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Biblical creationists teach Super-Evolution?

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 12:04 PM
I can deal with creationism or evolution.
But it's just so hypocritical to say that God created everything, then came His flood to wipe it all out. And then, voila, the animals on the Ark develop into several variations through some natural selection (on speed).

It's just as confusing as asking whether the dinosaurs are extinct.
Some Arks have dinosaurs and others not.
TBN's Dr. Carl Baugh argues that dinosaurs are still "all around us".
And he's not talking about birds and crocs, but real dinosaurs hiding in the sea and jungle.
But, what is the evidence of that?

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

Well the way i see what you are looking is this way...
The bible tells us that God has the power to create everything... (Genesis Chapter 1)
Noah's Flood tells us that God has the authority to judge his creation.
Revelations (last book in the bible) tells us that there is a coming judgement...
so based off of just those two accounts bible readers would conclude that God owns the world and we are to do what he says or be judged.

Carl Baugh's argument (one of his arguments) is based on interviews with native africans and researchers in or near the jungles of Africa with claims of an existing-living dinosaur. look up the name Mokele Mbembe on google and get references, articles and all that jazz.
It does not surprise me at all that there is a living dinosaur (maybe a few more) living in Africa.
I still think that Lake Lochness is a legit claim...

im sure there are other dinosaur like creatures that we wouldnt think are dinosaurs but actually are.

Some arks have dinosaurs... some dont... well the fact of the matter is... the artists drawing those pictures werent there to see which animals were on the boat. but Noah did bring every animal two by two. male and female. animals that could not survive a world wide flood. if you are questioning Gods Word on this topic you should probably read a little more and find they answers because they do exist in the book. Some do not give exact numbers or places etc but they do provide limiting factors which can be used to determine an approximate answer and note is as an approximate answer.
the bible has lots of symbolism and parables, and also some very straight forward/literal text.

an overall comment to the name of this thread...
I dont think you can fit Evolution into the Biblical account of creation. any sort of evolution: Cosmic, Stellar, Chemical, Organic/Abiogenesis, Macro...
We observe variations all the time. in animals, the child ends up looking exactly like the parent (most cases). in humans the child shares traits. but in order to fit evolution into the bible, you have top use millions of years which creates the contradiction "death before Adams sin"
research that out and you will end up choosing one side or the other.

hope this helps

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