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Antigravity and Lightwave Photon Synthesis

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 04:24 PM

Hello everyone: You may remember me as a new member to this forum in which I have shown through great details the unforbidden truths concerning alien ET UFO contacts, experiences, validations and other credible accounts. In one thread here you asked if Bob Lazar was telling the truth. I said he was but he did not tell you everything he knew about what he has seen and was assigned to. In a few post responses I also tried to explain i am a starchild born of the hybrid alien greys and have travelled time portals (Stargates) with the aliens in which I recall firsthand accounts of what I was shown by them inside a working alien saucer craft. Now i come again with a unveiling of my prophetic revelation given to me through alien contacts. In this unveiling based on a 1996 contact I had with aliens and my guide who i call spaceman has sent me back to earth for this unveiling to "free the children of the world" and lead them into the near future i am sent from.

Now I will attempt to freely give you what I have seen and been shown concerning alien ET technology. I will try to be quick and answer your questions as we go. The above image or link is a diagram explaining Antigravity functions, orbital gravitational functions to allow the capability to travel lightspeeds and beyond to deepspace by free hand navigational flight and trajectories proving ET or Ebens operate these vehicles at incredible speeds beyond lightspeed!

elements 114 + 119 (= E-115 and higher) keep in mind while E-114 is a base to the higher elements to reach E-115 and above that E-119 is the missing isotopes that combine to bring the stabalization of these isotopes. E-119 has mysteriously gone missing and thought to be stolen from Russian spyt networks.... Though we still have E-115 thanks to Bob Lazar and other people involved with reverse engineering studies, E-119 remains a hidden or missing centerfuge to the higher elements to stabilization of these isotopes. It has been theorized there are higher elements above E-115 and E-119 such as E-127 but has not yet been reached.

Please feel free to offer your own inputs and/or ideas to help fullfill my revelation. Part 2 is to come

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 05:11 PM
More on antigravity and lightwave photon synthesis:

When i first had this revelation based on a series of 1996 alien contacts in which my family also had the same dreams of the same aliens revisiting us; but i was one of them from the future travelling through dimensions of time and space with the Nordic spaceman who is dressed in all white astronaut suit resembling NASA but no markings to identify. Ironically, when i was a child we were revisited on the same accounts of multiple witnesses. One night i recall the aliens coming through walls and all of us waking downstairs huddled in a group. How did we get from our upstairs bedrooms to being grouped together downstairs is a mystery and how the aliens came through the walls is another mystery dealing with innerdimensional beams and laziar equipment. But, in 1996 would be my calling to come forth and "free the children of the world" I am on my last mission and this is my final desent. I have spent nearly my entire life trying to understand what i have seen and been through. I wrote NASA my ideas of deepspace travel and lightwave photon synthesis because i knew the private companies were too small and limited to build such technologies involving nuclear, hydrogen, mercury and crystal atom cores neccessary to produce electromagnetic energy to fusion ignite the atom core and produce what i call lightwave photon synthesis. Antigravity is only a small part of the ET deepspace crafts and is where i chose to start.
Back in 1996 my father and i were revisited by the aliens who were friendly to us. They showed my father the flight navigation systems at the mid level where he had his own revelation of being seen in the near future i am from inside the UFO hovering over Washington D.C. while he saw crowds of people looking and pointing up at the UFO craft. The aliens told my father they were giving our govt. their technology in exchange for a NWO (New World Order) and world peace. That this is the technology that would change the course of the world and the govt. and ET will soon be visiting you in clear day skies over Washington and the govt. has been allowed by ET to let the public openly view.

This is to happen within the next 2 years i believe. My father and I wanted to write a book about our contacts and experiences but our lives became busy with everyday life. Meanwhile, Spaceman who told me i must come back to earth to "free the children" i did not understand for years until my final mission would come. This is the final desent for the final ascension of man and your children are about to be freed. I believe ET has assigned me this final mission and you to expect mass UFO sightings in the near future. Please, when you see this, do not be alarmed or afraid. We are only here to assist you

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 05:46 PM

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 05:52 PM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts

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I'm thinking skunk works material.

Sorry OP, but even us American public school educated folks know malarkey when we see it.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:24 PM
Part 1 continued...,

According to Betty Hill's accounts, there were also abduction rooms at the mid level where she was experimented on. After she learned to gain trust in these aliens, she also broke her fear where only after this, she was taken to a higher 3rd quarter level where a human astronaut showed her their alien star map of the Zeta Reticulli star system. What she has left behind was a milestone and feel because of her bravery to break the ice, the aliens were able to show her these things. I have validated Betty Hill's description of the inside UFO craft and say for certain she had ET and Nordic contacts just as I have also experienced. Now it is time to once again break the ice and bring the world to unity and peace. This will establish for earth and man's final ascension into the 4th dimensional parallel to become reunited into the Federation of Worlds in which I believe is described in Biblical texts as the Rapture. After which they "children" will be taken into the skies and space colonizations to return to earth for the thousand year Millenium of the reign of Christ. The reason i am combining the peaces is logical explanation of my revelation; so please do not call me evil because i'm republican or say i am of the Antichrist because of the NWO...? I know many of you will like to doubt me here and challenge me on many issues such as radiation exposures, and dangers involving ET and reverse UFO engineering technologies. Please challenge yourself with a open mind as NASA and my father's military contacts have welcomed our experiences with open minds.

It is a fact in 1968 when I was first taken into time travel with aliens aboard a UFO that the US was involved with the know flying V crafts of the known TR-3. At that time the US was the only country in the world to have these special crafts i believe came from antigravity technologies taken from Roswell in 1947. In 1968, I also discovered the US only had two of these which should still be opn record if you wish to doubt me. Now, I have been told these TR-3 flying V's work with antigravity systems. They can fly extremely high altitudes, exit and reenter earth's orbit and have again been advanced to a 500 ft wing span : See sighting at Phoenix AZ of the large V shaped TR-3 sightings. See also USAF declassified (1997) Lenticualr nuclear reentry crafts:


After conducting further private interviews for Dr. Stephen Greer's UFO Disclosure Act I have noted that these Venticular USAF reentry crafts may be responsible for mistaken alien UFO sightings during the Cold War and Russia has them as well. This is the advanced technologies used by both Russia and the US that utilizes Antigravitional systems taken from Roswell UFO crash. Today, the newly advanced 500 ft wing span TR-3's were used in the Iraq war and the antigravity systems have been updated based on further reverse engineering studies. That is as far as I can take you on antigravity systems and the TR-3 flying V crafts still being cited


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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by Smack

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts

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I'm thinking skunk works material.

Sorry OP, but even us American public school educated folks know malarkey when we see it.

RE: but i have only begun and is not I but you who will soon be left behind a world that has been decreed to become desolate. So if you want to make believe this is some sort of a sick joke or just come here to say bull malarkey bull puddy, please don't even bother to respond to this thread! Again I challenge you to keep an open mind. Man oh man, some freaken people, i tell ya, and how long did it take for Columbus to convince the world is not flat? you dumb ass!

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:34 PM
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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:53 PM
plain and simple Columbus proved your little doubtful minds wrong! And i am going to prove to you all right now, let me guess, you have no credentials besides a elementary school of low level basic education to doubt advanced ET technologies.... NO you get off my thread if you want to teach prehistorically how the world was once flat! Go somewhere else with your cheap crap!

Ok, again, if you wish to challenge me let me remind you what I am giving you and challenge you to bring your own sources of info for comparisons, but please don't try to tell me how ancient caveman vanished by walking off the edge of a flat earth now and if that is what you are inlcined to believe take it somewhere else.

Now, then, there are others like my father and myself who have been shown these things concerning the future i am sent from such as laziar pulse waves, remote programming devises used for space and time travel. Years ago i was asked a question about my encounters and if ET wore any type of head strap that released laziar pulses or beams. I told them yes and this is how they operate many of their Eben oriented UFOs that cannot be flown conditionally by man. If you want to research this I welcome you, but again, don't come here and try to tell me i am too Sci-Fi to be regarded as anything to be considered a reality!

I had a dream the world was free! Now I have become the dream and the dream is real! Where are your credentials besides a doubtful and hateful mind? And i still know why the Druids of planet Ur don't appreciate man of this earth. Quit firing your missile at UFOs and tell your leaders to quit the "Blue Light" on the Executive Orders to track down and shoot down alien space crafts! We have come to assist your world into the future for the common good of man

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:08 PM
RE: Admin who deleted the 1997 declassified links at greyfalcon...? Did not see the private ownership and had no idea the USAFs declassified materials had been sold out to private ownerships trying to control the web which brings me to a head scratch? I used greyfalcon for other links and just find it ironic that this is a private ownership over declassified USAF? It's all good though, I try to respectfully use correct sources and do not claim or refute any of the declassified materials. Just thought i'd use it for credentials. I apologize to the site ownerships. Okay, let's go back now, in 1997, the USAF released declassified materials of the Lenticular Re-entry space crafts that were used in the Cold War by the US and Russia. I feel this is advanced ET technologies that is consistent with Roswell, Area 51, and other antigravity systems being utilized based on ET technologies.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:29 PM
ok i ask for proof of you being a hybrid!

show me your Genome. show me where it differs.

i am not so much of a skeptic but a believer.

this just seems like a cry for attention to me.

well you got mine.

i am not trying to be irritating. i am just looking for a truth behind it.

see many people in the past of humanity have claimed to be our savior. many people are placed in to mental hospitals for thinking they are jesus.

mohamad, jehova, osiris, etc. none are proven to be real in what they said.

all speculation.

now if you can provide some small form of proof you are a hybrid then i will believe a bit more into this story.

i myself have been visited a few times.

i do not claim to be the savior.

i do not claim them to be our saviors.

i personally believe we are our own saviors.

their will be not one person or being to save us from ourselves. we are the only ones who can.

we may be guided to certain paths in life but who is to say they are the right paths.

how do we know what you say will not destroy us?

i am finally coming out myself.

i actually have physical proof. i am looking for labs as i do not have the money to spend into testing minerals.

but i digress.

show me the proof please.

the tr-3 was conceived by tesla.

look a bit deeper.

tesla had anti grav back in the early 1920's.

also free energy. electric cars that would go for 500+ miles on a single charge.

the tr-3 is actually one of his designs just brought more to date than the wooden model he was working with.

i study teslas work. i have seen the plans for the original tr which i will tell you was not originally named the tr.

i am looking for the papers i have now when i find the real name i will post it.

but i believe it was called the tesla revolution. dont quote me on that one tho i really cant remember off the top of my head.

i also have the patent number for it.

tesla was a great man.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by luciferxe
ok i ask for proof of you being a hybrid!

show me your Genome. show me where it differs.

i am not so much of a skeptic but a believer.

this just seems like a cry for attention to me.

well you got mine.

i am not trying to be irritating. i am just looking for a truth behind it.

see many people in the past of humanity have claimed to be our savior. many people are placed in to mental hospitals for thinking they are jesus.

mohamad, jehova, osiris, etc. none are proven to be real in what they said.

all speculation.

now if you can provide some small form of proof you are a hybrid then i will believe a bit more into this story.

i myself have been visited a few times.

i do not claim to be the savior.

i do not claim them to be our saviors.

i personally believe we are our own saviors.

their will be not one person or being to save us from ourselves. we are the only ones who can.

show me the proof please.

Sure, you seem to have a curious open mind and will be glad to answer your personal questions.

Proof 1: I passed an incredible score of 98 out of 100 questions of being in alien contact or abductee.
Proof 2: I am 0- bloodtype
Proof3: Even though i choose to hold back my private rights to Dr. visits and medical records, i have shown I have a unknown blood disease and rare bone disease consistent with radiation exposure contained by being boarded into the main engine level of a UFO and alien abductions between 1967 and 1968 in which I was consciously awaken to a bone chilling and very frightening alien encounters.
Proof 4: When Blue Book investigators came to see us based on our abduction encounters they took pictures showing radiation burns on my stomach and chest that had been exposed to the radioactive photon beams. The photon beams are red with radiation, and the lightwave/solar reflection shields are magnified through rotary -solar panels located between the main engine block and the lower laziar pulse trajectory.
Proof 5: I won't just ask you to take my word for it so I leave you with this, I have visited other worlds of Syrius B, and the Grey's Zeta Reticulli space HQ in which i have directly spoken with Grey leaders who have given me messages to bring back to earth.

Message 1: "We have discovered the earth to be compatible with our planet systems. Because of this we have chosen to bring earth into the Federation of Worlds. But first you must tell your leaders to stop their way of wars, pollution and wide spread disease or we may not be able to assist your world." This message was sent to the Whitehouse and has been retrieved for validation purposes I am sent by them.

there is more....,

I am from the near future of the year 2027. In 2018 NASA will go commercial with the "Supershuttle" and "Roling Dockers" will orbit earth to house the "Supershuttle" orbiting launching systems. In 2018, a space colonization will also go into construction. What does this mean? It means if you are to survive into the future i am sent from, you will not go extinct by the Doomsday Clock set for 2012. You are correct, your future is yours to decide and you will mark your own fate. I am not saying i am the savior or that space aliens will save your world, i have done what i am sent to do and that will be for earth and your leaders to decide.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:17 PM
thank you. now i must ask you something.

this is not a joke. this is whom i was visited by. they were not they greys. i will descibe them to the best of my knowledge.

also i am sorry if i said anything to make you angry in any way. i was also just trying to clear up for others in here as well.(if i didnt ask someone else would have)

now the ones i saw were purple. really small about 18-20" tall.

they stated the same concept in a way about joining the federation.

seemed to be the same message. now i was never told i was one of them. i was told i could help humanity if i wanted to.

they gave me directions.

i was told i would make contact with an ambassador. i to this day still do not know how to spell their species.

they also wore what appears like a flat helmet. like pie plates. the only way i know how to describe them.

their eyes are quite sunken in but about the same proportions as humans. the nose was quite similar but only one nostril that i could see/tell. the mouth was quite huge for the proportion of the head compared to humans. reminded me of a frogs mouth in the way it went almost ear to ear. not a smile just a stone poker look.

i am wondering have you been told you are an ambassador?

i know you talked to greys. but it is a federation after all.

the main image i remember right this minute is the location of where they are from.

on a star map from earth where orions belt is. it would be about 6 degrees above the right most star and about 8 or 9 degrees to the left of the right most star of his belt.

i like i say i really cant pronounce let alone spell the name of their system.

the symbol they wore was kind of like the trilateral symbol we use on earth with quite a few differences.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by luciferxe

I am not the Ambassador but it sounds like it involves the UN Security Council and NWO innitiated by a captured alien leader. This is where it gets fuzzy and confusing because when agents went into Montauk projects they experimented with ET technology of (Stargates) and time travelled into the future but could not get past the year 2012. The aliens uploaded time travel program regimens into the Montauk database linked to Alpha Moon base cross linked into Orion's belt aprox. exactly to your starmaps in which other military personnell have located strange sightings and near the planet system of Syrius B containing the largest star known in the universe. But some things went diversely wrong; when the agents tried to return back, they were caught in an unknown stargate that sent them into WW3 where Nazis (Antichrist) had won and overtaken the world. When this happened some of the agents got trapped inside the 4th dimensional parallel and did not return. Some however did return with very scary dark stories of a future uncertain for man. Because things went wrong at Montauk, the base was shut down and remains shut down to this day. Why were the time travellers at Montauk unable to go past 2012? Because this is the doomsday year that decides earth's future and only the Ambassador or the NWO alliance made by ET can decide. The future is uncertain still but I have been sent back through time to assist earth into the final ascension of man. You may very well have your own revelation and prophecy.

About your alien contacts. These are the assistants of the Federation of Worlds who come from a distinct magical planet called Ur(e) translated Ore. They visited Ancient Indian Tribes of my own Native species who gave them directions for plant food, harvesting and cropping urbal medicines in thei Ancient times. Yes, i have seen them and heard of them assisting with the Greys in abductions of other humans. They do not like the idea of man's violence and neglogence of creating greenhouse gasses that are polluting earth and seem to blame mankind for his own failures. I respect them still even though I have been told by many UFO copnspiratists these ETs are evil and against man. They are not, they are a magical being with magical powers. They also carry small rods that bring a cattle or human into a tranced state of unconciousness that is the first stage of abduction. I call these aliens you described "Druids" and they have vistited earth in the ancient past.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:54 PM
This sounds like it could turn into a very interesting thread. Not very skeptical these days, enough weirdness to know anything is possible.

Alien stuff kind of spooks me, but anything to do with funky physics, I am drawn too. I think they kind of go together. Funky physics are starting to spook me too, such is life. There are changes coming, we all have to get used to them.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:01 PM
ok now thats is kinda freaky to me.

my grand mother on her death bed told me i was half druid.

no i always thought that she meant the old pagan ways.

now im a quite curious.

do you know anything of the stones i was given?

one is of what appears to be a piece of black marble. but not like you would find on earth or at least anything i have seen on earth. the second is of a clear crystal type of material but magnetic. the third seems to be like a chunk of aluminum but is solid like steel.

only the magnetic one gives of any radiation and only 1.3 bars. (have it in a lead box)

then their is the one my grand mother left me in her will.

it is shaped like a sphere. it is warm to the touch. not hot just warm. i have put it in the refrigerator to try to cool it and it is still the same temperature. it is a goldish colour. i would say if you were to some how made an alloy of gold, aluminum and platinum.

i am only asking as you may be able to help me find my ambassador.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by luciferxe

RE: If you want to research the Nomadic Tribes who came across the "Skywalkers" and Druids who I say predate Atlantis and coencide with the Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Sumerians let me remind you there is a Biblical map containg an Ancient mysterious land called Ur, translated Ore may mean Oracle or the 5 rings of magic containing 5 elements of magic still known today. According to my Biblical findings and other contacts (not including the ones who say they were invaded), the Druid's planet is foggy, misty with crystalite minerals absorbed into the air they breath. According to Genesis and Revelation of the Bible, the land of Ur was on the same dateline as first ascensions of man on earth which contained the Garden of Eden. Eden was like Ur in that earth once contained these crystalites which fed the Tree of Life located in Revelation and the River of Life. earth will one day return back to this stage in which the River of Life contains two Trees of Life on each side of the New Kingdom of Christ. I spoke with Biblical scholars about this and they challenged me but could found I was right. The answers may be with ancient earth civilizations Ur, Eden the Tree of Life and what I call a planet of water by mist. This mist may contain the crystalites you speak of as they relate back to the Druids. According to my extended research, the Druids contain the 5 magics in which the black marble, crystals, and other oracles of magic they contain would produce. The Druids brought the Oracle to Ur on earth and is how the 5 magics of the Oracle were produced. The Oracle may still exist and that would be some place in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia or Lydia in which first man was discovered by archeologists where foot prints of man were discovered next to ancient dinosaur tracks predating the evolution of monkeys by some 10,000 years elliminating Darwin's theory of human evolution from monkeys. Even though Darwin is still being taught in Colleges today it has been scientifically proven to be false making man to science another mystery.

Ancient Egypt may have used the Oracle of Ur to build their Pyramids mysteriously aimed at the top and alligned to Orion constellation. You may also have a ancient past as I do going back to Ancient Egypt and Atlantis and you may be part of the Oracle by your blood heritage. This would explain why you were given these elements of the 5 magics contained in the Oracle.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:30 PM
so it would appear i am missing one element.

now would the oracle be the final element?

or would i need to get the final element and that may be my quest?

i am yet to put them in the same area unprotected.

they sit in different sections of my house.

i am now wondering if i put them together if anything will happen. i know it is only 4 of them. maybe they will show me where the fifth is?

they did say they want to visit me 2 more times.

i am wondering if they will be giving me the final piece.?

when you mention a stargate. does it happen to resemble a throne of sorts? on a high what i can best think of describing it is a pyramid?

about 12-14' tall then the throne?

the pyramid covered in what appears to be gold and very heavy? and possibly it has a way to levitate?

because that is what i appeared in the last time i was taken/switched.

i remember it quite vividly. i wish i could draw i would make a sketch.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:29 PM
i am apologizing for a thread hijack if that is what this is considered.

i am confused.

i feel like my quest may only come in death.(not a suicide letter as i was told that is the wrong course of action) i am wondering now if i am a martyr?(if it means the rescue of humanity i am willing to lose it all.

i have a wife and child i will miss dearly if it does happen.

i have been told many thing along these lines.

i wish to talked to you more personal. not in person(of course if we could that would be great).

on AIM i am known by the same name as here.

i am being attacked atm.

my elf system is picking up frequencies of 7.24-7.39hz. (yes i am a bit paraniod)

i am apologizing again if i am incoherent. i will be rebroadcasting at 12.895hz to counter act it.

now i am hoping others are watching this thread.

i hope i can make you more credible.

as i can almost swear i can see your face. dont be scared if you are. that is a feature my grandmother told me i had.

i have quite an insight to their tech.

now this stargate you talk about. is it on what i will call a pyramid or ziggurat. with what appears to be a throne at top. silver on the surface?

if so that is how i remember the last time i was switched. that is how i arrived to the other realm.

if that is the case i know where one is on earth in this realm.

i have tinkered with quite a lot of their tech. now i may not have anything like a flying machine. but i do have some tech i have built from what i was taught as i will say from here.

now i am going to state something no one else knows. call me a fake if you want. i no longer live on food. i live of the same thing plants do.

i am yet to meet anyone else who lives like this.

i have not eaten since 1999.

that i will get into more detail with you if you contact me out of ATS or through u2u.

i have been told to keep quite a lot of what i know from the masses.

they are trying to make peace with the govt before the people.

i know we are at war with a certain faction as i will call them right now.

i also know the federation is "trying" to protect us.

this is another reason why i need to contact you privately.

you may be the first person i am suppose to contact.

i was given a something to give to the first person. i am not sure if it is you.

i do feel as though you are.

i have been told i have 2 visits left from them. i have been told of a list of people i will find here. not by name but by whom they are. i am pretty sure you know what i mean there.

if you knew what i did behind the scenes you may want to know me a bit more. or hate me. that is part of the position i have been put in.

either people will listen or they will not.

well that is what i can say now.

if this oracle you talk about is one of these gates. you may be the one to travel with me.

i know 100% where one of what i described is. i know where to access it and how. i have been their before.

you mention i may be an ancient.

where do you think i got my name from.

lucifer is perceived as evil when in fact that is the opposite.

he has stood for peace, tranquility, and life.

only recently has he been seen as evil.

i think you know who i am.

i think you were the next brick in my yellow road.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by luciferxe

In the darkest corners of remote earth lay the fear of the unknown. I believe the final element you are seeking is a "fire in the sky" where you and I must be tried and put to the test of the flames. As you know, fire is one of the known four elements of black majic. Fire purifies and cleanses. But for the Oracle and the five majics of the Druids there remains an unknown element of this majic. It may be located in the 5th Chocra of your mind and you may be the missing link. I'm not asking you to martyr yourself or practice black majic as that can open doors to other worlds you want no part of. You must be patient and wait for your time and you will know. The Ambassador will also come with time. Stay away from evil, the Druids despise man for following it. Ancient Egyptions believed in the afterlife and called this "the pathway of enlightenment"

I can also remote view but it takes another form of telepathy. I can see you on this "pathway of enlightenment" and encourage you to stand with me on this final ascension of man. They want to bring you to this enlightenment and is why they have chosen to channel through you as you may be of their ancient past ancestory. They are trying to connect you to the Ambassador to bring enlightenment back into the world and prepare man for the final ascension.

Do not be afraid and do not believe in the darkness man chose for himself. There will be distractions and distortions to lure you into the dark and away from the path of enlightenment. I know because I have been there before. Do not fear the resistance that is become futile; use your wisdom, courage and strength and your family will give you this by love. Love is the greatest gift God has given us and will overcome hell and death. MIBs, reptoids, humanoids, and draconians will try to free the beast (a war machine of eternal darkness and death) they will try to trick you and lure you by giving false hope. Remember the pathway of enlightenment and stay with the ones who love you most.

It is 3:40 in the morning and i am in desperate need of doctors and medical help. I am on disability due to deformations of my spine and what I feel took place during my young childhood created much pain for me. Though i have suffered greatly and MIBs have threatened me, I can remember the alien's concerns for my life and recall love of my family that raised me up out of my grave. i am alive today and i should have been dead by all accounts, but we are the chosen of the Enlightened and we will not loose the final battle over earth and man! I need multiple surgeries that can possibly again kill me. My family has tried to convince me the surgeries are not worth the risk. But i just can't take the pain anymore, i can't sleep, i can't eat, i feel as though i am not even human anymore--- my alien hybrid side. I have unknown blood and bone disease eating me from the inside and need fruit of the mana and healing. Please, as i go back to the doctors today, say a prayer for me and i will be praying for you my good friend. Together in unity and peace we stand strong. Hopefully you will find the Ambassador and he should know what to do. I will go back to sleep now and prepare for another long day of chronic illness and pain. Who will continue my legacy when all is said and done? Hopefully together we will bring enlightenment back into the world now. I will continue on now with what i must do. Peace to all and may God be with you.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:20 AM
The Revelation of Kryon Angel's Seals have been in laid upon the earth. The "Harvest" will come near "Kryon [Death Star]" soon a "Fire in the Sky" : In your Bibles there are seven seals of wrath; five bowls of wrath, seven churches, and seven spirits (archangels) of God. There are ten hyrpglyphic sigils for the orders of The Enlightened Ones of Kryon Jan who is one of ten legends to form a "magnus sphere" inside earth's core. Soon will dawn a day of the dead and a day for the living. Soon comes from within (abyss) or The Abyss of the Skies, Heavens, and Seas. Off the Florida Coast is undisclosed military bases where USO/UFOs have been reported near or within the Bermuda Triangle. Inside this mystical region is a place called Bimidi where Ancient Atlantis once was here one earth where Ancient Egyption Labrynth contains these records and the 26,000 year Galactic Alignment of 2012 the aliens have warned me of. 2012 Eclypses may also be another Biblical Prophecy of Revelation by ushering in the 3rd and final Antichirst for a 7 year Tribulation period of war and hollacost. Below is a series of Angelic Sigils to the gateway of "
The Path of the Enlightened Ones" --- Kryon Jan (The Enlightened Ones)

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