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Hello and a suggestion of a music artist worth listening to

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 09:48 PM
Hello ATS members...I have been a troll of your site for quite a long time and referred many to also check out ATS because of the 'You should know" news that is posted here. I am an analytical person and always looking into everything for deeper meaning and always one to ponder my own thoughts and research possibility.

Now...I will flat out say the music artist that I would like everyone to check out goes by the name Canibus, a hip hop lyricist. Now I will also say that I did work on the production of this album and in no way am I trying to raise sales by posting this. ( I receive no financial benefits at all) The album that I would like everyone to check out is by Canibus, "For whom the Beat tolls".

Now the reason to listen..this album was put together to alert individuals of the information they need to start paying attention to in relation to 2012. The artist Canibus is very researched and knowledgeable of many of the "possible realities" aka conspiracy's surrounding 2012 and he even gave me a huge file of STS- shuttle videos, HAARP documents, and tons of other interesting related files. (This actually is the reason I began looking deeper and found ATS).

Specific songs...
Layered Prayers...

Secrets of the Cosmonauts..

Harbinger of Light...

Father author poor pauper...

Javilin Fangs( listen to this one!!!)...

There are other albums with this type of lyrical information as well that are very worth listening to...

Channel Zero....

I hope all you ATS readers/members enjoy... Please don't flag or remove this post, the music lyrics are exactly along the lines of the content of the site... Greetings ATS and thank you!!

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 10:20 PM
My apologies ATS members for this post... I didn't read the do's and do not's of the site and didn't know I was not allowed to post website links until 20 posts later...My sincere apologies.. so about me...

I am from Chicago burbs and now live in Southern California. I have always been fascinated by anything relating science, deep thought, pondering, the unknown and unheard of. As an occupation I am a part time recording studio owner (home studio) and otherwise do not have a set profession yet. My interests are vast as space and it is very hard to displease me. I am not under a specific religion, not even baptized, but I do believe there is some power, force, energy that flows within us and everything living. I do not choose a specific religion because of the separation that most modern religions pose to outsiders and believe in the basic fundamentals of progress as society. I do not have a college degree however I do have some college geared towards mechanical engineering. I love hip hop music and lyrics and anything to do with music production.

What topics on ATS interest me?? well anything current that is the "you should know" news about our planet, people or future disruptions out of our control. I have been a ATS troll for a long time and haven't really posted anything since I became a member 2 years ago...however times change and I am ready to thank you ATS for all of the information, and I look forward to your feedback on my previous post...thank you!

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