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WEIRD DREAM! Are we all interconnected?

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by Maddogkull

I say yes we're all interconnected. My one friend who to say anything about her is she's skilled at entering other peoples dreams. Don't ask me how i have no clue it's beyond me, but she has talked to me in dreams and then talked to me when i woke up about what she had been conversing about the previous night.

Personally i've dreamt of instant message style conversations with one friend and the topic was something that had been weighing heavily on her for a couple days. When i brought it up to her she didn't really seem too surpirsed that i told her i had spoken to her in a dream about it.

From my recent experiences, the idea that dreams are byproducts of daily events which only the person dreaming is "there" is not 100% the end all of the subject. Through intention you can learn to accurately speak with people whom you are familiar with within your dreams as well as enter their own dreams. Makes me wonder about those friends i've kissed dreaming. Whoops

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Shared dreaming is more common than you might think. The only thing that makes it seem extra ordinary is that most people don't recall their dreams, never mind share them.

Over on, more and more people are beginning to experience shared dreaming. Check out the Beyond Dreaming section

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 12:56 AM
That was strange. Maybe you were sleep calling lol.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by dR. kNOWITALL

Why not?

second line.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:26 AM

Originally posted by The Cusp
Shared dreaming is more common than you might think. The only thing that makes it seem extra ordinary is that most people don't recall their dreams, never mind share them.

Over on, more and more people are beginning to experience shared dreaming. Check out the Beyond Dreaming section

Some Native American prophecy, and Tibetan monks follow
this line of thinking.

I also think some if not all of the Aborigines in Australia who
follow the old religion do as well.

I do not buy all the mumbo jumbo, but there is some evidence
in the scientific realm that says there is something to it.

On google video watch 'Science of the mind'.

Also go check out the GLobal Consciousness project on
their random number generators preceding major world events.

Some info on it here.

DEEP in the basement of a dusty university library in Edinburgh lies a small black box, roughly the size of two cigarette packets side by side, that churns out random numbers in an endless stream. At first glance it is an unremarkable piece of equipment. Encased in metal, it contains at its heart a microchip no more complex than the ones found in modern pocket calculators. But, according to a growing band of top scientists, this box has quite extraordinary powers. It is, they claim, the 'eye' of a machine that appears capable of peering into the future and predicting major world events.

No one is claiming to understand it, but the variations from true
random seem to coincide with major events all over the earth.

At a minimum the Hopi prophecies make for a good read.

Real or not, one hell of a story and would lend credence to
the Nazca lines.

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:15 AM
i really am convinced that we all as humans are interconnected some way through our minds. not only do we connect with eachother through thoughts, dreams, and even meditation, and other forms of mind expansion. im convinced we have this connection to people who are close to us such as friends or family, and even people we dont even know yet.
a perfect example would be a dream i had a while back.

in the dream me and a girl i know who i am not in a relationship with were making very passionate love in a place lit by candlelight, with dark red furniture. and a web as of that on the one dollar bill was painted white on black walls. it all seemed so real, i could actually feel everything of the intamacy, its almost as if when we dream we venture into an alternate reality.

she had a dream very similar to that one the very same night.
she jus gave me less of a description for reasons im not aware of.
she seemed as if she was afraid to.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 11:03 AM
We are all connected
To each other biologically,
To the Earth chemically,
To the rest of the Universe atomically.

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Everyone and everything is somehow interconnected. Unfortunately, OP, I don't believe that the dreaming-state is one such place where we all connect outside of archetypal symbolism.

I've remembered thousands of my dreams —I actually keep a dream-journal— and while I do have frequent cameos by friends, family, or famous people, I have never woken up and been told that one such cameo had the same dream, or a similar one.

I think that people frequently misinterpret realms of existence like the Astral, or the Akashik Records. Those are not supposed to be planes you reach by sleeping. They're supposed to be planes reached by discoincidence with your corporeal form. As in, you practice trance-work, deep meditation, astral-projection, or the like.

Even the "Dream Time" of the Aborigine mentioned by a user earlier is not actually "dreaming". The Aborigine "Dream Time" is a creation story, detailing how all things came to be, and what kind of metaphysical underpinning all things still possess.

But I digress, dreams are dreams. They are the way for our subconscious to unwind and reveal to us our deepest thoughts on people, life situations, places, and character traits we possess.

You should try looking into archetypal psychology, maybe you'll be able to find some significance in your dream symbolism. And more than likely, as was the case with me, you'll start remembering dreams in more vividness and eventually begin unlocking the lucid capability already mentioned on this thread.

~ Wandering Sribe

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Maddogkull

To a small degree I'd say we are. Rather like a family or, say, a litter of puppies. Others take it to a, I think, excessive degree and declare us all "one".

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 12:42 AM
Yes on some levels we are all interconnected, but mostly we can't even handle our own worlds to there full extent, much less others and there worlds. So therefore the walls are there for a reason, I mean would you truly want to know or feel another, just like it would be you. Do you think it would be fun if you could read others minds, how many voices are one to many, is not that the path to insanity. In dreams worlds sometimes colide but you always wake up to another dream, in this world when worlds colide, you will always wake up to the collision. Maybe we are in somebody else's dream, thats why it's not within our power to wake up, so we adapt to the dream.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:25 AM
I got something to say about all of this.

Sometimes I will dream of someone I haven't seen in ages, and then the next day, out of nowhere, I will see them!

This has happened to me at least 4 times in the past year. It is always such a trip when it happens.

Very interesting thread.

Of course we are all connected. We are all made out of the same stuff.


posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:43 AM
The coolest thing about the law of one (that we are all interconnected) is this is actually programmed inside of us. When you are in a state of pure love, as I have experienced quite a # of times, this knowledge reveals intself in the form of an absolute and knowing thought. It is the most beautiful feeling a human being can ever truly realize. Notice how I said realize, not understand. You must experience true love to know fully what I am talking about. This can be attained through enlightenment (which I have not been blessed with) or through other... unnatural means.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:36 AM
I have had a very similar thing happen to me. It was a long time ago - in the mid eighties, when I had just passed my driving test (that fact is relecant as you'll see). Anyway, I went out in the evening to pick up my friend in a pub car park. I hadn't been driving long and as I manoeuvred out of the parking space I scraped my car along the wing and the door of the car next to me. Being a teenager, and I apologise for this now..., I simply drove away. I spent all night fretting that someone had seen me and reported me, I barely slept and was convinced the police would come knocking on my door the next day. My friend had stayed the night at our house too.

The next morning when I got up, I was sitting in the kitchen eating my breakfast with my friend when my mum came in to join us. She went on to tell us she had had a horrible dream where she had hit a car when reversing out of a parking space and that the police had come to arrest her!! My friend and I couldn't believe what she said. Whilst I never confessed anything to her at the time, I have asked her more recently if she had overheard anything about me having done exactly that and she insisted she hadn't and was really shocked by what I said herself.

I know it's not exactly the same as your scenario but there are enough similarities that I thought it was worth sharing. I'd really love to know what anyone's theories on this might be?

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 08:18 PM
Dude, this is creepy. I had a similar dream like this, also involving my sister...I can't remember the exact date, but it was around the same time: beginning of September, I think 9/1 or 9/2.

This was a truly bizarre dream/reality type incident.

I can't remember the specifics of the dream, but at the end of the dream I became aware that I was dreaming, and I got this feeling like I was being "pulled out" of the dream. Immediately as I wake up, I say "Hey," eyes closed, like an automatic response. Sure enough, my sister says "Hey," followed by a nervous/confused laugh. The thing is, I had no clue someone was in my room (or maybe I did?)

From her laugh, I got the feeling that she was sleep walking or something like that, and that she had just snapped out of it; but this was in the middle of the day; she wouldn't have been sleeping. She could've been napping. Whatever happened, I got the impression that she had no clue why she was walking into my room. I haven't asked her about it, but her nervous/confused laugh really disturbs me. It was like she was saying "Wtf just happened?" The feeling I got was almost as if we were being pulled towards each other somehow. I seriously need to talk to her about this now.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 02:42 AM

Originally posted by sliceNodice
The coolest thing about the law of one (that we are all interconnected) is this is actually programmed inside of us. When you are in a state of pure love, as I have experienced quite a # of times, this knowledge reveals intself in the form of an absolute and knowing thought. It is the most beautiful feeling a human being can ever truly realize. Notice how I said realize, not understand. You must experience true love to know fully what I am talking about. This can be attained through enlightenment (which I have not been blessed with) or through other... unnatural means.

You just totally blew my mind. These few sentences explain a lot, and from my own personal experiences, I'm convinced that this is the truth of how humanity operates behind the scenes. Now if we could only test it scientifically.

The "beautiful feeling" you's a feeling that couldn't even be matched with all of the fortune in the world. Like the heart just won the lotto, and it's not a sexual thing or even "love" in the traditional sense. A single sentence can trigger it. Totally amazing. Makes a person almost feel like a God, if such a feeling could be accurately described.

It's hard to describe, but it is seriously the most awesome thing I've ever encountered. The weird thing, when this feeling dawned on me, I couldn't eat meat for at least a week...and I love me some meat; in fact, I love junk food in general. Since this happened, I've never felt healthier in my entire life. Anyway, I highly recommend this Pure Love stuff, however you can achieve it, it is truly fantastic.

Sorry for the off-topic nonsense. I had to get that off of my chest. =)

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posted on Sep, 26 2010 @ 07:53 PM

Originally posted by leira7
When I was younger, my sister and I shared a dream about an island, and a volcano exploding. There was also weird specific stuff that we both remember like seeing a harley and going into an icecream shop only to realize we didn't have any money. That was the only time we ever recount having the same dream, and I know it was real.

I am of the belief that dreamland is kinda like The Matrix, and if you can learn how to be Neo, you can help to wake up the Agent Smiths. Try it, just start telling people in your dreams that they need to WAKE UP and look at the world we're living in and where we're headed.

Seriously, I tried that once in a dream. But I didn't try to say those exact words. Instead I told my dream class. Yes, I was dreaming of school at the time. It was winter vacation too when this happened. I told everyone in my dream.

"This is all a dream!"

Yeah, they all laughed at me. I'm not making this up either. Then I just went back to my seat for the duration of said dream.

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posted on Sep, 26 2010 @ 08:12 PM
Of course we are.....I can't verify mine since I really don't know that person that close for him or her to share dreams!!!!

posted on Sep, 26 2010 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by Maddogkull

You will remain a skeptic until proven otherwise through enough personal experience or supplied evidence, no?

I have a knowing that humanity is a singular consciousness having separate experiences.

You can even look at our own bodies for example.

I have trillions of cells inside of me, each having their own life cycle, they eat, live, work, communicate and interact and then they die, but they are still part of my body.

We are one being, and damn it feels good.

posted on Sep, 26 2010 @ 09:55 PM
Great topic going on here.

Back in my earlier days when I was practicing Astral Projection, I would always try to see what time it was, so that when I woke back up, i could compare it with a real clock. I could never make out the numbers on the clock. As a matter of fact, I could never see numbers in any of my dreams, lucid, or out of body. They were always blurred.
I read somewhere it had to do with the fact, I was using a different astral body that could not interpret symbols. It makes sense in a way, because i was not using my analytical mind when I was out, but more like witnessing and feeling things with emotions.

The most wild experience I have ever went through though, was where I went through three stages before a full blown astral projection.

I was in a dream and not realizing I was dreaming at first, and something in this store I was walking around in, made me realize I was dreaming. I was then lucid and free at that point to walk wherever I wanted, I walked into the street trying to determine where i was, saw a familiar building ahead of me.

i walked into the building, and a sense of I have been here before rushed over me, and in an instant, I knew where I was, have been before, and going. The lucid dream took on a quality from controlling my dream, to controlling the controller of the dream. As if this I, was a small part of something bigger and I was that part above myself. Hope this is not too confusing. There was a lady there whom was very familiar with a lot of love coming out of her. The intensity was so strong that it brought me back to the waking state. Everything I felt or knew was lost because I had no words to interpret it with the human language and as a consequence, nothing to write down.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by Teratoma

In answer to your question, the more I read about lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences, the more I believe that ALL DREAMS are shared experiences; or at least not entirely internal/solitary.

I think they're like channels we 'join'; with different levels of interaction with the others there, who may or may not be experiencing varied levels of lucidity.

This makes sense considering my experience. When I first got my cat, about 4 years ago, I was working shift work so I'd often fall asleep in my apartment in the afternoon with the cat curled up somewhere close to me (usually on my belly). Whenever this would happen I'd have terrible nightmares - flashes of scenes like a movie where I'd see and experience killing, torture, pain... just horrible things.

I happened to catch up with the girl who gave me the cat one day, and we were talking about him and I was showing her some photos I'd taken of him, and she nonchalantly just dropped into a conversation, "Oh by the way, he gives you nightmares."

So I don't know, maybe are ARE all interconnected somehow, especially those closest to you and those with whom you share the deepest love.

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