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22 Minutes of Fairbanks Video Surfaces...with no Audio!

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 02:18 AM
So, here we have a freelance videographer, i.e., a pro in the field, who takes all this footage- and particularly- does street INTERVIEWS, with NO AUDIO? :shk:

Evan Fairbanks, the renown cameraman for shooting some of the closest 2nd plane (Flight 175) attack footage at the WTC, claimed that it was "operator error" why he did not get audio down to all this footage. Another story has it that the FBI gave him a copy of the tape back with no audio on it. And he just won't say another word about it due to a gag order from the network.

Have a look at all this, and you tell me how he records all this (22 minutes?!) with no audio. Amateurs make mistakes like this sometimes, but not pros. You monitor audio, always, via meter and/or headset, unless you have an audio tech. In which case he or she monitors audio. Audio is just too important, and can render some video shoots useless without it.

And street interviews are an exact example of where that applies. What, are they going to overdub a voice on a video interview of some guy on the street after a second plane crashes into the WTC? Yeah right. NO WAY! Capturing audio for street interviews like this is key.

Part 1: Impact at about 6:47 or so, but look at the interviews- with no audio?

Part 2:

Something is just not right about this, and it wasn't no bad audio cable. :shk: You don't shoot all that kind of footage with no audio! But there is still controversy over which story applies.

If it was the FBI, the FBI knew exactly what it was doing when it killed the audio on that tape. Just like in another thread here that now there is serious suspicion that NIST edited the heck out of video tapes to conceal things. And some of those alleged edits involved the audio as well.

It was the same FBI that delivered to the NTSB black boxes with no serial numbers- an act that goes beyond suspicion considering past investigations.

Fairbanks was pretty close when he recorded that footage, and it just makes me wonder what it is we aren't supposed to hear. Well maybe it's that missile sound I hear in one of the other videos right before 175 impacts. "fffffffft" Yeah like that, then slam into the building. I bet Fairbanks captured that and the FBI decided not to take any chances.

In any case, a few here may have seen this so far, but there are only a few hundred hits on these videos at the time of this post so it will be new for others. Civil comments welcome.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 03:42 PM
Hmm, now that's curious. I would have thought some people would have some comments on these videos, which had not been seen in their entirety before.

And I left this wide open on purpose too, to see if anyone would catch how the showing of this video clearly, and 100% debunks attempts made by no planers to say that the reflection in the brown car windshield was a monitor- and part of some elaborate hoaxing setup to holograph a plane... :shk:

Where are the no planers now? Huh? Care to come out and admit that was insane speculation?
I mean yeah, I am in search of the truth too, but Jesus.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 02:48 PM
Probably no audio because youtube censored it as 'copyright infringement'. But the real question would be who turned it in?????

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