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Being Yourself is LIVING ~ Being Someone Else is DYING

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 07:12 PM

Being Yourself is LIVING ~ Being Someone Else is DYING. The key to life is so simple.

The key is, ready for it....wait....wait for it.... being yourself!

Yup, that's it. Just be yourself and you are alive. You are free. You are so damn amazing and powerful and creative and whatever... You are ALL and EVERYTHING when you are yourself.

Chau Chau,

This guy talks very spiritually and does make valid points. I suggest you see the rest of his videos, or even go to his website!

Mind Petals

He does sound enlightened, but are the members of ATS ready to be enlightened as well? Or, logic, and knowledge will once again begin a conflict with spirituality and philosophy? Members, you decide!!!

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 09:28 PM

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 07:49 AM
The issue is that nothing happens in a vacuum. All that exists contains the contextual blend that reflects what brought it into existence. If something inside you is pushing you to do something, then it is a result of something that someone or something imposed upon you. Not a direct result, but a result of that influence introduced into the contextual blend that existed when that influence showed up, as well as the stuff that showed up afterward. In fact, this video clip and its admonishments is standing in line with the stuff your parents pushed on you. No difference.

Be yourself? Who are you other than what you've made of yourself? There is no untouched you trapped within you. There is only the composite being that you are, and it shifts and morphs as it grows and develops. Influences surge and diminish, and depending on how distracted you are with success or challenge, these influences will adjust your corporeal trajectory to one general direction of the other.

My brother walked on his family to "return" to a woman he dated when he was only 16 yrs old, claiming that it had always been his destiny to be with her, and that he'd been delaying that destiny over the last 30+ years by denying himself the fullness of his own life's pre-determined expression. Well, the truth is that he is with this woman, and it now is his destiny to be with her - but was it ever destiny, or was it a choice that he made regardless of destiny, or in spite of whether destiny even exists? Did he dump his wife and kids as a vital expression of himself as an honest human being (which is his claim) or did he simply decide that this is what he wants and go ahead with it regardless of the ramifications? And in the end, does it matter? To him it does, since his belief in pre-destination allows him to sleep at night.

I generally don't take twenty-somethings seriously when they try to teach me the meaning of corporeal life. There are some things that can't be studied in philosophy 101, and the intricacies of corporeal existence is one of those things. Yes, most people never learn anything about life. Even after many decades of engaging in it. But, no one learns everything about life without engaging in many decades of it. The meaning of life, and how it is to be lived, is everything about life. You need to lose it all and carry on without it (at least once) before you can truly understand what it means to have anything. The day isn't completely experienced until you've emerged from the night. This kid seems bright. I'll wait for the video he releases when he's 50 yrs old. It'll be very different than this one.

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