we'd need his wife to document a lot of stuff and have to hope that the strategies to get some evidence worked -- but because the basic question of whether its just dreams/dreams with some kind of sleepwalking or something more should be pretty easy to settle, it's already a lot less of a long shot than most ufo/abduction related cases, and the fact that his wife might be in a position to get some evidence makes it even more worth trying, if it comes to that point.

you do raise a great point, though: unused phoenix, if you haven't already you should start getting your wife to document the date, time, and everywhere she looked for you every time she wakes up at night and can't find you. it's not physical evidence, but it will definitely make your case stronger, and it might also help find some patterns in what goes on, like times of month / regularity, and so on.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:12 PM
My experiances are different from yours, mine were pleasant. Although out of the numerous times it would appear I've been taken.. I only remember two. Seeing as I can't say for sure they have all been pleasant... and the ones that weren't I was not allowed to remember.. I don't discount anyone elses experiance.

I think you should share if you can bring yourself to talk about it...

AS far as setting up cameras... try a webcam with a LONG running wire to a computer in a far away room. If they give off magnetics your computer should be far enough away to stay safe... if it's EMP then things like the clock might stop working.. and the cam .. but at least you'd know what method they employed.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:28 PM
sorry, im not knocking you but this doesnt check out. if you woke up and suddenly the person you were sleeping with was sudeenly gone and nowhere to be found... would you really go back to sleep like nothing happened? unless your wife really doesnt care about you that much...

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:36 PM
just want to welcome you, and cogratulate you for sharing with us your experiences friend.

stay well

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 11:39 PM
I don't wanna spread any mistrust, but if I were one of you, I'd think twice before posting any personal information concerning an abduction experience!

What if there is truly a conspiracy by the elite which involves abducting random subjects among the masses and implanting devices in their heads to influence and/or study their behavior... don't know think there are some people among the administrators, or higher members of the forums, that are AGENTS for this conspiracy??? (to admins: no offense to you, guys... it`s just that you have to understand our situation as users that were forced, for becoming members, to provide some sensitive personal info to you...

Have you forgot that you need a valid personal STMP mail account to suscribe to the ATS forums??? Since I'm new here, this is fresh to my memory...

I'm not complaining here, but ATS is among the most Big Brother-ish forums of the entire internet, and since the admins MIGHT still detain some basic identity info on all members (at least the ones that are here since the time ATS begun to ask for an SMTP account to register... I don't know if it ever was like that or not), each personal opinions or infos could be used by Big Brother against you.

The hacker`s Rule number 1 is: Be Paranoid!

(i.e. don't trust anyone as far as personal info is asked).

This is one of the rules that allowed many hackers to stay alive and FREE through the years... Watch your butt!

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 11:54 PM
unused phoenix:

good luck with everything -- having your wife on your side is a huge advantage. with the "lots of cameras" approach make sure that includes having your wife set up some hidden cameras whenever she wakes up and you're not there: the idea is to outsmart the abductors by changing the scenario in ways they wouldn't expect while they're away.

another thought: if either you or your wife have access to a voicemail system (on a cellphone system, at your work, or wherever) get your wife to leave a voicemail on it whenever she waks up and you're gone; since the voicemails are stored down at the phone company or at the office or wherever, and not in your house, it's gonna be a hell of a lot more work for whoever's taking you to erase those records. especially if you have a sympathetic friend or something, a voice message or answering machine message in another house would probably be a real hassle for any of your captors to get erased, and if they're rushed or sloppy in taking care of that they might leave some physical evidence at the phone company / your work / your friend's place / wherever.


here's a thought: it's a lot of work, and a long shot at best, but say you tried this:

film yourself naked every night, or mostly naked, and make sure you get most or all of your skin on film in decent detail. the point here is to document at night that you DON'T have a nasty scar or bruise or whatever. after you've made that tape for the day, put it somewhere, and put another tape in the camera and just film yourself going to sleep.

if people or aliens or whatever are coming for you they'll probably make sure that they don't appear on the camera, but that's not the point; it sounds like you're sometimes able to get up when you're being abducted, even though it usually means you get ganged up on pretty quick. instead of trying to escape or take a few guys out or whatever, why not try to "make a big mark" when you get a chance, like try to make a big bruise or a scar or whatever.

like, if you can grab any of their tools and make a cut, or bang something soft and bruisable -- the skin over the bicep bruises pretty easy, for example, if the muscle's tensed -- and try to make some kinda scar or mark that you won't have any trouble finding again.

i'm guessing -- and this is just a guess, i could be wrong -- but i'm guessing this is something they won't be expecting. like, whoever's taking you is probably used to having someone start fighting them or trying to run away every so often, but someone trying to bruise themself or whatever? not as common, i'm guessing, and they may not react fast enough to stop you.

say you pull it off and get a big bruise over your bicep or a pretty big cut somewhere. their technology may be superior and whatnot but it doesn't seem like they're that good at totally patching people up after they do their experiments -- unusedphoenix has the spots, a lot of abductees who don't remember their experience find they've got weird scars or whatever -- so they probably won't be able to fix this up well enough that it'll be totally unnoticeable the next day.

also, it puts them in a bad position about the tape you've been making of yourself in bed. think about this: if they just knocked the camera out entirely when they took you, and then figured out what you were trying to do after you bruise yourself or whatever, they'd either have to leave the camera knocked out or try to fake an incident with you somehow doing the injury in your sleep -- sleepwalking or whatever.

good luck to them trying to make a fake scene with you in it; since your semi-narcolepsy makes you relatively immune to mind control, it seems they couldn't just get you to act it out very easily, and they can't really show up on film and do it themselves either, if you catch my drift.

likewise, if just temporarily knocked out the camera and were planning to put in some kind of fake footage of you sleeping, then they would now have to change that fake footage to show that you did the damage yourself. it might be easy for them to fake that, but it really might not be too -- it all depends on how they do it.

in any case you'd be putting the heat on them this way, if you see what i'm saying, because while they may be used to "fixing" cameras people have left to film this stuff with i doubt they're too used to faking scenes where you get up and bang your arms on the walls or pick up a knife and make a little cut or whatever, so if nothing else you make their life more difficult. and, odds are if you hide your "prebed checkup" tape well they probably won't find it, and then in the morning you can film your "afterbed checkup" and show that you've got some kinda scar or bruise.

if the tape of your sleeping just shows you sleeping then you've got evidence other people will find credible, and if not you've still got some physical evidence that you're being taken somewhere -- especially if you, say, manage to make a cut on yourself somewhere while you're taken, but make a habit of before bed putting all your knives / sharp objects in a locked safe or something you'd have a hard time getting them out of while sleepwalking.

again, this plan isn't perfect and it really has some bad aspects -- i wouldn't ordinarily reccomend that ANYONE deliberately hurt himself or herself -- but again in your case it might be something that would provide some additional evidence; if you tried to steal something they'd find it and remove it, but they can't really remove a cut / scar / bruise whatever, or at least they don't seem to be able to do it perfectly.

the idea here is to try to outsmart these guys -- they may be pretty good at this, but they may not have thought of everything just yet. good luck to both of you.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:15 AM
I don't mean to offend man, but I don't buy it. I'm not gettin the idea that you just disappear and ur wife wakes up, finds you missing, and she goes back to sleep. Someone else mentioned this too, so I figured I'd hammer the point home. Has she ever called the cops? I know that if I woke up, and a member of my family was missing, I'd call someone, grab my gun, and go on a lil hunting trip.

I just find it funny that people are so quick to jump to such wild conclusions about stuff like this. As yet another member mentioned, it could just as easily have been some effect of your narcolepsy. I'd bank on that before I'd go crazy with the alien abduction scenarios. I've had several vivid dreams in my time, and they started when I was very young, around 6 or so. They were not all bad, but there were a few that were.

Now, I'm not narcoleptic, but I was using the dreams I've had as an example of how truly REAL these dreams seem while you're having them.

Although, I do like the Matrix idea.... hehe...

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:20 AM
I've had strange marks on me too but I've always figured out where I got them from. Most often I've been in such a relaxed state of sleep that my body was paralyzed and when that happens marks can come from something as simple as sheets. Other one is of course moving around, ie. hitting my fist at the side of the bed (while dreaming that I'm a kung fu master
). Cataplexy can afaik occur during sleep and those who have gone trough one of those know what a truly 100% relaxed body feels like and how easily it gets marks.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 01:46 AM
I am sceptical about the BRUISE YOURELF scenario.....for the simple reasom that you COULD bruise yourself anywhere getting up in the night and going into the bathroom and banging your arm on a door...
I dont see HOW purposly getting a bruise will PROVE a darn thing.
HOW could this plan PROVE your being abducted by aliens I dunno...

I am wondering about getting some kind of secret video stuff in your a camera that looks like a smoke detector? This would work IF they shut things off by seeing them ...but wouldnt work in the case of them just shutting off all electrical things though.

I was liking the 'set the clocks a bit off' least in THAT way you could at least get proof for yourself......
The other good idea was hooking up a camera off your computor using a VERY VERY long cord......cuz MAYBE they only mess with the cameras directly in YOUR imediate vicinity...and they wouldnt bother shutting off a computor downstairs and a few rooms away......?
......a little webcam behind a wall peep hole maybe? since the main power sorce would be the computor maybe they would by pass noticing this?

If you HATE this experiance so much you want it to the origonal YELLOW lysol and spray your windows your bed your sheets your WHOLE flippen house and car interior. I have been lead to believe that yellow lysol is like nerve gas to the greys, and they wont come near you if your using this product. Its not EASY to find nowdays though.....I am only finding it at K mart and its not ALWAYS available so i buy it in bulk.
I DO this lysol thing...and I have zero abduction issues in my familys life

I was told about the lysol thing, by a woman who said she and her family were ALL being abducted untill she started using lysol and the abductions just plain STOPPED. I believed her... and I buy yellow lysol as a shield against the grey abducting anybody in my house.

Welcome to the ATS boards!

[edit on 22-6-2004 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 06:10 AM
whatever methods that YOU use and devise or even know about to document your claims will be useless, since your there for data gathering...

the only thing i can recommend is to setup up so many different cameras and tracking devices and ideas like that digital clock thing that they might miss one, or at least make it to much of a hassle and leave u alone.

but make sure u get someone else to do it , and try to forget about it. hope u trust that whoever.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:04 AM
Get a dog and attach a camera to it. When the dog senses the greys itll run in and get the greys on video. Assuming they dont EMP the whole house. Use a film camera to.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 09:45 AM

Hi, nice to meet you. I have been going through some strange things myself lately, and noticed something you said that correlates to something I've noticed also. Their "language", when they "speak" I mean. Would you describe it as strange blurps and gurgles? Almost like screeches?

I'm really hoping to hear back from you, as I'm trying to find others with similar situations. I spent over 20 years of my life looking for patterns and systems for the U.S. government, so that's the way I'm approaching this.

At this moment, I'm still not convinced that my situation has to do with alien involvement, but I'm open to the possibility. Would you please look at my comments in this thread:

I believe my comments start on page 3, and I've wrote many detailed posts on my situation. I also have another thread, but I cannot locate it on here, unsure why that is, but if you can find it also, it has some more info.

I'd also like your opinion on the device you describe with the "blue light" I believe you refer to it as a "memory cleaner"? I find that term interesting, as a great guy on here Paul Richard, has spoken of the possibility of "false memory screen implantation", you can read up on that in the above stated thread as well.

If you feel uncomfortable responding here publicly, please use the private message U2U), as I think it's important that people in somewhat similar instances work together to look for motive and patterns.



posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by Springer
If ANYBODY trashes on you because of your sharing your experiences here

Pheonix, I second that. Don't worry about sharing your experiences here as this community is all about studying this sort of information and you will not be critisized. anybody flaming a guy who is sharing their experiences like you are would be flamed themselves. We are here to find out the truth

Now, I have a question. Have you been tested for any unsual amounts of radiation or anything along those lines. I would have thought that a large amount of advanced medical procedures and the memory wiping device you spoke of would leave some kind of effect upon the body. If you are sure about your abductions then surely there must be a way to find physical evidence inside yourself.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 10:28 AM
I neither believe nor disbelieve this story, but I would like to hear more. Please keep us updated. I do believe it's a possibility, and it is very interesting to me.

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