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America- The 50/50 Voting Nation

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posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 12:20 PM
Everyone is fimiliar with the environment of voting in the United States. You are a Democrat, Republican, or Other. Many times the war that is an election turns out to be between two of the three "partys"; the Democrats and Republicans. Don't get me wrong, a few Others have won in America's history, but I am talking about elections in general.
For many elections the Electoral College played a vital and un-democratic role in elections, creating a definent winner and loser. As, in the 2000 elections, Bush beat Gore just through that advantage. Will it be any different for Kerry and Bush in today's election?
You may ask, 'What about the Others', well, sadly, they probably will not be able to play a role in the 2004 elections. The United States today is a governmentally brainwashed society, I believe, for the time being, that these elections will be 50/50, or two sided.
Over the past few months it has been 40-something% for Bush and vice-verca for Kerry, this election may turn out to be another Bush v. Gore one, but only time can tell.

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