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Acoustic Anomalies... The Key to the Future?

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posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 12:17 AM
Music affects people in some intangible way, regardless of culture. We know sad when we hear it. Happy, too. Adventure, excitement... Love. Somehow, music transcends language and cultural barriers and vibrates into our innermost beings. That being said, there are some *mysterious* qualities about sound, about the notes that comprise MUSIC.

We start with a discovery known as "The Mozart Effect." In a study, people who listened to music by legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed substantially better on tests than those who didn't. The idea caught on like wildfire and before long, parents were playing classical music for their children to help increase their intellectual development. Over the years, the scientist recounted that "Mozart" --alone-- was responsible. In the end, she said that whatever music you enjoy stimulates you to perform better. Still, the point is that *listening to the music you enjoy increases your performance.* Here is the NPR report:

Next, keeping *in theme* (sorry about that pun), there are mysteries involving the note "b-flat." It makes alligators bellow mating calls. Echoes of b-flat linger. Black holes emit vibrations in b-flat (57 octaves below what human ears can perceive!). Here is a more complete accounting of b-flat:

We now escalate the ante. What if sound waves could provide for refrigeration, at a minimal amount of cost? There is such a thing as an "acoustic refrigerator." I highly encourage you to google "acoustic refrigerator." Essentially, this is a hollow device with little or no moving parts that uses sound waves to create micro-atmospheric imbalances to differentiate between warmer and cooler air. --REFRIGERATON at a particle of the cost! Here is a link:

Finally, over the years I'd always thought dolphins, who are highly intelligent and speak their own language and have a BIGGER brain than humans, were/are handicapped by the fact that they 1) don't have hands/fingers/THUMBS, and 2) could never create fire. With those two handicaps, how could they ever achieve anything great? Before we go on, we might as well toss in WHALES, too, who can sing, but are in the same camp as dolphins.

HOWEVER... Human scientists have RECENTLY DISCOVERED that by bombarding *normal* bubbles in *normal* water with SOUND WAVES, they can create miniature STARS. --or, at least, something like a star. This is so new that THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. Here is the link for SONARLUMINESCENCE:

Is it a coincidence that humanity seemed to COME ALIVE with NEW IDEAS during the RENAISSANCE? That was a time of profound ideas... and PROFOUND MUSIC.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to buy/download and play that Mozart CD afterall....?

Please do your own research and add to this thread. Food for thought. Music for self-actualization. Your thoughts?

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