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Timewave Zero: The ultimate correction

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 06:54 AM
This is what came out of my research made in one evening yesterday, after finding out that most events were wrongly shown in the graphs.

I found out that Kelley and Huang Ti graph are the most precise, and they are the ones most near to the real thing.

9/11 attacks:

Sheliak, happens 23 days before huge shift
Kelley, happens 3 months and 13 days after huge shift
Huang Ti, happens 37-41 days after huge shift

November 22 1963 JFK:

Huang Ti , indicates lowest point of the year on November 27 1963

December 26 2004:

Kelley, indicates huge shift exactly 3 months before the event
same for Sheliak.

Huang Ti, the event happens 7 months and 5 days after huge shift

Franklin, it happens 28 days after huge shift

April 20 1999:

Kelley and Huang Ti are very precise on this event.

April 19 1995:

Huang Ti, lowest point of year is April 14
Kelley indicates precisely the event

April 26 1986, Chernobyl:

Huang Ti, lowest point is May 3
Same for Kelley

November 9 1989:

Kelley lowest point November 4 1989
Huang Ti has the shift on November 4

During this research, I found out Kelley and Huang Ti are more likely to be more near to the truth than the other graphs.
Kelley has to be corrected with 3 months and/or 13 days to find out big events.
Huang ti has to be corrected with a month and 7-10 days to find out big events.
The events used to happen often after 3 months, 1 month and a half after the shifts.

Than I realized also that at this point the historical repetitions are to be corrected in both styles.

DISCLAIMER: This is a test

So that:
Huang Ti: 1848 starts on September 7 2010
In September 2010 there would be also the Chinese Civil War.

The 1859 solar storm would happen on September 6-9 2010 or November 11 2010.

The Usa Civil War would start on September 16 2010 or November 9 to 22 2010.

The time that repeates the latest Yellowstone eruption would came out to be October 21 2010 or February 14 2011.

On November 14 2010, a Korean ship would be attacked.

The economic collapse would happen around January 21 - February 3 2011.

War Time would be around the mid- December 2010.

Russia declaration of war would be on December mid 2010 or February 8 2011.

On mini cycle , Chernobyl repetition would came out around the time of November 11 2010.

The mini cycle would end around Christmas 2010 or last until March 2011.

The Seattle fire/ dam collapse disaster would happen on February 23- 26 2011 or April 16- 19 2011.

Around January 17 2011 or March 21 2011 there would be a terror attack in Chicago.

An Italy leader would be eliminated around June 21- July 4 2011, May 1 2011.

The Russia- Asian country war would intensificate in May- July 2011.

The Cali Big One would happen on July 22- August 4 2011 or May 30-June 2 2011.

The 1910 comet scare phenomenon on June 21 2011 or Augut 15 2011.

1914 war on mid- July 2011 or September 22 2011.

The Spanish flu in September- October 2011.

The 1929 economic collapse on December 16 2011 or October 8-11 2011.

The plan of Hitler repeated would start in November 2011.

2nd world war start on January 28- February 10 2012.

August 1945 on March 3- 16 2012 or January 10- 13 2012.

Roswell on March 13- 26 2012 or January 20- 23 2012.

Vajont disaster and Kennedy 1963 on June 16-17 2012, 3rd week of April 2012.

1968 riots on July 8-21 2012 or May mid 2012.

1969 moon landing on July 17- 30 2012 or May 24- 27 2012.

Seti update on September 3- 16 2012 or July mid 2012.

Chernobyl on November 4 2012 or September 1 2012.

Tienamnen square riots on November 9- 22 2012 or mid September 2012.

November 9 1989 on mid- November 2012 or mid- September 2012.

Collapse of Russia on September- November 2012.

9/11 on November 25- 28 2012.

December 26 2004 and Katrina on December 12- 16 2012.

And so on...

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[edit on 30-8-2010 by Zagari]

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 04:37 AM
as always I love your enthusiasm for twz study. Just throwing a question out here for you. if the time is exponentially getting shorter, as in the cycles being shorter, would the shifts get shorter. in respect to the shortening of the cycle?

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 04:47 AM
I like how this thread was made back in august, and it has two replies.

Basically, this thread is saying, you have no clue when events are going to occur, the time wave is wrong. This thread is a failure, like timewave.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 12:52 PM
It's strange how the Huang Ti PRECISELY predicted the killing of the ambassador.

I think the Huang Ti is the most accurate.

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