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More globalization - Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 08:33 PM
Reading at the IMF I was finding that Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act made them happier, not really happy but happier. And more suggestions from them.
Even the privatization of Frannie & Freddie to get them away from the Government.
Read more here and see our where our Congress & Obama will be headed with financial reform if they want to keep the IMF happy.

Though some people do not view the IMF through rose colored glasses:
"The IMF walk-out gives the lie to the notion that the organization serves nobly to reward fiscal responsibility with generous help to struggling national economies. Instead, the IMF, central banks, and policy makers use debt levels and rising deficits to extort reductions in socially beneficial spending in the public sector. When Hungary reduced pensions and benefits, raised the retirement age, sliced subsidies, and denied wage increases, it was deemed prudent and deserving of a loan. But when the financial sector was asked to bear some of the burden of deficit reduction, the IMF condemned Hungary’s government and walked away from the negotiating table. IMF officials assuredly knew that Hungary would be punished for its defiance, unleashing the predatory financial sector to batter currency exchange rates, equity values, debt costs, bond ratings, and insurance costs."

Wait!! - doesn't this sound like the Bush/Obama agenda

"The end game of this charade is two-fold: First, it seeks to put the burden of debt reduction squarely on the backs of working people. All the debt accumulated by endless wars, bloated militaries and security services, tax relief for the rich, and corporate welfare and bailouts is shifted to the masses."

I hope you guys are putting aside LOTS of money to pay your taxes next year because what is taken out automatically is going to fall short
Remember the line
"i owe my soul to the company store"

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