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Gold futures manipulations (suppresssion) beginning to fail?

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posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 03:59 PM

This is a link to a news clearing house regarding gold and silver futures market manipulations and complaints about same. this info is two weeks old

My thinking is that a lot of people will (properly) relate a rapid and sustained up-trending of precious metals or other commodities to indicate a weakening of the US dollar.. (okay, I know: 'duh! Einstein')

but with all the 'bailouts' / money printing and continued complaints of market rigging....

What I heard from a friend today was that he listened to an inteview with G Edward Griffin, author of the "Creature from Jekyll Island' which tells about the creation of the FedREserve (which is niether Federal nor a 'Reserve')

You doubtless have heard of the 'Plunge Protection Team' which acts to help bouy-up the stock markets... well a substrategy or related tactic would be to prop up appearances of the the strength of the US$ by overwhelming that market with massive computer-generated traffic to short / suppress the current gold / silver prices via future contract price squashing, if you will.

I cannot find the Griffin radio interview where this was recently quoted that the intraday gold future contract pricing shot up to $3000 before person or group responsible for the hacking / flooding tactic had brought it back to 'normal'..

Apparantly 'normal' intra-day trading 'spikes' are supposed to be in the range of $10 - $20 dollar highs...

My thoughts are that obviously this cannot go on forever and when the rush for physical possesion finaly gets out of hand, as it were. this will affect a lot of things in very dramatic ways...

Hoping to get help finding the radio interview and get contributions from fellow ATS'r.

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by AntiShyster

China is dumping U.S. debt, is actively buying up all the gold it can
(holds the world's largest amount), and is telling all its citizens to
buy all the silver they can.

Bernake, Fed. Reserve, and bambam planning on printing trillions more
of worthless money.

3 years ago, gold was at $600./oz. It is projected to hit $5,000. /oz
(yup, Five thousand dollars an ounce) before it is all over.
Silver is projected to hit $250.00/oz due to China's mass call to its 'citizens'
to buy all they can. China has even given some of its workers pay raises.

There are free newsletters out there that can give you a good beginning
handle on all finance(could start with reuters, world net daily, and then
branch out into the financial accounts)

All experts I know say unless you are smarter than they, stay out of the
stock market. From what I gather you were alluding too, there is a way
they can instantly manipulate these markets for desired outcomes.

There is some kind of electronic data that some of these companies have
access to that the other companies don't get for 10 or 20 seconds later.
Evidently this is enough for them to win at the stock market game.

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 04:44 PM
I disagree that gold is being held at a low price.
There is a lot more paper gold out there then physical metal held by the companies selling this toilet paper.
This may work as long as the people holding this paper don't need the money.
but if the economy suddenly gets a lot worse( depression) and a large number of people try to cash in there paper at the same time

When that scam is found out a lot of people will lose there shirts and the rest will pull out of the market.
Then you will have a depression that will make the depression of 1929 look minor.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 10:10 PM
What actually happens when there is a shortage of deliverable metal, wheat, coffee, or any other material traded on the commodities exchange ???

Using the heavily shorted Silver market as an example, the trapped shorts (sellers) will literally be forced to scrape & scour the globe for any, and all available inventory in order to settle their contract obligations, while paying rapidly escalating prices in the process. This competitive buying frenzy, aka: Commercial Signal Failure, would represent the mother of all short squeezes...the epitome of a sellers market. With these trapped counter-parties unable to deliver, and Silver spiking dramatically, at what price level will inventory be coaxed back into the market ? IOW, when it becomes apparent that there isn't sufficient Silver in Comex warehouses to cover all outstanding delivery notices, at what price will holders of the physical commodity become willing to part with their increasingly valuable hoards..$25oz ? $30oz ? $40oz ? More ? And at what elevated price level will market equilibrium finally be restored ?

The sellers have complete control in this scenario, and there couldn't be a more bullish climate for precious metals.

Who loses ?

The PTB...including Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, JPM and the merry band of price managing banksters.

Who wins ?

Every J6P that had the foresight to buy, and the stamina to hold even a single ounce of real metal.

Commercial Signal Failure

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