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Assuming Responsibility

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 10:25 PM
I was reviewing the thread on the fact that we are ruled by twin-headed monster which is saddled by single interests. The DemoReptile is of more recent vintage than viewed by that OP. He asks what have either party ever done for us?
Up until the arrival of Nixon there was real divisiveness. Up until the Kennedy assassination there was a real potential for changes throughout the World favoring the working stiffs.
You have all read (Good conspiratists that you are!) the various statements concerning disclosure threats, the murders/dismissals of the whistleblowers, the cover-ups of wrongdoings by the connected. We know that the the elections in this nation have been rigged to favor certain outcomes. We know that support seems never ending for certain programs. We know that the TRILLIONS of dollars have been misappropriated for private interests and that even more has disappeared into black budgets.
So how did this come about?
You have been colonized by the elite to be their peasantry. They wield the military-industrial complex as a broad axe to hew down your morale and money. They fritter away your independence on an idle consumption of a list of ever growing meaningless luxury goods. They blind you with unobtainable life-style promotions through their media.
How much of Brad Pitt do you need?
They use the Zionists/Jews, Arabs, Christians, Tea baggers, Global alarmists, corporations, banks, politicians and regulatory institutions to suppress YOUR interests. THEY are SMARTER than YOU as individuals. Everything is compartmentalized and covert. THEY will propose, through their lackeys, changes which appear to be in you favor. After a period of time it will be revealed as a further intrusion/denial/smudging of your rights and dignity. They manipulate your currency and finances as they will.

YOU allowed them to make beggars of the middle class.
YOU allowed them to further impoverish and generate a dependent lower class.
YOU allowed them to make affordable education meaningless for there are no jobs.
YOU allowed them to dictate the terms of your surrender.

THEY do not care if you live or die but please, do not step in front of that limo. It would slow them down on their way to that important meeting where your fates will be decided.

Obviously this is a kvetch with no conclusive cure being offered BUT you do not need to be their chucklehead.
Do not support political parties of any sort (maybe Nader but he's so old, maybe Paul, but he's so old.). If you support any blanket organization choose it with deliberation.
Do not vote for party line towing anybody. Choose someone who speaks to your welfare.
Do not willingly participate in any abridgment of your rights. Tell the person enforcing the will of the establishment that you find the procedure or compliance to be an offense to you. You do not have to like it. You can't object by non-compliance but you can voice your dissent.
Speak your mind regularly.
Don't confuse your politics with your religion. You may think that your secular thinking should reflect those ingrained attitudes but you have to think through to the fact that everyone doesn't agree with you. Matter of fact MOST of the world doesn't. There is no global faith and within those constructs, who walks away with the loot?

Anyone who got this far, thanks. I appreciate that we have some freedom and if we can organize ourselves to 'game the system', we may be able to recover what we have lost. We do need to toss the scoundrels out.

I'm sorry that my generation was so stupid. Make this world work for you as people. Do not enter into eternal serfdom. You deserve better and so you need to extend yourselves. Push back.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 10:34 PM
Amen largo.

Personal responsibility is where it all starts.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 10:41 PM
Hhhhmmm perhaps it is soon time for a world wide "Declaration of Independence" from any form of Government.

Imagine if the people took back the power with the same tool used to give it up. A world wide vote, each voting themselves as their leader...

And, if not the vote because the counters cannot be trusted, a world wide strike....


But one can dream.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by largo
They use the Zionists/Jews, Arabs, Christians, Tea baggers, Global alarmists, corporations, banks, politicians and regulatory institutions...

To start off....your post is about assuming responsibility, yet you are pointing the finger. I understand you are pointing out the possible causes of the situation and that ultimately it is ourselves that allowed the cards to fall in place, but how is this assuming any responsibility?

I also take note that it is your list above is quite exclusive to a certain type of people..

Other than that....I enjoyed the read and will continue to take into consideration your views. Thank you.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 11:04 PM
Yes we need to create the ATS Political Action Committee and further the
interests of the Intelligent Goodhearted Human beings who are not so
selfish as to be unconcerned with the inherent dangers facing not only
The United States of America, but the world at large.

Just for one moment, think of the TONS of nuclear waste that remains
in irresponsible status. Thinks of the Billions in taxpayer dollars that have been spent to create viable and stable salt mines and conditions to store this material. Yet , there it remains under 60 feet of water for the time being.
Talk about a threat to National Security.

That is the conditions within the United States. Can you imagine the
status of this danger abroad in collapsing economies?

Think Critical Nightmare Status.... Pray for an act of God.
Who Cares as long as I can park a Ferrari in my driveway? Savvy?

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