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Obama the NWO confidence man

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 04:53 PM
Obama, the newest New World Order mandarin to hit the political stage is taking a dive, like a boxer does for gangsters in a prizefight, by going rengade on the progressives who voted him in and dooming the democrats to annihilation in the midterms. This is all in sink with the NWO plot to ruin the economy and allow the true maniacs [the republicans] back in power to make things worse, and further their world schemes.

Ironically, the present new Mideast peace talks are probably a gift from the NWO slave masters to Obama for his slavish loyalty to them in taking a dive on the economy to contribute to their main plot of surreptitiously wrecking the American economy once and for all. The thinking is: since Obama is a failure in the economic realm as a president; we will make him a success in the foreign policy peace field. This seems to go along with the Nobel peace prize that Obama strangely received last year. Here is the rational:
Obama deliberately goes along with wrecking the US economy on his presidential watch, and then the NWO will give him some cred with the Mideast peace issue as a sop to his historical place in history.

This is all clear when we closely watch Obama’s actions after his vacation. Coming home to make a speech on Iraq, and now this new Mideast peace initiative out of nowhere! [Parenthetical to this is the possibility that this peace initiatives may be a sop to the Americans by the Israelis in order for the attack on Iran to be supported by the US.
Obama to the Israelis: Look you give me a peace on Palestine and then we can attack Iran]

Though whatever happens here won’t save Obama and the democrats from a shellacking when the stupid American people put back in power the republicans, but it will start Obama on a presidency to mimic the same template as Bill Clinton’s the last NWO democratic stooge in power.

Obama may win a second term but then since he will likely loose both senate and congress or at least one of them the republicans will continue with their cut the deficit and entitlements [save the defense budget] and lower taxes for the rich, and the democrats will go the opposite way by attempting to increase entitlement spending in the bad economy. This will lead to a government of grip-lock where absolutely nothing will get done when the economy is at its worst.

What will happen is another extreme solution by the NWO like the bailout of 2008 and 2009 . . . then they can come in and save the day by initiating global solutions with a world national bank for instance, and assorted scams on a global scale. They will claim that this is the only way to solve the devastated economy.

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