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9 days until the power handover and Iraq is not ready

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posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 03:07 PM
With 9 days until the handover of power and sovereignty in Iraq it seems obvious that the country is not ready. There is violence and unrest in the country that has not been got under control and which is occurring on a daily basis.

Handing power over to the Iraqis and having an Iraqi government in power will just give the insurgents a proper target to aim their actions at. It will give the insurgents something to remove and overthrow.

I can see Iraq becoming similar to Iran within a year of the handover. Fundamentalist Muslims will be in power and we will be watching news coverage of the last few US personnel being airlifted off the roof of the US embassy in Baghdad.

Does anyone else agree with me that Iraq is not ready for the handover of power?

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