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W.I.L.D Sleep Paralysis

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:55 PM
Several days ago I ran into a webpage describing a technique for lucid dreaming, in which your body would enter sleep paralysis while you are fully conscious (if done correctly) After the paralysis, your body falls asleep, but you remain conscious... This allows you to become fully aware of your dreams and even interact with them. The dreams are more vivid and with practice you are even able to control what you dream about and what happens in the dream.

A lucid dream can begin in one of two ways. A dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) starts as a normal dream, and the dreamer eventually concludes it is a dream, while a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness.

The WILD technique caught my eye especially, because one of the steps included you visualizing yourself walking into the dream which you are about to experience.

I attempted this technique a few nights ago, as the instructions recommended, I played binaural beats onto my headphones, I remained as still as possible and eventually entered into what i believe was sleep paralysis. At this point i was a bit nervous (as it was a new experience to me) However, it was the transition between sleep to dream state that shocked me.

The transition was a black tunnel with rings of light, the feeling of entering it was of complete shock, and my body (or at least i think it was my body) was suddenly vibrating and having that feeling of falling at the same time. It was at this point that I lost control and woke up. I really need help finding out how to get past this part, as it honestly scared me very much, and I've never had such a vivid or intense dreaming experience. The directions themselves made it clear that the transition was difficult, so I'm not surprised at my failure really.

Does anyone know how to go about doing this? I'm willing to try again but I'm kind of frightened. Also, please don't bring spirituality into this, I am looking for a logical process like the one described in the web page.

btw mods, i couldnt find a place to post about dreams, so i posted here, sorry if its in the wrong area.

Some links about WILD

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:26 PM
small steps, let go of fear, day to day ask yourself: "subject, object, place"

subject: what im i, is this real? or i am dreaming
object: look what you are wearing, touch it, can you?
place: were am i? what am i doing? is this the real world or am i in astral

if you are, youll wake up in astral, leaving the step you are in behind and enjoying 1st the pleasures of the 4th, after that gain consciousness and meditate in 4th. think, if you meditate "here" and we alter our states of being biologically while breathing using technics like pranayamas, visualisation NOW imagine what states of being youll acomplish while doing so in 4th.

call upon a Master, KNOW your inside ur own Kaleidoscope making ur own reality, you humans fear your own power, be safe

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:34 PM
To tell you the truth it is hard as hell.

There are a few tricks that you probably already know. When your body feels uncomfortable before falling asleep (when you want to change positions) try to resist this urge for 5-20 minutes (as long as it takes to be completely numb) you will start to see images usually subtle, and it will usually turn more vivid. I always can get to that point. It is the point when my body feels like it is falling through my bed, when I lose touch with the consciousness. If you can keep remembering after going into the "dream world" then your set.

Also caffeine has been useful for me, usually 2 hours before bedtime, if you want to do a WILD. It is very hard to fall asleep normally with caffeine.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:49 PM
When using the W.I.L.D. technique I have found a few methods that increase my success rate quite a bit...

Waking up 2 or 3 hours before my normal wake up time, then attempting a W.I.L.D.

When I make the transition and "exit my physical body" I often times need to close my eyes and walk swiftly away from my sleeping body, or else my consciousness/awareness returns to my physical body.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:14 PM
Does anyone else get the sensation of falling through their bed, while transitioning to REM sleep? Every time this happens to me. Sort of feels like pins and needles (that feeling when your arm goes numb) all over my body, then I get the sensation of my body falling through my bed. Then I am dreaming. Anyone else get this?

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:02 PM
I just tried this a few nights ago too and I'm also "stuck". I woke up at 4:00am, but kept my body still in order to induce sleep paralysis. It felt like a heavy sheet was being laid across my body, separating my consciousness from my physical body. My astral body felt "lighter" and lighter and I started thinking that I was holding onto a rope as I pulled myself out of bed.

That's where I got stuck. It felt like I was on the verge of an OBE but I didn't get there. Help?

Oh and Johnny THSeed, love the name.

Can't wait till the masses realize the potential behind Mary J.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by Maddogkull

I have fallen through my bed a couple of times. I usually wake up chuckling to myself because I'm so baffled by the odd sensations.

For a few months I was practicing out of body experiences and decided I wanted to try astral projecting. I was able to float around my room fairly consistently, but could never get through the walls, ceiling, door or windows.

I was able float through my bed, through the floor, and started flying toward the center of the earth. I was surrounded by blackness, could feel a cool breeze of air on my face and outstretched hands. After what felt like 2 minutes I saw orange/red light in the distance. As I approached it my alarm went off and woke me up

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:59 PM
I am completely fascinated. I have only been on this site for a few days and have learned more answers and insight into questions I thought I was alone in asking.

Since I was a child I have dreams of things to come, things that were, and things that are happening in the now. I sometimes can control the dream and sometimes am aware that I am in one. I dream other peoples dreams. I have had dreams where I travel to other existences beyond physical reasoning. I have always felt as an outsider of sorts. Not believing in psychic abilities, I have worked my way to a conundrum. My grandmother, aunt, and cousin all dream about things to come but they are afraid where I embrace the unknown.

I have tried to meditate to hone in on this but something holds me back. I practice yoga and can harmonize my breathing, my physical being becomes a backdrop as mind and body align. It can in the middle of my yard in broad daylight. I can induce sleep paralysis, hear the hum, and feel the vibration at will. I have stood before my walls and know I can walk through them. But there is a sharp fear that something wants me to astral. Something is waiting for me to and the intentions are unclear. My heart starts to race, the beating becomes so loud I think my head is going to explode. It's as if I am in a circle of fire and am protected. Once I step out of it the creature lurking will devour me.

I quickly open my eyes, check to make sure I am where I was. It takes some time to reset. The fear however lingers for some time. Any suggestions?

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by Socio

Love the creature. Believe that you are impenetrable and have confidence in your own soul.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 01:50 PM
Thanks for the replies guys

I felt the same things you all have, such as the blanket being pulled over your head, but i couldn't find the words to describe the sensation. It's a very scary experience for a 16 year old

reply to post by JohnnyTHSeed

Thats a great idea, I read that lucid dreaming happens more often after those short periods of being awake in the morning. I will definitely try that!

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by Falken

Hi --- awesome thread!

I’m by no means an expert at Lucid Dreaming/Astral travel, but I think it is a very cool thing to explore! I know this is easier said than done --- but try to keep as positive a frame a mind as possible. Remember at the end of the day --- it really is only a dream and nothing can hurt you.

What works for me is to ask for protection from whatever spiritual guide you believe in. And I like to visualize positive protective energy surrounding me like a big comfy cloud
it can be whatever you’d like! I believe that thought dominates our dreams so if you think that you’re protected than you are!

When I want to try out Astral Projection what I do is right before I fall asleep, I picture my bed spinning, and then I kind of forget about my bed and concentrate on myself spinning around in a circle --- spinning higher and higher until I feel almost weightless. At that point I open my eyes and if I’m lucky I’ll find myself in a dream sky.

This has only worked a couple of times --- but when it has it’s been brilliant!

Best of luck to on your travels!


posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by OwenandNoelle

Thanks! I'm slowly getting over the fear. I tried it today and I got to the point where i started seeing multicolored flashes, but then i fell asleep

I guess practice makes perfect!

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by prepared4truth

It's the same thing when I am in a lucid dream, I have had ones of civilizations beyond this one. They lived beneath the ocean, and are not man nor animal. They do not speak but use their minds as a collective entity. Time and space are not a factor, you can think you are somewhere and be there. Breathing is not essential and gravity at this depth is no matter. I have also had dreams where humans have evolved and found the power within their own minds, not all, but some. In that dream there are laws however, that the Gods have set into place. You are not to pass certain boundaries of the universe where they reside. The perimeters are strict but all space before that line is fair game.

It is wonderful, my mind knows no limit, except I always find my way to the edge, on a mountain. Creatures I can not even begin to describe are chasing me up jagged peaks in blistering winds. The ice is so thick, the air is so thin. Then I wake up. I suppose the creature is me, my fear.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 10:06 PM
I'm only 12 actually (don't hate on the age please) did this last night trying to induce it like you scared me pretty bad. Transition didn't go so well i have trying to go lucid for months now, iv'e had dreams about me actually becoming lucid (cool as hell still) wish you luck friend.

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