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Starcraft 2 - Spectator Sport

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 12:09 AM
Im so privileged to say that I lived during the era that Video Games became a spectator sport.

Starcraft 1 set the foundation, and starcraft 2 has launched into outer space. Hell, even i've hopped on board, purchased a full version of FRAPS, and started recording my own games

Wondering if any of you have done the same? I'd like to post a few of my games from time to time, and if anyone has an interest.... critique them

Here is, hands down, the closest game i've EVER had in any competitive online game...ever!

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing it
.... sorry for the lousy sound quality of my voice...i did finaly get it fixed and it's a lot louder on all future videos

P.S. it's best to watch them in full screen mode

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 12:44 PM
I probably buy it, I miss korean zerg :/


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