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Israeli academics boycott West Bank settlements

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 03:39 PM

Israeli academics boycott West Bank settlements
New cultural centre in Ariel (30 August 2010) An arts centre in Ariel, one of the West Bank's largest settlements, is to open in November

More than 150 Israeli academics say they will no longer lecture or work in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

In a letter, they said they supported the recent decision by a group of actors and others not to take part in cultural activity there.

The academics said that acceptance of the settlements caused "critical" damage to Israel's chances of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

The actors were criticised for refusing to perform at a new cultural centre.
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Israel and the Palestinians

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the last thing Israel needed as it resumed direct peace talks was a boycott from within.

This is what we need to see more of
boycott of anything that is produced in settlements that are "Settlements are considered illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this"

its good to see israelis boycott these kind of areas, Kudos to them

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