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The Conspiracy of Consumption -- Don't become another 9/11 victim :(

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 10:37 PM
I want to address all the good people here who are genuinely concerned about the illegal wars the US is fighting, the murders of 9/11 and everything else that is associated with this wickedness.

9/11 was very divisive from the start and a wake-up call to millions. Some were pleading to go to war before we even knew who we should go to war against. Some immediately recognized the inevitable and pleaded for the rest of us to remember that old quaint teaching, of turning the other cheek, or even loving your enemies. After this immediate division of two very, VERY different types of souls, 9/11 still continues to awaken people today! And for the role you here play in this... I am grateful.

However the days for which this is useful action are running short. If 9/11 opened your eyes then what did it open them to? An entire race/religion of people who hate Americans for their freedom and deserve to be killed before they have a chance to kill us back? The extent of modern corruption of the military-industrial complex in its never-ceasing quest for big business through warfare and all the conquest to go around for those who go with them?

Did 9/11 wake you up to the real complexities of the modern political/military world?

Did you learn about the incomprehensible amounts of money being spent on these wars, that goes straight from the Federal Reserve into the pockets of corporations like Halliburton, GE, Lockheed-Martin?

Have you learned the word "Bilderberger" since 9/11? How about "Council on Foreign Relations"? Or the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller, one of the two Rockefeller brothers that had the WTC Towers built in the first place?

Did you wake up to the names Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, maybe even Zbigniew Brzezinski, since 9/11?

Have you woken up to more than all of this?

Suppose you did happen to wake up to more than all of this about 9/11. Suppose you also woke up to what will ultimately happen to our economy, as I did back around 2003 or 2004 before anyone took the national debt seriously and everyone still thought our economy was doing great.

Suppose you also woke up to "global warming," whether you believe it natural or man-made. Very, very old ice is still melting.

Or the fact that many world leaders are on record wishing to reduce global population. That means you.

And the impact technology is having on society, where technology advances and information travels at exponentially greater rates, putting to shame the rate at which we advanced in the 1800s or even the 1900's up until around the 1960s when all of these advances first started taking off.

And the erratic, unpredictable activity of the Sun of late, which now has NASA forecasting solar storms around 2012 that may disable satellites or worse?

And did you wake up to the fact that we are currently in the middle of a global mass extinction event?

What does all of this have to do with 9/11? 9/11 was a catalyzing event, in the most literal sense, like a catalyzing agent being poured into a chemical soup. It was a SLAP IN THE FACE, to say HEY!! WAKE UP!! THIS ISN'T "NORMAL" ANYMORE!! If nothing else would grab the attention of the masses, not the mass extinctions, not the inevitable run of our economic practices, then this event surely did, if only because it was forced upon you by the world's mass media resources! The cataclysm caused by the catalyzing agent is to separate and the divide back into its constituent elements. In this case, those who stand in love, compassion, understanding, and peace, and those who stand in fear, hate, ignorance, and hostility. You are being slowly preened back to whichever group you most closely resemble. What do you think you more closely resemble, as perceived by those around you? And the ultimate cataclysm in our case is the combination of all of the issues already mentioned and a host of others which I won't even bring into this discussion -- but they are being talked about all over ATS just like all of the rest.

They will come to a head and only "bad news" will result for all of those who didn't have the foresight to figure all of this out and prepare for it ahead of time.

The whole world is being divided back down into its basic components, being taken utterly back to basics, and this has worked its way naturally and firmly into human social events. We are facing 9/11's, economic disasters that are crippling industry and business, global weather changes and mass extinction events just to recap a few of the issues currently pressing us.

If you allow the political aspects of 9/11, the political and scientific debates, the foreshadowing of political upheavals (which may or may not ever have time to come to pass), if you let them consume you in a negative way, from worrying too much, or being fearful, those nasty sinking feelings in your gut, then you might as well have been a victim of 9/11 itself as far as the future is concerned. Be aware of the problems that need attention, but don't become consumed personally with trying to alleviate them for all of mankind. It's not your cross to bear.

So the practical issue to balance is this....

How much time should we spend arguing about 9/11,

when there is so much else going on that needs our attention?

We should let others go their own way and follow to their own result.

If logic and reason could not convince Copernicus' generation that the Earth revolved around the Sun before poor old Copernicus died a fool, then neither will logic and reason be able to prevail upon the masses of people today who only have to reject them for a much shorter span of time. This is something you will have to come to terms with, as there is nothing realistically that you can do about it from where you sit now.

9/11 was an atrocity, is still waking people up, and is still worthy of discussion... but how much of your time, as the clock keeps ticking....?

Take responsibility. Find an escape from the rat race. Relax. Breathe. Find love for life again, like when you were a child. Keep learning and stay alert! Don't get hung up on one thing! This is what I tell you!

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 10:53 PM
Here is one message I would like to share with you all....

Millions of people all over the world resonate with this message more than ANY OTHER in regards to 9/11, but it is a rare find indeed on these forums....

On anniversary of 9/11 attacks, focus on peace, healing

Healing events should help redirect the negative emotion toward positive change.

On Sept. 11, the anniversary of planes destroying the Twin Towers, the doors of the Community Christian Church will open at 8 p.m. for a program titled, “Interfaith Remembrance and Recovery from 9/11.” The subtitle is “From Pain to Peace: Easing Suffering, Creating Sanctuary,” said Ron Faust, a convener for the Disciples for Peace Fellowship, the sponsoring organization.

“We’re just trying to help people let go of some of the pain and blame that surrounds 9/11 and embrace a sense of hope and uplift peace,” Faust said.

The offering for the evening will go to Heart to Heart International, a worldwide humanitarian organization headquartered in Olathe.

There are two conspiracies here.

The first is against this:

Stop and measure how much you yourself turn away from this very image!

If a message of peace repels you, then I submit this as proof that you are part of the conspiracy.

You STILL don't want to accept peace and healing, almost 10 years later...?

Well neither do the people who are STILL killing each other over this. So please consider who you are benefiting.

The second conspiracy here is against the evil feelings that continue to roll over and over from that day, into the future! This is where I stand...

Yes, we are conspiring to put an end to all of the hateful feelings that continue to dominate even on these forums.

Even if you come here for good, you are doing more than your fair share of evil at the same time if it is only to verbally abuse others. This is the entire problem with humanity. It is an immature attitude. When are we going to grow up, and stop arguing like children, but behave as full grown adults and remind all the children that bickering and hatefulness is unbecoming and bad for us all?

By the way we are all continuing to behave, the Earth would have to be destroyed before we would realize "Oops! We made a little mistake..." .....

The only person that can change you, is you.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 11:25 PM
the problem is that, even today, people are still getting killed because 911, and there is no human rights groups out there, there is no protest, no one freaking cares

I find amazing people getting worried and sad because 1000 people died on 911 or whatever, while 30,000 died in illegal wars and still die even today

besides that, a culture is being murdered by the US

the reality is that our world is $%#?up, I hope this is a game, because I am not winning it

its just amazing for you to stop and think, that a lot of organizations simply dont care about life, they just care about a fake paper, its just AMAZING, its just unbelievable, I just cant believe this is real ...

I am the only one who sees the problem? I dont think so ... then why is there still a problem? thats what I am trying to find out, and the only conclusion that I got is that, some people are born without the ability to feel or understand, ... I dont have any other theory ... yet

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by AquariusDescending

The reason I cannot heal and let 9/11 go, is because of all the death and destruction that followed. The criminals(tptb) that caused it, are still free to do whatever they want to will cause more death, destruction, which will never end as long as the tptb are free.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by hypattia
The reason I cannot heal and let 9/11 go, is because of all the death and destruction that followed. The criminals(tptb) that caused it, are still free to do whatever they want to will cause more death, destruction, which will never end as long as the tptb are free.

I understand where you are coming from completely, believe me I've felt the same way, but accept my response...

I can think of many things in addition to 9/11 to grieve about. There are many tragedies occurring right now all over the world, and millions of people are dying from them. People are killing each other in wars resulted from 9/11, people are starving to death, there is so much to grieve over that it really becomes incomprehensible to me. I can't even comprehend how much sadness there is in the world, being only one small person in it myself and only having so much experience to relate to. I've never known what it's like to see my own family members gunned down brutally in front of me. I've never had to watch them starve to death. There is too much to grieve about with all that is happening.

With 9/11 in particular, less than 5000 people died that day. It was horrible, you don't have to tell me, but was it more horrible than the Holocaust? I think we would agree no, it wasn't. Or more horrible than Stalin killing about 6 million of his own people, or the Japanese slaughter of the Chinese? No, these things were all much, much worse in terms of the amount of suffering, the number of fatalities, destruction of property...

So the amount of energy we spend on one of these things, compared to others, is important.

When we focus an unbalanced, and un-proportional amount of energy on 9/11, we are giving TPTB exactly what they want! This is what's crucial for everyone to understand. They want you to still be sore and angry because the emotion you generate by that is still feeding the negativity in this country that continues to generate war! It generates war in the hearts of Americans here at home. We need to understand what happened on 9/11, know that we were lied to and it was wrong and many people died, but going out of our war to argue about it and spend so much time and energy on it is distracting from more important changes that need to take place for mankind right now.

I'm not saying the "truth movement" should come to an end either, only that on the individual level, people involved with this need to make sure that they are balancing their time in a healthy way, so that they are bettering themselves as a person always, and not getting so wrapped up in the arguing and fighting. That mindset is a fundamental part of the whole problem. You should be so you can just approach it, and walk away from it. And when you walk away from it, it's already out of mind. Until you have something else you plan on coming back and contributing, in a very planned out and logical way. Don't let it consume your emotions so that you come here rather out of something more akin to a need or even addiction in some cases, but come here in a very deliberate way, with a deliberate message, an allotted part of your day, and then be done with it. And even consider there are better places to present these messages, than an online forum. And when you are done with what you have to say, return to focusing on something more positive and uplifting than a false flag event that was meant to capture your attention and distract you and wrap you up with war.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:25 PM
I dont think that the problem is the fact people want peace or war, but that powerful people get away with mass murder complicity. Which is the driving force behind the truth movement, if cheney, bush, haliburton, and scores of other possible people and businesses had a hand in bringing the towers down on crowds of people below and still inside to justify a middle east invasion kept alive through fear of the boogie man bin laden and saddams wmd's which if existed he probably got from the US of A. Sorry for the run on sentence, but if peace is to be achieved in our lifetime, war must first take place, but instead of warring against another set of helpless masses who are forced into military situations or coerced through economic hardships, we set our sites on the politicians and military leaders who create these wars, which are throughout history, all for power, resources, and state run mental conditioning through fear then fealty. Wait everyone let me guess, your afraid of getting pulled over, admit it i get that way. that is because were preconditioned to fear police, who represent the faulty legal system which takes away our rights and money via extortion, 9-11 was extortion, a clever extortion that divided america so that the powerful can turn us in on ourselves, giving them the doorways to trick us into things like a north american union and subsequently global government.

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