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ET Disclosure and Human VERI-Chips goes hand in hand

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 05:43 AM
After reading ModernAcademia's thread entitled "California school district institutes electronic tracking system for preschool students" I saw the thread explains how one educational establishment now requires all attending pre-schoolers to wear a jersey with an RF Transmitter attached. The childrens every move can be monitored around the school thanks to several strategically placed transmitters and a central digital display map.

No doubt the Educational establishment concerned will say that it is for the safety of the children and to guard against child abduction and abuse by Paedophiles. There is really nothing much that stirs emotion and outrage amongst the population is there?

now just going on a tangent a little, but please stay with it and the dots will become easily to join up as you follow...

According to Aaron Russo, in an interview with Nick Rockerfeller he was told how the Rockerfeller Foundation had supported and financed the Womens Liberation movement in the US and free world and the reasons for this was 2 fold:

a) There was half of the population that were not working and more importantly,
not paying income tax. Getting women to work would increase tax revenues and

b) Because the mothers are out working, the children are in school and pre-school
at a much earlier age. i.e they are taken from their parents and the state
becomes their parents and the state indoctrination process can start much

you can watch Russo describing this meeting and conversation on the youtube video here:

So the PTB have now got pre schoolers into establishments where they can be indoctrinated from a much earlier age and where the state becomes their "surrogate" parents. Part of this indoctrination process is the wearing of this transmitter chip and brainwashing the kids into thinking that it is natural to wear these devices.

If we are to believe Dr Carol Rosin and the warnings from Wernher Von Braun about the ET card being played by the PTB in order to maintain the financing of a space based weapon system,

the E.T card WILL be played by the PTB in the future and it is my guess that they will introduce the NWO Global Government and VERI-Chip to protect the people from Alien abduction, the youngsters will go along with it already because they will have grown up with it in one form or another, but for the older generations it may require a spectacular false flag incident involving E.T's like has already been predicted by many.

I am interested to read what you guys think about any of the aspects above and if you have any further info or ideas about how they will manipulate us further to achieve their goals.

Thanks to ModernAcademia for prompting me to write this thread and to you guys for reading and your comments,


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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 06:33 AM

There is really nothing much that stirs emotion and outrage amongst the population is there?

Oh sure there is, like swine flu, terrorism, and gay marriage. You know, whatever they're told to be afraid of, or not-so-subtly influenced into being afraid of.

I like how you're connecting the dots. I still have a great deal of trouble comprehending what a staged alien invasion would look like - and remember - in that video, apparently Von Braun says that asteroids will come before aliens. So if it's true, we have some time.

I can understand how people aren't getting outraged at microchips. If they don't believe there are sinister forces within our governments, then they can't believe that anything nefarious is intended with these chips. It's a dangerous assumption but that's the majority perspective nonetheless.

You and I and others understand subtlety, gradual inclination, gradual acclimatization. I think it was Gorbachev who once said "We can't give communism to the west, but we can give them small doses of socialism until they wake up one day and find themselves communist." It's technically mind-control spanning multiple generations. That famous video of the ex-KGB officer discussing ideological subversion is also relevant.

Solutions? I have no idea besides advocating personal freedom. You can't just go on the public street corner and yell "The globalists want to put a chip in you but they have to acclimatize you first! Stop preschoolers from being forced to wear RFID shirts!" Might be best to leave out that part when approaching these matters, just because people are not emotionally prepared to accept such evil underlying agendas.

But thanks for the thread, S&F. It's good to stay on top of these things.

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 06:47 AM
If they are for the protection of the children from abduction and abuse by pedophiles, then they could pay the same amount that this system will require for maintenance to have the teachers step up their awareness to what is going on around them to prevent such things also, or they could pay the same money for increased human security, I would go with the former and have the teachers up their game.

Though I don’t believe this is a connection with alien disclosure for reasons I state here, Above Top Secret, I do believe it is just aiding in the children being added to the collective conscious where it is okay for the government to do what they want as long as it is the line of safety.

Truth is that we have a military which is like a country wide police division, each state has its own police division, and each county has their own police division, that we pay to protect us, so why should the government need more money for high tech equipment when we already pay these agencies to protect us. If there are more sophisticated criminals out there, then train the “hired help” more efficiently. There is some tech that is required to help protect us the citizens, but this tech should not include wearing chips, X-ray scanners at airports, or even cameras around every corner, there is no need to invade the personal lives of the populous in the pursuit of “protection”.

All of this to me leads to elimination of the basic rights, and it is definitely heading in that direction, if we are not already there.

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