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Planetary influences and world events

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posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 11:42 AM
Hello all!

Well there certainly are a lot of things happening today it seems, from the first successful private space ship flight to the seizing of 3 British Navy ships by Iran.

I have a question for anyone reading this thread, and it pertains to world events. Have any of you ever noticed how some major world events always seem to happen on major planetary alignments or Lunar Gaps (New, quarter and Full Moons)? I have noticed over time that from major televised sports, awards and political news events, to movie releases and major military manuevers.....they all happen on either New and Full moons, or Solstices like today or the equinox.

Now, could it be that the world's events just happen or is it that some events are planned in order to take advantage of the ENERGY present during these cosmic events? Are some situations easier to manifest according to the rhythms of the cosmos? Are they easier to manifest if the majority of peoples are unaware of these cycles?

Just a thought on this form me to you. Just sit back and think about all that has happened and do a lunar/solar cycles research on the net and correlate your findings with past news events and see if there is a pattern (at least to you anyway)

Here is a link dealing with the science of "heliobiology" by Earl Elmer Bakken for your review as well. he didn't coin the term heliobiology, but this abstract is condensation of his and others findings in the matters of cosmic rhythms, and biological activity ie; our world events

Watch the cycles man, then you can begin to see where your energy (emotions or spirit) are being directed, usually externally towards man made events that misuse the cosmic cycles by focusing on the bad vibes, instead of allowing you the time to go within the HEART in your chest and connecting to the divine in you!


posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 11:54 AM
(opening disclaimer -- at one time I was a professional astrologyer)

It's synchronicity. In fact, I could find you a whole chain of "significant events" that took place when the planets were in grand trines, in opposition, or when they were in various scattered positions and I could make a good case with statistics that each of these was Terribly Significant.

That, however, was before I did a little reading on astronomy and then took the challenge and calculated out the gravitational influences of the various planets. It turns out that my 10 pound cat has a higher gravitational influence on me than do all the planets in the solar system. My car has an even higher gravitational influence than the planets and the cat.

There's a number of things that impact the way people behave, including the weather, the season, the news, and even ads we see.

A few groups (like the Pagans) do plan things out for major lunar/solar/seasonal events, and many of the religious calendars (which were made long before we had the accurate calendars of today) are lunar/solar based, so religious events will always have some sort of planetary-lunar-solar connection.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 12:33 PM
Hello Byrd!

Thanks for the reply. How did you do your research into gravitational effects and how they pertain to your experiences in life? I too have experienced many synchronicities but amazingly, I only became aware of them as I began to study lunar and solar cycles, especially the Lunar ones. However the kinetic energy of the sun as it pulses seems to have a great effect to. After reading Living Energies by Callum Coates i realized that it is not the sun and star that really cause things to occur, they only pulse with pure kinetic potential. It is is the Water in the atmosphere the universe and our bodies that generate the energy all around us, and since water holds information, in the physical realm it holds our consciousness too. We as humans generate our reality with out intent and emotions, our beleifs and the emotional importance we place on things like our homes, jobs, pets, and material goods.

It is true that those who adhere to an earth centered religion will plan their events in accordance with planetary cycles, but this true for Judaism, Islam, Christianity and any other religion or faith. Once you research them you will see a lot of them are at the core, under the symbolism, what we might call pagan.

I still see a lot of things (synchronicity) taking place with lunar and solar cycles. My thought is maybe those in the "know" use the foreknowledge of the cyclic nature of reality to their advantage while the masses (the profane in their eyes:@@
are taught only that time is linear.

Whatcha think?


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