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Did NIST Edit WTC 7 Footage To Hide Evidence Of Implosion?

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 04:54 AM
NewWorldOrderReport website, very INFORMATIVE.

While most of Building 7 of the World Trade Center was evacuated around the time the South Tower was hit, if not earlier (see (9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001), firefighters now find three individuals who have become trapped inside it, and lead them out of the building. [National Institute of Standards and Technology, 6/2004, pp. L-18 pdf file; National Institute of Standards and Technology, 9/2005, pp. 109-110 pdf file] Among these individuals are Barry Jennings, a City Housing Authority worker, and Michael Hess, New York’s chief lawyer who is also a longtime friend of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The two had gone up to the 23rd floor emergency command center of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management after the first attack occurred, but found it empty (see (Shortly Before 9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001). [New York Times, 11/21/1997; Associated Press, 9/11/2001; Giuliani, 2002, pp. 20-21 and 244; Dylan Avery, 2007] They then headed downstairs but became trapped around the eighth floor by smoke and debris that filled the staircase. After breaking a window and calling for help, they were spotted by firefighters outside. When the firefighters go in, they also find a security officer for one of the businesses based in the building, who is trapped on the seventh floor by the smoke in the stairway. This officer headed up the building after the South Tower collapsed at 9:59, to check that all his personnel had left there (see (Shortly After 9:59 a.m.-12:10 p.m.) September 11, 2001). All three men are escorted out of the building. [Penn State Public Broadcasting, 3/1/2002; National Institute of Standards and Technology, 6/2004, pp. L-18 pdf file; National Institute of Standards and Technology, 9/2005, pp. 110 pdf file; National Institute of Standards and Technology, 11/2008, pp. 298-299 pdf file]

When the firefighters go in, they also find a security officer for one of the businesses based in the building, who is trapped on the seventh floor by the smoke in the stairway. This officer headed up the building after the South Tower collapsed at 9:59, to check that all his personnel had left there

Please view all the offered 4 short videos on this web page, and if you are interested in Barry Jennings like me, click all the HistoryCommons website links in the excerpts from them.

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 05:53 AM

July 2001! - U.S. plans to invade Afghanistan for an attack on Osama bin Laden and the Taliban by October 2001.

Sep 4, 2001 - The White House approves plans to invade Afghanistan.

Sep 5, 2001 - U.S. pulls the plug on Muslim websites.

Sep 10, 2001 - The White House's battle plan to invade Afghanistan and topple the Taliban and Osama bin Laden awaits President Bush's approval.

John Oneil (Able Danger) flight training:
1. Four hijackers' ID'd as al-Qaeda before 9/11, officer says
2. 9/11 Commission's Staff Rejected Report on Early Identification of Chief Hijacker
3. Former assistant director of the FBI and an expert on terrorism John O'Neill starts his first day of work at the WTC. (Sep, 10, 2001)
4. Officer Says Pentagon Barred Sharing Pre-9/11 Qaeda Data With F.B.I.
5. Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00
6. Much Larger Able Danger Archive:

Mohamed Atta:
1. Several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers make six trips to Las Vegas and seen in the local Strip clubs.
2. September 7, 2001 - Alleged hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi both seen 'wasted' at a Hollywood, FL bar called Shuckums.

Henry Kissinger:
1. November 29, 2002 - President Bush names former Secretary of State, former National Security advisor, and former Unocal consultant Henry Kissinger to head the "independent" 9/11 investigations.
2. December 12, 2002 - Democrats want Henry Kissinger to name his business clients.
3. December 13, 2002 - Henry Kissinger resigns as head of 9/11 commission.

Rumsfeld Trillions:
1. September 10, 2001 - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon has lost track of $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS of military spending. (DOD) (Live footage of the speech)

Dov S. Zakheim:
a. May 4, 2001 - PNAC member Dov S. Zakheim, member and a co-author of PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses", is sworn in as the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense who was a former vice president of System Planning Corp., a defense contractor which makes remote control and flight termination products. (They took his Bio off the DOD website, since)

Norad Wargames:
1. 9/11 (6:00 am) - NORAD was in day two of a week long exercise called "Vigilant Guardian" in which some of it's military participants thought the first reports of the hijackings later on in the day were "part of the exercise."

5,000+ Mainstream and Government Articles supporting the 9/11 Truth Movement's questions @

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 06:04 AM
This is another, shorter excerpt from the "Michael Hess shouting for help from the 8th floor of WTC 7" video.
From youtube-member "CoreOfCorruption", who has 189 other interesting video's to view..... It's worth the time.
Btw, CoreOfCorruption is in real life Jonathan Elinoff, owner of the website I linked to in my last post above here, New World Order Report.
I would like to know if he is/was a member here too, under another name.

Hess himself you can hear shouting something which I can't hear clear enough, but the maker of the "WTC 7 burning" video, posted below in this post, thinks he said :

I am open to correction, but personally I am quite certain that he says "partially collapsing again."

Then the guy with the Hawaiian shirt yells back to him, but twice, exactly the same words and you see the footage slightly snip back, another possible or probable sign of


The guy then walks away while saying :
""Seven World Trade, a fall-in.""

About Barry Jennings, who died in 2008, in the Comments part page 6, of the video :

6 days ago


We were all told that Barry Jennings died, however, I have been unable to find a death certificate. This means he either paid somebody powerful like the mafia to help hide him, or he is in witness protection program, or he was killed by an assassin with serious connections, or he is just in hiding with family and is trying his best not to be found. We can't figure it out. We don't know where he is, but his family says he is dead...

This is the longer version, "WTC 7 Burning", with exactly the same duplication part of that shouting Hawaiian shirt man, at 2:15 from 2:51 :

Is it to hide what Hess exactly shouted to these guys down there?

Let's try to listen carefully to ALL what Hess is communicating there to those guys, and write it down, and compare it together with all the others.
All the words you can hear in that longer video, I think it is very important what is REALLY said and shouted, by all involved!

We should be able to roughly determine the time of the footage again, by looking for shadows from the sun, and wristwatches again, just like as in the famous "WTC 7 Phone-boot explosion" video.

I remember the times in the late nineties that all online footage had timestamps easily to be found by right clicking those pictures or videos.
Why is it, that those features are left out on the online video channels like YouTube and GoogleVideo?
I can't imagine that it is to save server space, these guys have thousands to millions of terabytes to store data on.

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by LaBTop

And Jerome Quirant also has a PhD and strongly disagrees with that gentleman's findings.

Sorry but you are going to have to translate this on google to get the translation right, but feel free to do so.

Also if your findings are so shocking, whats he doing now? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why arent the papers all over this??

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 12:11 PM
I just received this 9/11 update this morning, via email.


1,270 Architects/Engineers Reveal



The Arizona representative for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pamela Senzee, invites press to join her at Congressman Ed Pastor’s office on Thursday, September 9, to hear about the group’s shocking findings.

On Thursday, September 9, 2010, at 10:AM, Pamela Senzee will be at 411 N Central Ave., Suite 150, to present the findings of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth [AE911Truth] proving that all three of the skyscrapers that fell on September 11, 2001, in New York City were destroyed by controlled demolitions.

Constituent Dena Johnson will read a statement by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA.

Along with former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, Gage will be holding a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, at 2:00 pm Eastern Time on the same day.

AE911Truth supporters, such as Pamela and Dena, will be hosting press conferences worldwide in support of the main conference in Washington.

Contact Pamela Senzee 602-973-5546

By Lance Ciepiela


posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 12:28 PM
Because number 7 is the most obvious fraud we should pursue the truth here first. The enormity of the lie is so huge that we are losing our focus. Iwill never accept the official story and will not be satisfied with anything less than the prosecution of whoever was responsible for the murder of thousands. They must pay!

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by dillweed

......we should pursue the truth here first.

Iwill never accept the official story....

Little bit of a contradiction there - wouldn't you agree?

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by GenRadek

I can read French quite well.

It seems that after all these years that my thesis was up to review, not ONE professional seismologist had the insight to really review my work, and find out the crux of the matter I showed them :

I connected a NIST timestamped photo by Mr Cianca, showing the first forming of a dent in the roof of the eastern penthouse, with the WTC 7 collapse seismogram from LDEO which has also precise timestamps on the time-axle.
NOTE here, that both institutes are very official ones, and no data in my thesis ever originated from any experiments by myself, or altered data.
I used pure unaltered data and data-streams offered by official governmental institutions.

And that gave every damn professional seismologist on Earth the once-in-a-lifetime possibility to compare the REAL speed of the different seismic signals traveling through the upper crust of the state of New York of a real-time sudden history-changing seismic event, and not a known in advance experiment like quarry explosions which were referenced by Dr Kim and his co-writers.
Remember, Dr Kim explicitly explained to the world why he came to the 2 seconds per KM and thus 17 seconds traveling time of the WTC towers collapse signals through the upper crust in his Nov.2001 publication.

He based that on many years of numerous other seismic experiments where the time and place of origin of any explosion was well known by the seismologist.

Dr Kim held on for several years to his believe expressed in his first, November 2001 publication, that surface signals like f.ex. Rayleigh waves propagated through the upper crust from Manhattan to the Palisades seismic station, 34 km north of New York, with a speed of 2 km per second. Which means that those WTC towers collapse signals needed 17 seconds to reach the needles of the seismographs at Palisades station.

Then, after taking notice of my work, NIST suddenly retracted all later than 2004 seismic studies from its WTC pages, and pressured Dr Kim, who now worked FOR them on another Jan 2006 publication (which was never to be found anymore in NIST its pages) to slightly change his propagation speed figures, based on a tiny signal NIST said to be the earliest signal arriving from Manhattan.
That only enforced my thesis.

Have a good look again on my big seismic diagram and all notes in it, and then perhaps you understand why the black line under it, with my ""you need a lot of extra energy input"" note in it, is so damn important for the whole WTC 7 collapse story.
All these French and also the other global professionals took those Dr Kim figures for granted.
While I simply connected the time at the place of origin with the time at the place of collection.
And proved them wrong.

Click this FULL 890x766 pixels diagram link.

So now explain to me, why the biggest seismic signals magnitudes were collected already at the LDEO seismic station 34 KM north of Manhattan, BEFORE that point in time that the dent in the WTC 7 eastern penthouse roof STILL HAD TO BEGIN TO FORM !

Don't come up again with the lame excuse of ONE column 79 giving way, collapsing and causing that HUGE pack of signals. Hogwash !

Because : why had the following pack of signals then an amplitude several orders less than the first ones.
Those were the signals showing a global collapse of a 47 story building, with ALL its internal and external columns giving way, and it was about half the height in floors as the Twin Towers.
Not many more of these kind of huge high rises to be found elsewhere.

And give please also a logical conclusion why 2.3 seconds of free fall did not result in a hammer effect on the soil of the huge weight of 44 floors hammering down in free fall for 2.3 seconds and then suddenly halted by the soil, and logically had to show thus much bigger amplitude signals, which they DID NOT, however. The last pack of signals showing the supposed global collapse of the whole building is much lower in seismic signals amplitudes.

I'm still flabbergasted why not one person on earth ever saw in all these past 5 years what my annotations on that LDEO - WTC 7 collapse seismogram together with my connected Cianca photo time-stamp by NIST meant for NIST's WTC 7 official and FINAL hogwash-story.

QUESTIONS section :

Do you believe that on 911 the propagation speed of seismic signals in the upper New York State crust suddenly changed for a few moments, and then afterwards returned again to its well known 17 KM per second value?
Then you also believe in Santa Claus.

Or do you start to doubt your former beliefs and begin to believe my diagram annotations?
Then you are becoming a Reborn Truther.

[ Click STRG together with the "+" key several times, and you will be able to zoom in this whole page in your Firefox browser, so you can clearly read my forum fixed seismic diagram in blown-up text-format.
Also a very fine feature for the eyesight impaired Elders on this board, you don't get a headache anymore from the tiny normal ATS page scripts.]

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 08:20 AM
I really hope at least one person on Earth does have the means and stamina to file a FOIA request for ALL the seismic diagrams collected during the WHOLE day of September 11, 2001.

If they will not alter the data IN FRONT and BEHIND the existing online three WTC Towers diagrams, I expect that something groundbreaking for 911 truth will surface. Especially for the WTC 7 seismic diagrams.

I once invited Blanchard to show us his so-called seismic diagrams from all the handhold seismographs supposedly carried by his firms New York personnel, and registering data on 911.

Never heard anything anymore from him, online and off-line.
He or his data never showed up anymore.
Never heard from NIST also, about Dr Kim's Jan. 2006 new publication. Also not when I told them to have it, and others having it too. The only reaction visible was they retracted all new seismic reports and data from their WTC pages.

Thus, file a FOIA request for Blanchard's firm its handhold seismic equipment 911 data too.
The hand-holds they used at several (re-)construction projects in place in Manhattan and New York during the day of 911. They had and have to be in place and working by New York city construction laws. The lawyers wanted it so.
I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007), page 1

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 03:17 PM
Look back at my post at page 5 :
and the seismic diagram in it, with all these "further collapses spikes" shown in it.

There are three "Further collapses" to be found:
11:01:07 Amplitude comparable to both plane impacts.
11:15:04 Amplitude much bigger than both plane impacts.
11:29:46 Amplitude comparable to both plane impacts.
See also my remarks in that post about the gas lines and electricity cut-offs for all 3 towers on 911, around 10 o'clock, the time of the first collapse, the South Tower collapse.

Now, if you should have read my last post's last link :
you should have found this post on page 2 of it :

where you could have found, if you were not so uninterested anymore, after 9 years of bickering with online detractors, this text from, with a few witness accounts in it, which perfectly connect the WTC 7 explosions around 11 o'clock with the above 911 seismogram :

Originally posted by LaBTop

(LT now : Brian, Valhall, Griff, and other engineers and architects, READ all the extensive red comments ! See fig 5-24 -the red line showing location of Kink-; combined with fig 5-6, 5-7 and 5-8 -Trusses 1+2 at the east side-; and fig 5-2 -the only two stairwells-; and ask yourself why they had to blow away a thin slice of the bottom of that "column above", sized W14x730 of both trusses, horizontally first, so it still rested on top of the two-story double transfer structure. With its splices at floor 7, where Barry Jennings and Michael Hess were catapulted back up to floor 8 again in the eastern stairwell by that very early explosion.
And both splices of Trusses 1 and 2 on floor 7 were the bottom end of two huge columns reaching 40 floors up to under the roof's eastern penthouse, which roof dented first. Then the whole penthouse toppled into the roof, when they blew diagonally the two bottom splices of trusses 1 and 2 sideways, which set off the start of the global collapse.The whole eastern inner core dropped 2 stories.
The strongest Truss 3 at the west side was blown just after that and dealt the final blow.Actually, you see the western penthouse topple inside just after the eastern penthouse disappeared inside.
There were surely more assisting demo charges set to keep up the momentum of the collapse, but those blown 3 trusses were the initiating event.

Figure 5-8 Truss 2 detail. (BPM = built-up plate member.)

The gray gusset plates were probably blown away too, when the bottom splices were blown sideways.)

This is a note at the bottom of chapter 5.5.2 (Collapse of WTC 1) of the earliest official report, which was publicized by FEMA :

According to the account of a firefighter who walked the 9th floor along the south side following the collapse of WTC 1, the only damage to the 9th floor FACADE occurred at the southwest corner. According to firefighters' eyewitness accounts from outside of the building, approximately floors 8-18 were damaged to some degree. Other eyewitness accounts relate that there was additional damage to the south elevation.
(LT now : US Secret Service occupied floors 9 and 10.

It is quite unbelievable in the case of a NIST proposed deep gash in the center of the south facade of WTC 7, caused by fallen debris from the WTC 1 north tower collapse, that the eventual gash would have been cut through the whole south face, covering also floors under the two extra reinforced 7th and 5th floors.
But NIST tried to propose a failure in two main columns to occur, originating at the 5th floor level, caused by debris damage and intense fires.
That is impossible, and probably NIST knew this, when you account for this firefighters testimony.

I would like to introduce you to the following "absurd FEMA story", written by the unknown writer of the red colored comments in the above linked FEMA Report from :

So we have been presented with the following absurd story :
(LT now : lots of sarcasm inserted by the writer )

1. Power to the Twin Towers was wired from the substation in WTC 7 through two separate systems. The first provided power throughout each building; the second provided power only to the emergency systems. In the event of fire, power would only be provided to the emergency systems. This was to prevent arcing electric lines igniting new fires and to reduce the risk of firefighters being electrocuted. There were also six 1,200 kW emergency power generators located in the sixth basement (B-6) level of the towers, which provided a backup power supply. These also had normal and emergency subsystems.
2. Previous to the collapse of the South Tower, the power to the towers was switched to the emergency subsystem to provide power for communications equipment, elevators, emergency lighting in corridors and stairwells, and fire pumps and safety for firefighters. At this time power was still provided by the WTC 7 substation.
3. Con Ed reported that,
the feeders supplying power to WTC 7 were de-energized at 9.59 a.m..
This was due to the South Tower collapse which occurred at the same time
4. Unfortunately, even though the main power system for the towers was switched off and WTC 7 had been evacuated, a design flaw allowed generators (designed to supply backup power for the WTC complex) to start up and resume an unnecessary and unwanted power supply.
5. Unfortunately, debris from the collapse of the north tower (the closest tower) fell across the building known as World Trade Center Six, and then across Vesey Street, and then impacted WTC 7 which is (at closest) 355 feet away from the north tower.

(LT now : BEGIN of SARCASM : )
6. Unfortunately, some of this debris penetrated the outer wall of WTC 7, smashed half way through the building, demolishing a concrete masonry wall (in the north half of the building) and then breached a fuel oil pipe that ran across the building just to the north of the masonry wall.
7. Unfortunately, though most of the falling debris was cold, it manages to start numerous fires in WTC 7.
8. Unfortunately, even with the outbreak of numerous fires in the building, no decision was made to turn off the generators now supplying electricity to WTC 7. Fortunately, for the firefighters, someone did make the decision not to fight and contain the fires while they were still small, but to wait until the fires were large and out of control. Otherwise, many firefighters may have been electrocuted while fighting the fires.
9. Unfortunately, the safety mechanism that should have shut down the fuel oil pumps (which were powered by electricity) upon the breaching of the fuel line, failed to work and fuel oil (diesel) was pumped from the Salomon Smith Barney tanks on the ground floor onto the 5th floor where it ignited. The pumps eventually emptied the tanks, pumping some 12,000 gallons in all.
10. Unfortunately, the sprinkler system of WTC 7 malfunctioned and did not extinguish the fires.
11. Unfortunately, the burning diesel heated trusses one and two to the point that they lost their structural integrity.
12. Unfortunately, this then (somehow) caused the whole building to collapse, even though before September 11, no steel framed skyscraper had ever collapsed due to fire.

You must agree, it is absurd, isn't it?

Now we go to the other side, the official theory followers :

13. "We were down about a block from the base of the World Trade Center towers about an hour ago. And there was a great deal of concern at that time, the firemen said building number 7 was going to collapse, building number five was in danger of collapsing. And there's so little they can do to try to fight the fires in these buildings, because the fires are so massive. And so much of the buildings continues to fall into the street. When you're down there, Dan, you hear smaller secondary explosions going off every 15 or 20 minutes, and so it's an extremely dangerous place to be."
–CBS-TV News Reporter Vince DeMentri

Seems like the demolition crews were quite busy all day.

16. The time was approximately 11 a.m. Both of the WTC towers were collapsed and the streets were covered with debris. Building #7 was still standing but burning. ...We spoke to with a FDNY Chief who has his men holed up in the US Post Office building. He informed us that the fires in building 7 were uncontrollable and that its collapse was imminent. There were no fires inside the loading dock (of 7) at this time but we could hear explosions deep inside. –PAPD P.O. William Connors page 69

So this guy heard a FDNY Chief at circa 11 a.m. saying that "the fires in building 7 were uncontrollable and that its collapse was imminent." And he heard at that time already the work of the demolition crews, deep inside WTC 7.

7. After the initial blast (LT : = the first plane impact at 08:46:26 !) , Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings, 46, reported to a command center on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. He was with Michael Hess, the city's corporation counsel, when they felt and heard another explosion (LT : now comes the BIG mistake: [the collapse of the north tower]. First calling for help, they scrambled downstairs to the lobby, or what was left of it. "I looked around, the lobby was gone. It looked like hell," Jennings said.

Mr Jennings and Hess are interesting witnesses. Some people think they witnessed an initial blast inside WTC 7, and not ""[the collapse of the north tower].""

I'm still waiting for further interviews with Mr Jennings, since Mr Hess doesn't comment. Alex Jones and Dylan Avery announced that Mr. Jennings interview would be the main piece in their next production.

Nothing to find there, yet......

The witnesses describe explosions, every 15 or 20 minutes, and the most important one tells us it was around 11 a.m. that they could hear explosions coming from deep inside the OPEN loading dock space of WTC 7.....

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 03:46 PM
I have posted in an ATS thread many years ago a photo of the south facade side of WTC 7, clearly taken between 11 and 11:30 a.m., where I corrected Dr. Steven Jones on his, then, posted time stamp that said that the photo was taken in the afternoon, while I could easily show him that according to the sun's shadows, that photo was taken between 11 and 11:30 a.m.

He now has another text under that same photo, in this paper's page 3, on the page top :
WhyIndeedDidtheWorldTradeCenterBu ildingsCompletelyCollapse.pdf.
""WTC 7 on 9-11-01. WTC 7 is the tall sky-scraper in the background, right.
Seen from WTC Plaza / Church Street area.""

Steven Jones did used to post on this forum then, I believe even for the first time ever on any online 911 forum.
The most shocking fact to be seen in that photo, taken from the corner of Cortland Street, where the smoking debris piles of WTC 2, WTC 5 and part of WTC 4 and a clean WTC 7 were to be seen in that photo : there was no huge billowing smoke column rising along the south facade of WTC 7, only faint white smoke, the facade was lighted by sunlight and showed no sign of huge fires and accompanying smoke clouds. And no sign of a huge gash reaching deep inside WTC 7's south facade center, as was tried to postulate years later, and debunked by NIST itself, by the way.
No raging fires, no deep gash. NOT at ALL.

So where were these raging, and uncontrollable WTC 7 fires as told by that FDNY Chief around 11 o'clock?


Barry Jennings' account of WTC 7 explosions :

Just listen to the above video with Barry Jennings (R.I.P.) last interview by Dylan Avery from the Loose Change crowd, to hear him explaining the explosion Barry Jennings and Michael Hess experienced and which threw them back up from the sixth to the seventh WTC 7 floor again, where Barry was hanging onto a single pole left from the railing and managed to crawl up again and climbed up to the eighth floor.
That explosion left an empty hole where the stairwell had been, thus blocking them from getting down, and the whole space was filled with thick black smoke after that. No lights on also.
And Barry made it very clear several times in that interview : "That internal stairwell explosion happened before one of the towers collapsed". Thus, before 09:59:04 when the first, South Tower, collapsed.
And the North Tower collapsed at 10:28:31 a.m.
Barry and Michael Hess arrived shortly past 9 o'clock a.m. at the OEM command center on the 22nd floor, and found NOBODY inside. It was already fully evacuated ! Only a few men were left outside the OEM center on other floors, one of them a huge police man, and they were said to leave as fast as they could.


WTC 7 Burning :

Then much later, after one of the towers at least had collapsed; later, since the street down there was filled with dust, office papers and very small debris; Michael Hess communicated with some people on the street down at the north side of WTC 7, shouting from a smashed out window by Barry, at the corner of the 8th floor.
Near that famous one column 79, under the eastern penthouse, which was the main collapsing column, according to the one column failing WTC 7 collapse theory by NIST.

And you know what Hess shouted? Hess, 0:30/2:51 :
"?????....The building was partially collapsing again."
And at around 2:00 / 2:51 when the guy on the street is for the second time shouting "Mister Hess!", after another person says "Watch out, watch out!", you can hear clearly two very low frequency explosion sounds, rumbling along the street. The first one heavier as the second one.
And the guy on the street said in his handhold device while he walked away :
"Seven World Trade, a fall-in!"

Barry Jennings and Michael Hess were eventually reached by firefighters around 12 o'clock and led out of WTC 7 through the totally ruined lobby.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 03:49 PM
Can somebody refresh my memory again on why WTC-7 was so important to be destroyed? Something about destroying documents, history or the infrastructure of some agency, or something (maybe even all).

It's clear that this building came down deliberately, I just forgot the reasons.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by SquirrelNutz
It's clear that this building came down deliberately, I just forgot the reasons.

The reasons are all speculation, no one really knows.

And no one needs to know at this point, its important to focus on evidence that can not be refuted.

If we keep discussing speculation it just gives the OSers something to focus on so they can ignore the real stuff they can't refute.

Keep throwing physics at them, especially WTC 7, that was so obviously a controlled implosion demolition.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 05:30 PM
All ENRON files were stacked up there, all the Bush-family court cases about the ?Land Lease? scam contracts were stocked there, the only existing backup of the Pentagon trillions which were unaccounted for were burned and pulverized there, (all the accountants working already for years at that case were all killed in the Pentagon attack, the case has never been reopened), the Secret Service had some secrets hidden there, the Inland Revenue service had quite some investigation reports stocked there, which never turned up again, lawyers of plaintiffs were told that all files were lost forever in the WTC 7 disaster (yes for many, no for a few!) and numerous other not-wanted-for-publication files were stocked there.

WTC 7 Tenants list at 911 :

Floor Tenant
46-47 Mechanical floors
28-45 Salomon Smith Barney (SSB)
26-27 Standard Chartered Bank
25 Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
25 Department of Defense (DOD)
25 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
24 Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
23 Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
22 Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
21 First State Management Group
19-21 ITT Hartford Insurance Group
19 National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
18 Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
14-17 Vacant
13 Provident Financial Management
11-13 Securities and Exchange Commission
9-10 US Secret Service
7-8 American Express Bank International
7 OEM generators and day tank
6 Switchgear, storage
5 Switchgear, generators, transformers
4 Upper level of 3rd floor, switchgear
3 Lobby, SSB Conference Center, rentable space, manage
2 Open to first floor lobby, transformer vault upper level, upper level switchgear
1 Lobby, loading docks, existing Con Ed transformer vaults, fuel storage, lower level switchgear

Come to your own conclusions.

To add to my last post :

The stairway Jennings and Hess were in at floor 6, around 9:30 a.m. and which exploded under them and propelled them back up to the seventh floor, is situated to the left next to that bended black arrow depicting Truss 1.
The truss where one of those huge columns stood on which went all the way up to the eastern penthouse.
And of course both men then tried to get as far away from that collapsed stairwell as they could and ended up at that northern facade, eastern corner of the 8th floor. Where we saw Mr Hess shouting to people down on the street.
Did I mention already that it seems not important to many Trusters, that both men did not report any fires around that collapsed stairwell, after that explosion which caused that internal collapse. Only thick black smoke. So where did the supposed heat come from in the NIST thesis about bending and breaking core columns, caused by fires? Under floor 7 were no reported fires at that time and after. Floor 7 was the highest mechanical floor, those with the louvers on the outside walls, never saw any fire there on any video, all fires on the eastern facade were above that floor. And no smoke came out of those louvers....

Note the two black points on trusses 1 and 2, with the text arrowed to : Column Above.
Initial horizontal cutting charges at those points, to dislodge them but not displace them.
Then later, cutting charges exploded sidewards of the underlaying A-shaped beams.
The two columns stood on top of that A-shape under trusses 1 and 2 on the seventh floor.
And dropped then 2 floors.

Additional charges were probably planted on the four vacant floors, 14 - 17. To cause another 4 floors to plunge down.
Fits the 2.3 seconds of admitted by NIST, real free-fall in the first phase of the global collapse of WTC 7 quite well.
Six floors dropping down at once explains that really good.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 06:03 PM
Time to read this page 3 again, about how those huge steel trusses and columns could have been cut :

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