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Black Triangle UFOs: 'Not piloted by alien beings'

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:49 PM
Myriad forms of evidence has been presented to date...
radar plots of unknowns by the hundreds doing things we merely wish we could do in the air and above.
Sightings of craft by credible souces....thousands of such.
Photographs of ufos that have been undebunked for decades....though the very best of photo experts have tried...
At least several human mutilation cases too as well as cattle mutes.
Finally testomony of many witnesses to alien life forms and vehicles....
along with physical traces and even other confirmation radar other independant witnesses etc...
Recations by the military of many countries to these intrusions with enough verifyable results known.
Sure there could be many explanations for some of these but not all....
In some cases there are extraterrestrial vehicles visiting earth.
(Ive seen it myself...)

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:45 PM
One name that never seems to be mentioned when these threads come up on BT's is Omar Fowler.

Omar Fowler has always been interested in aviation and objects that fly around in the sky. At the age of 17 he joined Fleet Air Arm, in which he served for 7 years. On leaving the service he spent a further three years in the field of aviation at the Empire Test Pilots School (Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough).

In 1967 he founded the Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena (SIGAP) that undertook the investigation of UFO reports. During the late sixties the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) appointed him as National Co-ordinator. He served as a Director of ‘Flying Saucer Review’ for many years and is currently a consultant for FSR and ‘MU: Super Mystery Magazine’ (Japan). He has met and discussed the UFO phenomena with a number of well known international researchers such as Dr.J.Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Dr.Joachim Kuettner (Chairman of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) and the late Dr. John E. Mack (Harvard University), to name but a few. Omar has investigated numerous UFO ‘contactee’ incidents over the years and has interviewed police officers, aircrew, ex-service personnel, both British and American in his quest to find an answer to the UFO mystery.

Source plus video interview

Here are a collection of reports from the UK in a PDF document collected by Omar Fowler this may or may not provide anyone with an interest in BT's with another facet to the phenomenom and as always reports fall into the anecdotal category but non the less contribute to the controversy.

Incidently this may take a while to download as it is 13mb.

The Flying Triangle Mystery

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by stirling
Id be willing to bet a pretty sum that any alien craft we do know about(and expect to come calling)WOULD be escorted as is feasable by our own aircraft.
The whole idea of us building craft of this immense size is ridiculous....
We are not capable of such engineering feats or you would see bridges that hang virtually unsupported by todays standards.
There is absolutely NO reason to believe that even twenty years tech gap could produce the huge triangles.

I agree

It would take thousands and thousands of engineers, welders mechanics and labor and so many contractors. You would have to build it out of sight and mind for one. If they built this in secrecy and had all the people who built it keep quiet then why would they fly over a major city and hover there in plain sight? The ends do not justify the means unless it is a psychological operation. Why go to such extremes in man power funding and secrecy for a psychological operation? Wouldn't there be cheaper ways to make people think UFO's are here? Like media and hoaxes all ready attempt to create belief? Then the PTB explains it away as flairs? It just does not add up being ours.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 09:27 PM
Thought some might find this to be of interest. A possible triangle base in Australia?

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posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Credible witnesses have been seing the "flying wing" types of UFOs at least since the 1940s and 1950s. My guess is that some of them are made here on earth and some are alien craft, although there are also all those stories about how we have had some "help" building advanced craft over the years, even if we don't really understand some of the more advanced technology of the aliens.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by theMegaladon

Thanks for posting that. That is interesting.

There has to be a place that we keep these Triangles and why not there?

Notice I said we

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posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by stirling

I've seen one myself, too, that hovered for 10-15 minutes then moved off at a tremendous rate of state: it went from zero to lightening fast in less than a second. That's when I knew for sure that this was some kind of technology that was out of this world. It had to be.

Plenty of other credible witnesses have seen the same or similar or similar things over the decades to convince me that it's true. I would say that there are thousands or even tens of thousands of reports over the last 50 years that have to be taken seriously.

To me, the real question is why the cover up, and whether anyone really knows who's operating these craft and what they're going here. I've seen a lot of speculation about that, but does anyone really know the answers? I doubt it.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 11:27 AM
If you saw one in 1987, why can't the public get these huge anti-gravity UFOs if there's 20 years been?

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 06:43 AM
flim flam aside,if you read my first post on this thread, say i saw one. very fast and very makes me feel,if its man piloted... that they could offer some defence it ET arrives looking for trouble.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by deathmetalofcourse

It amazes me how rapidly we assume anti-gravity as a possible phenomena... What ant-gravity is? Is it just to reverse the force of gravity? OK, then how? Can you reverse light? Or electro-magnetism? Can you reverse nuclear force? That's how it sounds to me when I hear "anti-gravity".

Hi! Have you ever gone through the myriad scientific papers in the LANL (Los Alamos National Lab) archives? I don't think so or you wouldn't be looking so perplexed by this so called 'anti-gravity' technology. It's not really anti gravity but what is called 'gravity shielding'.

It is shown that the gravity acceleration just above a chamber filled with gas or plasma at ultra-low pressure can be strongly reduced by applying an Extra Low-Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field across the gas or the plasma. This Gravitational Shielding Effect is related to recent discovery of quantum correlation between gravitational mass and inertial mass.

This Gravitational Shielding Effect is unprecedented in the literature and can not be understood in the framework of the General Relativity. From the technical point of view, there are several applications for this discovery; possibly it will change the paradigms of energy generation, transportation and telecommunications.

So, gravity shielding is what the technology is all about. One can't neutralize or nullify gravity per se but can shield an object from its effects. This way a spacecraft can be ensconced inside an electromagnetic plasma 'bubble' that is shielding it from the effects of gravity. Thus the possibility of FTL velocities without the craft moving itself!

The process described in the LANL papers is clearly a better way to control gravity. There are more exciting applications in the links below, like instantaneous interstellar communications! But that's not part of the topic being discussed.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by OrionHunterX

THANK YOU, I'll be reading all this tonight.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by CheapShotArtist
An interesting article that I found stating that these Triangle UFOs that we are seeing in the sky are not piloted by ET and how they are in fact, man made. Which I personally believe as well

Anyway, I found this writeup interesting to say the least.



A few quotes from the above source:

"I have been studying these Black Triangle phenomena since 1987, when my three sons and I witnessed one flying low and slow across our house one night.

"I distinctly heard a low pitched humming sound being made by the craft.

"The sound reminded me of a 600 amp 60 hertz transformer under maximum load.

"I am an Electronic Technician and have experience with state of the art technology.

"It is my belief that these craft use some sort of fusion reactor that must be shielded with a very powerful electromagnetic field. Similar to the Tokamak Fusion technology.

"I do not believe that these craft are piloted by alien beings. This technology may also be able to cancel the effects of gravity and drag. Hence the incredible rates of acceleration.

"A friend of mine has a brother working for the NSA. All he will tell me is that they have technology 20 years in advance of what we civilians have access to.

"I believe the United States operates these 'Black Triangles'. It is not so hard to imagine when you consider the annual military budget is nearly 600 billion dollars!

Thoughts? Opinions? Does anyone here actually believe that these triangles are extraterrestrial? If so, why?

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Very interesting study and if there is one human scientist that can tell me that they built a ship close to a 165 yards in lengnth with enough room in the middle in which they could fit 7 to 9 -727 aircraft in side then i think that wil really surprise the hell out of me.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:08 PM
I saw a BT in 2004, along with my ex-wife and stepson. The sighting is what got me interested in UFO's.

I am still on the fence as to whether it was man made or not. It was definitely huge - estimated to be 1.5 miles wide. It didn't make a sound at all and was moving very very slow.

Do research on the Boeing 797

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:59 PM
I must warn people here, gravity shielding is Dangerous! There are some poisonous concepts floating around which will set back research in these areas for a hundred years!

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by Matyas

Huh? You said gravity shielding is 'dangerous'?? Now what the heck would that mean? Care to elucidate?

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by theMegaladonYou would have to build it out of sight and mind for one. If they built this in secrecy and had all the people who built it keep quiet then why would they fly over a major city and hover there in plain sight?

Yup they do it in Palmdale all the time... Go camp out in the desert near there and watch the skies around 3am

The ends do not justify the means unless it is a psychological operation. Why go to such extremes in man power funding and secrecy for a psychological operation?

OR... the tech's testing these things are having a blast playing cat and mouse with the populace. Considering all the hoaxers like the new cell phone UFO program, they really don't have to worry about being 'caught' The general public is so busy looking for aliens they really don't have a clue on how to stake out and capture a stealth craft

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by CheapShotArtist
reply to post by GL2010

A lot of the Triangle sightings are seen in cities or along highways and they are usually moving reaaaalllly slow.....almost blimp like.

Black Triangle reports seem to come in all sizes.

Im betting this thread gets a ton of replies saying ...They are man made.

yes man made, & most likely drones with no pilot...
year 1996 dec 2-3, 11:00PM, phoenix AZ, the craft was no larger than a 12ft triangle with 3 areas that glowed or reflected the light from the street lights some 40 foot below, these areas were the size of pelicans
the object glided at approx 15 mph, 60' overhead, my location was 705 W. Mariposa (on the roof/zip 85013) just south of Camelback Road...
20 minutes later the 3 bird sized glowing objects were still in formation but now returning Eastward

my best guess, these are military monitors, UAVs, using on-board self navigation...equipped with cameras & bomb/explosives sensing filters

my best guess is that the black-ops up there in Nevada Vegas/area 51
make these 'surveillance platforms' and test them in real-time situations,
at night mostly, to test the on board navigation programs .

the daytime sightings of large black triangle in the 1997 phoenix lights
originated outside Vegas, & criss-crossed AZ all the way from Kingman to Tuscon & back to Phoenix prior to the 10-11PM Phoenix Lights event

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 12:01 PM
To be honest it would be no surprise that the triangles are piloted by human people or Art intelligence.

This crap has been going on for over 100 years, we have had their technology, and their computer systems.

How do you think it all started? Look into history, look at Veniver Bush and one of his best students from MUT that began the Silicon Valley revolution, It all began in 1897, then in 1942 and again in 1947, 3 crashes, 1 was has been much more publisised than others but the first 2 are as much or even more relevant.

Since then we have had the so many advances in science, look at the Mj-12 releases that involve both oppenheimer and Einstein.

The so called discovery of the '' Optic Fibre'' the micro circuit, even advances in both Edison and Teslas work on Electricity. The Telephone, The TV, the Radio Wave, the Internet. Wlan, and LAN tech.

Cameras and michrophones, Stelath technology, weapon design, directed Energy weapons - most recently made public by RAND corp and General Dynamic..

GD a company that V. Bush had a great deal in starting.

Even to go as far back as the Wright Brothers, now what were they doing 5 yrs before their first flight? i dont know but it was around the time of the first '' ufo crash'' a crash that made the locals of Aurora, TX swear that it was a ''spaceman'' and after his death made them bury and create a tombstone in his honour. Now remember that 1897 was a completly different time and era. They buried this being with honour and truly beleived that this peron was from anoher world... since them the wreckage, the BURIED bosy and anything related has gone missing including the goddam tombstone!!

How could we ever say we trust the government of the US. If i was a US Citizen i would be protesting peacefully day after day at the gates of the Whitehouse and if that got me nowhere i would slap the president in the face the first chance i got and ask for the fkin truth because enough is enough..

It is aggravating to say the least, i might be called a terrorist but fk that, all i want is the truth!! Truth!! something that should be afforded to every US citizen and anyone of thier allies. I tell you this, thet and maybe i am lucky i am not in the defence force of AUS today because if i were ordered to goto Iraq or even Afganistan, i would say get fkd...

It has been too long, 9 years for # sack, if they cant catch a guy in a cave after this long then what good is all that technology!!

Iraq is more screwed up than before the war began, there was never any WMD's yet the CIA or the DOD has never been held accountable because why??

It is the USA.. LMAO.. what a joke!!

No wonder france and the mojority of Europe would not go in and attack a helpless nation.....

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by OrionHunterX

Well, maybe not for two percent, but anything over 10 percent is flirting with fire, and you can kiss your gluteus goodbye for over 90%.

There are two ways to control gravity, shielding and generation. Shielding = Philadelphia Experiment --> very bad, Generation = der Glocke --> bad

Now back to regular scheduled programming, figgering out if dem triangles are ours or not

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by theMegaladonWhy go to such extremes in man power funding and secrecy for a psychological operation?

Now you think about what you wrote there for a long while and get back with me later.

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