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Tests Successful in Treating This Disease.25 out of 26.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 04:39 PM
Malaria is a condition of which 500 million people are affected every
year, with as many as 2.7 million dying, mostly children. Malaria is
caused by a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes in warm and damp areas,
especially in Africa. The parasites are becoming increasingly resistant
against the available drugs.

Prof Henry Lai at the University of Washington in Seattle studied the
mechanism by which artemisinin, a natural compound used against the
malaria parasite, works to kill the parasite. It has to do with the
interaction of artemisinin with iron that is stacked within the
parasite. Looking at the iron stacks, Prof. Lai wondered whether
treatment with an oscillating magnetic field could maybe kill the

Lab tests were successful and Prof. Lai published his work in 2000,
hoping that others would take up the idea and develop units that could
be used to treat malaria with magnetic fields. Unfortunately, this did
not happen.
I saw Prof. Lai's study some three years ago and was amazed that 6
years after publication, no one had developed any application of it! So
I set out to do just that. It took 12 months to develop three
prototypes of the device. They are man-sized devices, the larges one
almost 2 meters (7 feet) tall. While developing the units, we started
to network with African Governments in endemic areas to see whether we
could run a test wit the devices. Finally we had the blessing of the
Ghana Health Ministry. My right hand Konrad and myself traveled to
Ghana in February of 2008 to start the tests.

...Now our first study is finished and 26 patients were treated. Out of
the 26 patients, all except one became negative with the magnetic
treatment! One felt worse the day after treatment started and decided
to go for medication instead, so he dropped out of the study. The other
25 patients all became negative. And the ones who did not have high
levels of parasites, were negative right after the first 60 minutes of
treatment! This is so fast that we do not really have an explanation of
how it could work so quickly. But the results are nothing short of

Now our goal is to do a second study and to get others on board to turn
this into a household unit for treatment of malaria.

very interesting.

how about using a adapted bulk magnetic tape is used to erase magnetic audio/video tapes in bulk WITHOUT playing them...generate a powerful magnetic field.

do you know what i mean? costs $20.

it has an oscillating magnetic field...have you not tried it in india where malaria is widespread?

the lack of initiative is astonishing.any indians or africans here?

how about getting one of these tomorrow and start using it? you could even start a business curing people of malaria...

millions of people could use a single unit it AS IT NOT CONSUMED but is a device.

do you have electromagnet cranes in india for lifting metal and could use them also...

any answers?

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posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 01:22 PM
Interesting thread. But... I think that if I ever get malaria I'll use MMS which was discovered by Jim Humble and costs less than $20 and can be administered by yourself. It costs about $4 a bottle on ebay and shipping is where they make all of their profit to make a persons cost run about $20. But... the MMS can be used for a lot of other things also. MMS is supposed to cure malaria in about 20 minutes after taking the MMS.

I didn't mean to derail your thread in any way, but I'm just letting you and others know there is an alternative that can be carried with you, just in case.

The use of magnetics in medicine has been highly successful over the years, but doctors don't make much money if people are healthy and not on medication.

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