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The Protestanat Reformation and the Aztec Empire(1521)

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:43 PM
I would like to begin by saying this is NOT a prediction. It is using information from history and making an informed educated guess on how events repeat over and over throughout history.

I would like to briefly explain these accounts of history and how they relate today in our time. This topic will also include some of my personal remarks and thoughts on how these events fit together. You may agree or disagree with my personal remarks. This is fine with me. It is not my aim to argue but to provide some very thought-provoking history. To me, this is very important to bring some light to the recent past and see where mankind is fatefully going. We cannot change our course in this regard; However, we can have insight and wisdom on why these events are happening and whats causing them.

I will begin with the Protestant Reformation.

To be sure, there are many goods and many bads that can be said about what the reformation accomplished. We are in a privileged position NOW in time, in the year 2010, to learn from the goods and bads of what religious organizations and what past ruling governments have done.We will come to see why the United States was formed, How freedom of religion was established in the United States, Why the Native Americans ways of life disappeared, Why Americans live the way they do, and Why Freedom of Religion is being shaken in the United States with recent events.

First I would like to begin back in the 15th century with a man who was burned at the stake. His name is John Huss. John Huss was from Bohemia. Like other men before him, he denounced the corruption in the Roman Church of his time. He was called the Goose or the Bohemian goose. When the time came for John Huss to be burned as a "heretic" in 1415 C.E., he said in this effect that “In 100 years, God will raise up a man whose calls for reform cannot be suppressed.” With this being said, John's life came to an end. You could call John a forerunner to the sweeping events that were to take place in the 16th Century.

Time passes and we enter into the 16th century.

Martin Luther, a Monk from Wittenberg in 1517 C.E. is on the scene now. He is just about 34 years old. He does not own many possessions. He comes from a family who was able to break away from the feudal system. His Dad was a copper smelter. The trip to Rome in the Fall of 1510 C.E. has left a bad taste in his mouth from what he experienced 7 years earlier. John Huss has been dead for 102 years. Martin Luther posts his 95 thesis to have an academic discussion about the corruption in the Roman Church in his day. On October 31st 1517 C.E. the thesis is open for discussion.

This is what marks the beginning of the Protestant Reformation by many historians.

Martin Luther's friend, Frederick the III,Elector of Saxony, received a strange dream on the night before Martin tacked his thesis. You can read the full account at this address.

Briefly,in Fredericks dream,he dreamed of a monk who was writing with a 100 year old pen whom he received from an old goose in Bohemia.They were unable to silence this pen with its large letters that was catching the attention of a lion. The pen was unsteady and caused the triple crown of the pope to shake.

From this dream and more importantly history, we are able to make a connection with John Huss and Martin Luther.

In October of 1520 Martin publishes one of his treatises called the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. He compares the state of the Church, in the 16th century, as being comparable with the 70 years of captivity the Jews had in Babylon.

If you recall in Frederick's dream, Frederick was running all over the place. In the dream everyone was assembled together. Cardinals, Bishops,the King of the Holy Roman Empire were some in attendance. This fits with what happened in the Spring of 1521.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:43 PM
During the 16th century and previous centuries, the Church was offering indulgences or remissions of sins for a fee. A preacher would often come to a village in Europe and preach a certain indulgence to the crowd in attendance. Many of these people who heard the preacher speak are your common everyday people. These included your farmers,cobblers,masons,blacksmiths or apprentices. Many peasants or families of low means who come from humble backgrounds would of heard these fiery sermons. Many would be out in the markets or out working in their fields trying to make a living. By the priest proclaiming the indulgence was able to forgive all sorts of sin,many people were being misled into purchasing one. Some people believed they no longer had to attend Mass because they had bought forgiveness from God.They could commit a sin and simply buy an indulgence and be forgiven. This was one of the reasons that sparked Martin to openly denounce and speak out against what the Church was profiting from.

In time,for Martin's outspoken writings, he was excommunicated from the Church because he would not take back the things he said and wrote down.

On December 10th 1520, Martin openly burned his excommunication letter he received from Rome. He is often reported to have said "Because you have confounded the truth [or, the saints] of God, today the Lord confounds you. Into the fire with you!"

This was a very bold and brave action that Martin took.In those times in Europe if you were an outlaw, you were cast out of the community. People would not give you food or allow you to stay at their house. People were given an order by the Church and State to kill anyone or turn them in to the authorities who was an outlaw.

When the time came for Martin to make an appearance at the Diet in 1521 he was granted a safe escort to attend. What came out of this Diet was a witness to the scriptures and the truth.Martin himself expected to be martyred for his beliefs. After all he was in the company of many high ranking officials of Church and State that opposed his writings. There were also some who were in favor of him who were attending this event.

One person who was in attendance was Frederick the Wise. Frederick played a role in making sure Martin would not be given over to the authorities.He was also the same Frederick that had a dream the night before Martin nailed his thesis up in 1517.

This period of 3.5 years (October 1517 - April 1521) marks the beginning of a sweeping change that would have a great historical significance in the realms of Europe and the realms of professed Christianity in the many years to come.

The continuing effects of the reformation in 100 years time(November 1620) would bring the pilgrims to what we now know as the United States. They brought their beliefs with them and in a way began freedom of religion in this country.

As these events were unfolding in the years 1517 to 1521 in Europe, there was also something else going on the other side of the Earth. The Conquistador Hernan Cortez was about to conquer the Aztec empire.
This history would be talked about by many people in the years to come and would eventually lead up to what many coin the 2012 Phenomenon.

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:44 PM
This post is reserved for the third post

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:45 PM
This post is reserved for the fourth post.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:18 PM
Cool story im lookin foward to reading more i was unfamiliar with these people/times ect

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 02:27 PM
Continuing on......

As the Protestant Reformation was in it's infancy stage during these 3.5 years, (1517 - 1520) Hernan Cortez was also doing something himself. He was exploring Central America. Hernan Cortez was a man who liked material riches. He had a very lusty appetite for Gold. His Spanish soldiers who went with him on this campaign also had a thirst for riches. There were stories going around amongst the Spaniards of a city deep inland that had many riches. Lured by these accounts, Hernan set off to go searching for this "mysterious city". As Hernan and his soldiers moved around Central America, they had war with some of the tribes and they also made allies of some. When Hernan Cortez finally met King Montezuma, he represented himself as a representative of the King of Spain. This contact with King Montezuma eventually led into a friendship between Hernan Cortez and King Montezuma. King Montezuma graciously invited Hernan and his men into Tenochtitlan as guests. As guests inside Tenochtitlan, they also had an opportunity to see the religious practices the Aztecs practiced. When Hernan and his men discovered human sacrifices were being made,this naturally repulsed Hernan and his soldiers. Even natives who lived in Central America did not like what the Aztecs were doing. Some of their own children were being captured and sacrificed to the Aztec god's. This is a reason why Hernan was able to gain the support of the natives who lived around Tenochtitlan and overthrow the empire with its religious practices.

The stage was set for what would happen in the Summer of 1521. Hernan Cortez and his men were professed Christians. The idea of human sacrifice repulsed them to their Christian core. Even their fellow native allies were also repulsed by these religious practices. Some even wanted to gain this power and wealth for themselves.What makes the siege of Tenochtitlan unique in history is it is the first major conflict between 2 different civilizations that were separated by over 1000 years of history. You could say this was a war of the worlds battle.

In time the Aztec religious practices were done away with. In the years to come,Catholic missionaries would arrive and "convert" the population to Catholicism. Today you will find a blend of Spanish Catholicism if you visit the country.You could say this was a war of religious difference. There is much food for thought on this period of history.

During the years (1517-1521) the Roman Church was being split apart at the seams. Many were leaving the established Church system of the day and becoming Protestants. The Bible was being translated for the common man and woman and people were reading the Bible for themselves. Upon reading the Bible,they would see beliefs and practices of the established Church systems that conflicted with what God's Word taught.

In the years to come,Catholics and Protestants would also engage with each other in wars.These religious institutions would also be blood-guilty in the sight of the creator.

As many Europeans set sail for the "new world", many Native Americans began to notice this mass migration of whites. Many Natives were puzzled as to why these Europeans were coming over to the lands in which they lived on. Some Natives thought they wanted to trade. Upon seeing them build houses and shelters,they knew they were planning on staying.To many Native Americans, this was part of the "Great Mystery". Why were whites coming over into this land and settling?Why were whites fleeing from their country for religious reasons and why did they want to be rich?

As the American colonies took formation which would lead to the United States we have today, Native Americans were finding their way of life disappearing. They could no longer walk through the land. The land now belonged to someone. They could no longer hunt in the woods to provide for themselves and their families. They could no longer migrate through the lands as they used to.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 02:43 PM
The land they have lived on was changing. A new government was taking over. Some natives began to adopt the whites way of doing things in order to secure a better future for their tribe. They would dress up in white mans clothes in order to fit in with the society that was taking over. The Natives old ways of life had slowly been replaced with the model of the Europeans over the years. Some Native Americans believed the United States would come and go in its course. It was here as part of the Great Mystery.Natives looked forward to the future when they would be able to return to the ways their ancestors lived.

I have a little more to add....stay tuned.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 04:51 PM
You certainly know your history my friend, but didn't you say something about history repeating itself what exactly did you mean by this?

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 08:19 PM
Staying tuned!

I especially like stories about the Reformers. Too bad no one is protesting Rome anymore.

They are still the ones orchestrating what is happening today.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 08:50 PM
you definitely know how to make it interesting.

i`ll be following this one too.


posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 10:52 PM
As this country slowly came into existence over the course of time, The settlers from Europe and beyond came to this country with the thought of a better life for their families and themselves. These settlers also brought their own religious practices with them.Some of these settlers were Protestant. Some settlers acquired their land through honest means and some through crooked means. In the infancy phase of the American colonies, differences once again broke out between religious groups. However the government made sure it placed well grounded laws to protect men and women whom had different beliefs from each other. Some cities were religious experiments. One such example was Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love. They wanted to see if people of different beliefs could live together. All seemed like it could work.

As the twentieth century approached, mankind was headed toward a utopia. Civilization was entering a new age. Science was producing some very great inventions. New ways of agriculture and how to plant seeds to yield a better crop was being put into practice. The quality of life was increasing in Europe and the United States. Everything seemed like man was close to achieving a utopia.

All of this changed with the appearance of the first world war. Mans hopes for a utopia had never materialized. The whole world went to war for the first time. Religious leaders played an important role in the wars. Clergy members of the same denominations can be seen blessing both sides. The only thing dividing these religious denominations is their geographical location. Catholics killing Catholics. Protestants killing Protestants. Hindus killing Hindus. Buddhists killing Buddhists. This is what unfolded once again over and over again. There was a repeat of this during the second world war. The clergy and religious leaders once again played an important role in the fueling of the second world war.

A turning point in the Earth was September 11th 2001. This was a day when religious extremists brought down the world trade centers. Over the next few years the world's attitude shifted towards religion in general. The magnifying glass was hovering and it still continues to hover.

In 500 years it will all become ancient history to learn from. Much in the same way we study and talk about the Roman Empire. Just like how I related the example of Hernan Cortez.

Once again we have two different cultures that seem to be bent towards each others undoing. Each culture has its own belief system. One belief system is a little different than the other. We have religious leaders on both sides trying to light the fire.

The many different flavors of government around the Earth which watch over man for his good ,still want to achieve a utopia. They want to rule over their subjects in a good way. They want their subjects to enjoy freedoms and obey whatever balanced laws are enforced.The governments act as ministers to God's servants on the Earth. The major culprit in their not achieving this model frame-work for a utopia, has been religion.

What options left do the governments have??

This I will let the course of history write down.

*I wanted to write as a person from the future looking back as if these events already happened.

I have another thread that has some more information I wrote awhile back.

I want this information to float out in cyberspace with the intent to help my fellow man.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by apollos84

The major culprit in their not achieving this model frame-work for a utopia, has been religion.

I disagree. It is human nature fallen to the god of greed and destruction.

Many religions espouse the golden rule,doing unto others as you would have then do unto you,loving our neighbor as ourselves,...

Humans are not perfect. Religion doesn't do anything,it is just a system of beliefs. It's up to people to decide in their hearts what is right for them to follow or not and not let "religion" dictate to them what they know better than to do. (As any atheist will tell you,they don't need a religion to teach them to be moral.)

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 11:13 PM
Just having glanced over the previous thread you linked to,you may also like to read this:

Tom Horn's "Apollyon Rising 2012".

Interesting on many different levels.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 02:37 AM

Originally posted by apollos84
Catholics killing Catholics. Protestants killing Protestants. Hindus killing Hindus. Buddhists killing Buddhists. This is what unfolded once again over and over again. There was a repeat of this during the second world war.

THis one paragraph completely demolishes the idea that "wars are caused by religious differences". Think it through. There was an absence of religious difference between the Catholics who were killing Catholics. There was an absence of religious difference between the Buddhists who were killing Buddhists.
The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this is that;
Therefore there is no point whatever in touting the idea that removing religious difference will take away war.

You have also succeeded (congratulations) in demonstrating the point that Atheism ought to be abolished. How? Because in both world wars there were Atheists who were killing Atheists. Following your own logic, this counts as a proof that Atheism was a cause of both wars, a great evil which ought to be abolished..

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