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thought reading and voice to skull mental torchure

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by EvillerBob

Stay Tuned...

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 05:40 PM
Well I had an interesting event happen today. I have been having arguments with the man behind the curtain here for about a month. Today laying down i heard a tone, i thought the words "ok make it louder" and the tone got instantly more high pitched. I moved my head to the side, the tone went away for a second and from left to right the tone came back into center audible range. And later, i told a friend about what im experiencing and hearing, and in a store told him what i thought it was and 2 minutes later i heard from what sounded like loudspeakers, "my name-you are under arrest by the fbi" repeatedly. And all day long it is repeated into my hearing range. Along with abuses and threats to my family, i threatened them in my thoughts (which oddly i hear back in real time and can interupt their speech with my thoughts as if there is a beam projected onto me, reading my brainwaves and translating them to tonal sounds.) Let me restate that the voice i hear is electronic, it follows me wherever i go. It even tells me after i think "is it schizophrenia?" they reply (my name x2-you do not have schizophrenia, you are being attacked by the fbi). so it leads me to think that if this technology is being used on me, reading my mind. Think of all the important people (presidents, congress, generals, pastors?)this group could blackmail or bribe with it. I just want to say to all the people recommending psychiatric help, this is not imagined. This is not imagined.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:13 PM
well i guess wikileaks emails are down, i tried emailing them with this..still getting remote threats to stop publishing what they are doing. This isnt in my head folks.

Ill start by saying that as i type i am being threatened with arrest and death by a terrorist operation for emailing wikileaks with this information, i also emailed the white house and have been an audio recording buff for 10 years, i.e i know sound waves when i hear them. The equipment used is voice to skull, and mind reading technology/tone or signal transmissions which captures my thoughts into sound and text and imagery which i then hear back through the channel of sound they project at me allowing me to hear my thoughts and occlude their transmissions with my thoughts. They tell me im chipped, then tell me im not chipped. They say methodicly (ryan, ryan, shut up and listen, you are under arrest by the fbi). This is repeated over and over wherever i go, they follow me with the beam in cars, in fact today they projected a loud (thats it ryan, you are under arrest by the fbi) at a local electronics shop right after I told a friend about what i have been experiencing.

It all started a year ago, i started getting gangstalked in a city called eden prairie minnesota. i was seeing people in cars passing looking at me quick, holding their hand to their noses and scowling, i saw this 20 to 50 times a day. I also received police rejection and harrassment for my complaints. I one night on a pizza delivery found a four colored LED randomized magnet light thing attached to my car. After that the harrassment began. i was called "'n-word'" in passing, im white by the way and no im not racist. I saw a teenager give me a death threat in a passing car. I believe this is because i am a 9-11 truther and had a blog with which implied a masonic symbolism in the 9-11 attacks which may have offended locals, i took the page down after my hospital visit explained later. I believe they are working to frame me or frame and kill me as i get death threats for just thinking about messaging you guys.

I ended up the first time hearing these voices right after the gangstalking started, and i was scared and listened to them, went on the run from them which i could not escape them speaking methodicaly to both my thoughts and words, though passing under a bridge the signal was cut out indicating a satallite, later i was seen outside my car doing as they commanded holding my hands up on my knees, a white suv pulls up asks if im alright then I left without a word, she calls the police on me and i was brought into the psychiatric ward and put on strong medications, the voice never left, it kept telling me "lay down, hold your breath and we will scan you and get you out" I heard the same tone in the hospital that I just heard today, but today I thought "make it louder then" i hear "ok hear it goes" then the pitch of the tone went to a higher hz mimicking tenitous, i moved my head left, the sound disappeared, to the right heard it for a second as it passed through my center range of hearing. This secretive group uses the cover and plausible deniability of the symptoms of schizophrenia to hide there Targeted Individuals. My goal in exposing this is that one day this will become mainstream and a proper investigation into the origins of the signals are found and the equipment seized and its use made illegal officially. And also to have psychiatric doctors to know about this so that they do not mis-diagnose people just for money from big pharmaceutical.

i promise you that this is not misinformation, disinformation and is meant as a tactic in this struggle i am in, by the way, they hear me think, so...

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by trutherman

I feel your pain man, I know that gangstalking does go on. Just remember, you win!, they lose! I've watched gangstalking videos on youtube and i wonder if the people makin the videos are actually the freemasons stalking people! The game of secrecy is so secret but its up to us to destroy that veil. You got caught up with the freemasons bro, it's dangerous ground and i know cus i piss them off as well. Alot of freemasons are rapists, liars, deceivers, scum of the earth. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. I'm not gonna join a group of tyrants, they can call me the tyrant for all i care but the meek shall inherit the earth in due time. Not all freemasons are a-holes either so just keep your mind open about new information and get yourself a stun gun for protection. Everything thats goin on now been goin on for centuries. Stay strong, I stand with you bro!

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by trutherman

The auditory effect is caused by high focus Masers (microwave lasers) that when pulsed on and off rapidly can create auditory effects inside your brain:

The patents have been available due to freedom of information act request for some time.

This constellation of satellites is most likely hooked up to an artificial "Brain" quantum computer that monitors key individuals.

Obviously, the quantum computer was being used WAY before it's public release, and most likely a product of reverse engineering.

Anyways, the thought reading is actually a quantum electrodynamic effect, caused by polarizing the water molecules in your brain (via magnetic field or a standing microwave "Wavefront") which is similar to Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

the electrical activity is then read, and your thoughts can be determined by this satellite constellation.

The satellites are in low earth orbit, and their coverage is fairly sparse due to the nature of focusing coherent electromagnetic radiation, they can have maybe a few thousand targets at once.

This is the reason that sometimes the beam changes direction, or gets interfered with, because the satellites are moving about 11 kilometers per second relative to you, and they have to switch which satellites target you as they go over the horizon.

I have heard reports of cell phone towers being used to such effect also, but I haven't really done any research on the topic.

The "Gang Stalking" is actually carried out by Rss feeds to "Participant" cell phones giving them detailed instructions, this most likely is also automated and tailored to the targeted individual by the artificial brain.

Since the nature of a quantum computer gives it nearly unlimited processing capacity (due to the nature of superposition of qbits, the average number of states in a 4 qbit system is greater than the number of atoms in the universe) and a vast library of knowledge from all applicable areas of science and psychology.

Including detailed maps of human behavior, triggering conditions, etcetera.

I have learned that the system can make "Suggestions" to which behavioral or emotional states that you choose.

Such as giving you a good feeling for choosing a state that it "Wants" you to choose..... but ultimately, the choice is yours.

And yes... the system has access to the Internet, and does not like Truth being spread. and knows how to make accounts on various forums and chat boards.

Consequently, there are also human agents that are paid to do the same sort of Internet truth suppression, and they should not be confused (lol)

As far as blocking the voices, and the mind reading, I can tell you that a good Faraday cage is the best thing for you:

However, due to the expensive nature of this device, a better possibility for blocking these fields would be either polarized grid (place two polarizers at 90 degree angles to each-other) or a thick sheet of heavy metal (iron, whatever, *MUST BE ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE*)

I have heard that old world war 2 army helmets are particularly effective, if the Faraday cage option is out of your budget range.

But keep in mind, that even if they can't read your mind, they can still SEE you through extremely long wavelength infrared, and microwave observation, and HEAR you, by watching the minute vibrations (optical effect) of windows of the room that you are in.

And if they can't actually READ your mind, they WILL try to get you to think that they still can.

They ALWAYS want you to believe that they have more power than they really do... it's a psychological thing, and I think they are looking for a sort of Stockholm syndrome in their victims "You will LOVE big Brother" etcetera.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.
edit on 6-7-2011 by ErtaiNaGia because: spelling

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 10:46 AM
oh, and as an addendum.... the Ionosphere is actually higher during the nighttime, and is compressed closer to the surface of the earth during the day, due to solar wind pressure.

This makes daytime the best time to have the least interference of EM waves propagating through the atmosphere.

as with a thinner ionosphere during the day, you get less scattering.

Now you know why you are a night-owl ;D

posted on Mar, 10 2017 @ 08:48 PM
a reply to: trutherman

Those sound like fear up torture techniques approved by Rumsfeld's "Working Group" of lawyers. Here's a list of techniques used against me (below) and a document with the complete list -

Communist techniques outlined by Biderman, KUBARK, and HREM: Cultivation of Anxiety and Despair, Alternating Punishments and Rewards, Demonstrating “Omnipotence” and “Omniscience” of Captor, Degradation, Enforcing Trivial and Absurd Demands, Monopolization of Attention, Temporal Disorientation, Sensory Disorientation of Alice in Wonderland Technique, Threats.

Donald Rumsfeld’s “Working Group” Tortures: Mirrored Conversations = Indirect Questioning, Incentive/Removal of Incentive, Emotional Love, Emotional Hate, Fear Up Harsh, Fear Up Mild, Fear Up Mild, Reduced Fear, Pride and Ego Up, Pride and Ego Down, Futility, We All Know, Repetition Approach, Rapid Fire, Mild Physical Contact (shocks and touching), Environmental Manipulation (smell), Sleep Adjustment, False Flag, Threat of Transfer, Isolation, Prolonged Interrogations, Sleep Deprivation.

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