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Jackie Kennedy was MK Ultra Victim, aka Manchurian Candidate; Unconsciously Shot JFK in the Throat

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

You might want to pass onto the website you got this from that it's "Ladybird" Johnson, not "Ladybug".

So much for extensive research on their part.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:13 PM

Originally posted by jerico65
You might want to pass onto the website you got this from that it's "Ladybird" Johnson, not "Ladybug".

So much for extensive research on their part.

Why don't you? You know them personally just as well as I do.

I noticed some other typos in their text, too, but the observations are all easy enough for anyone to make and in fact you'll notice a member here noticed the same thing about Kennedy clutching his throat without even getting it off that website.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:45 PM
I belive it was a insede job but this theory is reaching a bit to much, Then again so is the official story so who knows?

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by filosophia

I thought I would join in the defense of the OP, and took some frame-by-frame notes of my own!

The naysayers in this thread may be sticking to Garrison's observation, that Kennedy fell back and to the left (so mnemonically repeated in that Hollywood film!) and so must have been shot from the front and to the right. I have observed that this is not necessarily the case. We can see that Onassis is holding Kennedy until frame 325. In frame 324, we can clearly see that her hand is on Kennedy's abdomen. In frame 270, we can see Kennedy begin to lean to the left, towards Onassis. Couldn't Kennedy have fallen to the left because of this slumping, and fallen back because his wife's hand on his chest prevented him from falling forward? Let's look at the film again.

Frame 230, Kennedy's hands go to his mouth and throat. Connolly immediately begins to turn around; he must have been alerted by a non-visual cue (i.e. a severe and sudden cough).

Frame 241, Jackie Onassis reaches to her husband in a reassuring gesture.

At frame 250, Kennedy begins to lower his hands from his face. He leans forward, possibly to speak to Connolly and Onassis, possibly incapacitated.

Frame 253, Onassis' head darts to face Connolly. She leans to her right, apparently to bring his face into her line of sight as they appear to communicate to each other.

The observations above are perfectly normal and understandable. We can treat it as a very innocent narrative. The President has been stricken with a sudden cough. The Governor and the First Lady ask him if he is okay, and he informs them of his condition (or else is unable to speak, signifying his sudden illness). He leans in to his wife, who holds him reassuringly before the killing shot comes. The next observations are less innocent.

Frame 270. Onassis' right hand falls out of view of the camera.

Frame 290. Onassis' head snaps to face her husband. Something urgent has happened, or is about to; he it not moving, so if it was a cough that first drew their attention, it appears that it is not a cough that brings her to face him now.

Frame 292. Her right elbow moves out, towards the rear of the car. She leans closer to Kennedy. Her elbow moves back.

Frame 299. Onassis' forearm begins to point at a downward angle. The actors remain almost frozen in tableau until frame 313, the kill shot.

Frame 325-328. Only one part of Onassis' body moves in reaction to the shooting. Her right hand moves, as if to discard something. It is a rapid movement. She then touches Kennedy's body for a brief moment, before climbing out the rear of the car.

From this point on, I think it is useless to consider it as individual frames. The motion and the speed of activity is far more important. Notice that, beginning in frame 308, Onassis seems to be applying pressure to Kennedy. She seems to be compressing herself against him, moving her head and arms closer to him. We can feel the tension in our own bodies, watching her figure contract. The tension in this scene is instantly released when Kennedy's right temple explodes outwards. Onassis' body stops coiling towards Kennedy, and immediately she begins to move away form him.

She does not move away rapidly, as if she were startled, nor does she move slowly, as though she were stunned. The motion feels entirely like a catharsis, a relief. Her motions after Kennedy's head explodes are not like Connolly's; he jumps in his seat and cowers immediately. She does not display shock, nor does she appear stunned or awed. Her movements are sober and calm. She only moved hastily when she began to lean in.

I say that it is a catharsis because I watched her right arm move in the lead-up to frame 313. See for yourself; her right elbow indicates that her forearm was pointed at an approximate 45 degree angle downward in frame 303, and rises slowly, as if with some resistance, to the almost horizontal angle that it is in during frame 313. The elbow then appears to buck, so that by frame 316 it seems to indicate that her forearm is pointed in a slightly raised angle. Could this be indicative of recoil from a handgun, and the catharsis of pulling the trigger?

Additional notes:

When Kennedy begins to cough (or whatever) he turns to look at Onassis. He does not move his head again, certainly not to speak or listen to Connolly.

Onassis' gloves would prevent the gun from being useful as evidence against her.

In frame 320 we can begin to see, around the edges of Kennedy's head, that her gloved hand is moving in an arc towards the rear of the car. In frame 328 we can see that she has moved her hand into a position on the back of Kennedy's neck. Frame 330 shows us that, at the same time, her left hand is clearly visible on his chest. Certainly, she could have bumped his now-limp body towards herself by these gestures.

In frame 350 she is 'leapfrogging' Kennedy; pushing against his back with her left hand as she propels herself towards whatever is on the rear of the car (it cannot be a skull fragment; the autopsy photos show that only the front right portion of skull is missing).

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 11:04 PM
this my observation.

she is cradling her dying husband.
his head explodes.
whos going to see there inches from his face when his head just exploded in your arms?
she then crawls onto the trunk to grab a piece of skull? who the...where does this come from?

it looks like she spawls onto the back of the car to reach out for a CIA bodyguard yet he cant catch up to the vehicle.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 02:23 AM

Originally posted by
she then crawls onto the trunk to grab a piece of skull? who the...where does this come from?

This comes from the recollection of Clint Hill, the secret service man attempting to climb onto the back of the limousine.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 03:07 AM
One firey burst from a gun muzzle and the age of innocence was over for America. The Bush family are nothing but a bunch of low lifes.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by boondock-saint
regardless of what evidence you present
I find this theory most delusional.

If the CIA wanted Kennedy dead by means
of Jackie. She could have easily done
that while he slept and blamed it on
a WH intruder. A hell of a lot easier
to fake an assassination in private
rather than thousands of cameras
capturing the event.

I always thought Kennedy was assassinated in public in order to send a message to America.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 04:33 AM
Here is what I see.... pay attention.

At frame 227....

Both JFK and Connolly react to something at the same time. Connolly flinches as if he got scared by something to his left. They BOTH raise their hands up suddenly at the same time. Something effected them both. This is probably the first bullet, and a clue to the direction of the bullet. It traveled from JFK to the front of the car next to Connolly, and scared Connolly. Back tracking this bullet path would position the gunner behind the car.

At frame 269....

Connolly looks back to see what it was that scared him.

At frames 274 to 293....

Blood starts poring out of JFK's mouth. Look close and you will see it.

At frame 294....

Jackie finally notices the blood poring out of JFK's mouth, and looks down at the blood. This would suggest she didn't know what was happening.

At frame 313 to 319....

The second shot hits JFK's head. Connolly was not looking directly at JFK at the time, BUT he reacts at the same time as JFK AGAIN, and falls over. This to me shows that JFK and Connolly both got shot at the same time. This again is a hint to the bullet direction, and the position of the shooter (behind the car).

At frame 336....

Jackie finally noticed the hole in JFK's head, and her mouth opens (possibly screamed) in shock. Out of panic she tries to get out of the car and run to secret service. Secret service tells her to get back in the seat.

From this video you can clearly see shock and surprise by JFK, Jackie, and Connolly, and you can even determine the shooters position by back tracking the bullet path that effects both JFK and Connolly.


I have spent many years as a video analyst, you can be assured that what I said is accurate.

No offence OP, but your theory is completely wrong.

Good Day.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

I agree, upon rewatching this clip this was exactly first thing I notice, JFK went from a totally relaxed position to a position where his sholders hunch upwards and his arms shoot up to cover his mouth, a very defensive position - as if preparing to be sick was my impression. He then slumps foward and the shot is taken. I dont know enough details to draw conclusions but this suggests to me something else was going on.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by ATS4dummies

Frame 207, then its cut behind the sign to frame 213, why cut just behind the sign? if you look at his hair when he come out of the sign moving in a strange why. I allways thought someone in the trunk or Jackie shoot him but now i think what is filmed and what really happen are 2 diferent things

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

As crazy as your post sounds and boy you're gonna need a flame suit for this one.

There is a possiblity that you might be right on.

Start researching MKUtra and mind control.

This subject alone could, if properly researched fill a couple hundred threads. The rabbit hole goes so deep on this one it's beyond conprehension.

be a more natural response. Instead, she keeps her hands out of camera range by contorting her arms rather awkwardly, perhaps conscious of the possibility that there are cameras on both sides of the street. Photos and film taken from the left side of the car also do not show exactly what she’s doing with her hands.

2. She seems more focused on Gov. Connally’s words to her than on her husband’s condition. Could Connally possibly be telling her it’s time to “do it”? Or perhaps he’s uttering the trigger words that will elicit a previously induced hypnotic suggestion. Do they looked shocked at what’s happened to you? Or do they look like they’re simply discussing their next course of action?

3. At point of head impact, white smoke moves upward on LEFT SIDE of JFK’s head. This white wisp of smoke or vapor is visible even in photos and film taken from the other side of the car. A bullet doesn’t cause smoke; the barrel of a gun does. There are various reports (here’s one) that indicate that the gunshot entry wound was on the left side of JFK’s head; exit wound to the right front. One of the doctors at Parkland, Dr. Jenkins, testified to the Warren Commission that he had discovered what appeared to be a bullet wound to the “left temporal region” of the President’s head. (Of course, the Warren Commission took care of that “misconception”!)

4. She quickly hides something (the gun?). In the still frames of the Zapruder film, it appears to me that there must be at least one frame missing between #326 and #327. Judging from the slow progression of the other still frames, there’s no conceivable way that Jackie’s arm could have skipped from an upright position to one pointing down in the space of one frame (1/18 of a second)! What do those responsible not want us to see? A gun? (See all frames.) Judging by the blood and brain spray exiting JFK’s head, what kind of trajectory would the bullet have to travel? Isn’t it more consistent with someone placing the muzzle near his left ear and firing upwards than it would be of a long-distance shooter firing from behind…or even from the front? A doctor who saw JFK at Parkland Hospital immediately after the murder indicates that his head wound was on the front right side. There is an assassination researcher who puts forth the theory that there was a shooter in the trunk of the car! He is actually closer to the truth than other theorists because the intensity and trajectory of the shot indicates that it came from within the tight little circle of the car and those in it and around it. His conclusions support rather than deny mine. There are experts who insist that the Zapruder film was altered and also that frames were removed; and these alterations seem aimed at obscuring the moment of the head shot. The final product still shows evidence of a shot from the front, so this alteration must, more importantly in the minds of the alterers, have been done to hide both the fact that the car was brought to a near standstill for the execution of the head shot(s), and to hide the fact that Jackie’s hand held a gun.

The sequence of events that took our President’s life was, in my opinion, and based on observation of the Zapruder film, as follows:

1. JFK was shot in the throat from the front, possibly by a bullet that went through the windshield of the car. Contrary to popular belief, Gov. Connally was not wounded until AFTER the fatal head shot (as evidenced by the fact that he is able to turn his body around and toward Jackie in order to speak to her). Note: If you click on the link to the article regarding Gov. Connally’s wounds, notice how clearly the white smoke is visible in the Zapruder frames he posts.)

2. One or more bullets from the rear were fired at some point during the sequence, causing JFK’s back entrance wound (which was shallow probably due to his heavy back corset-like brace), and the injuries to Gov. Connally.

3. Jackie maneuvers herself into position in order to deliver a head shot to enter from the left in JFK’s hairline near his ear and upward, but she hesitates a few seconds too long, forcing the sniper hidden on the grassy knoll to respond with a head shot of his own. This sniper’s shot nearly coincided perfectly with Jackie’s shot, and the startling realization that rifle shots were coming in her direction, coupled with the horror of her mortally wounded husband falling toward her and not away from her, caused her to flee away from their source and towards the rear of the automobile seeking the protective arms of her personal Secret Service agent, Clint Hill. (Jackie almost roughly pushes JFK’s body aside as she swiftly climbs out onto the trunk of the car to retrieve some mysterious object. The official story that she was trying to save brain matter or a piece of skull is suspect as the Zapruder film clearly shows that the trunk area is still in pristine condition. The reason she looks like she’s trying to grab something on the boot of the car is that she’s reaching for the protruding “buttons” about halfway to the Secret Service handles in order to hold on to something while she makes her escape.)

For more and the source:

Read Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks for the Memories" to get a inkling of how deep and dark mind control really is.

6. Jacqueline Bouvier was a C.I.A. agent assigned to infiltrate the Kennedy clan as they moved up in political circles. Here’s an excerpt from an online biography of Jackie (among others) that cites the fact that she did work for the C.I.A.! ”Jackie attended boarding schools and then went off to Vassar. After two years, though, she got tired of it and spent her junior year studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. When she got back to the US she did not want to go back to Vassar, so she enrolled in George Washington University in Washington, DC, graduating in 1951. She took a job at the CIA and in January of 1952 went to work at a Washington newspaper, where she was a photographer. During an assignment she met U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy . They were married on September 12, 1953. Their first child, who lived, was Caroline Kennedy, born November 27, 1957.” [Emphasis mine.] The entire biography can be read here. Jackie may have been merely following the orders of her superiors to hit their target.

Jackie’s and her mother’s long association with George DeMorenschildt, a known CIA asset, closest friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, acquaintance of George H.W. Bush, LBJ, Abraham Zapruder (!) and others leads me to wonder if he was, perhaps, Jackie’s (and maybe her mother’s) “handler,” as well as Lee Harvey Oswald’s! Here’s an excerpt from a site dealing with a publication called, “Timeline Chart,” discussed on this Education Forum: “I first started researching the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission for clues, when I came across George De Mohrenschildt. I thought it was strange that a man who visited Jacqueline Kennedy’s mother on a regular basis would also befriend the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. In the first several years of my research, I even had a nightmare that Jackie Kennedy had been involved in the assassination. I began to look at this or the possibility that her mother Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss was involved. But I concluded, that no one in their right mind would have placed themselves or their daughter in an open convertible with a possibility of being shot, for Jackie sat three feet away from JFK on that fateful November 22, 1963.

Virginia, we may never know the truth as long as we are in this 3d reality.

Sometimes the unthinkable is what happened.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

Gloves maybe?

Just saying. The other hand looks the same. And wouldn't, like, everyone be looking at this at this point?

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:02 AM
The two guys in front are smart enough to duck (one guy tried to hide behind a plant lol), but Jackie tries to jump out of the car. If the killer wanted to get her, that would be an easy target. After all, according to the official story, Oswald could fire off three bullets within a few seconds, right?

I don't think JFK was leaning forward because he was shot, I think it was more like a poisoning of some sort, and the guy in front of JFK has his head facing forward when JFK gets shot, so that would seem like exceptional marksmanship while not even looking at JFK, kind of even more amazing than Oswald's magic bullet. But either way, the official "lone gunman" story is complete B.S. the Warren Commission or whatever it's called that investigated this ought to be investigated themselves.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:10 AM
After the first shot is made, [which enters his left neck], JFK fell twords Jackie, meaning the bullet obviously came from behind/right of him. Also, before the shot is made, Jackie's hands are visible and it doesn't appear as if she's holding any bolt action rifles..

Here's a drawing of JFK's autopsy. The bullet went THROUGH his back, and clean through his front. How many single hand held weapons can do that.

And You tell me how Jackie shot her husband in the back while seated next to him and with all those camera's, secret service and civilians around.


posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 07:43 AM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

Definitely rekindled my interest in anything Kennedy. Star and don't know how to flag haha =P. JFK is just like anything else that happened of national relevance in the last 100 years, everything looks conspicuous and the official story makes 0 sense.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:02 AM
I see no gun in her hand. He is shot from the side she is not sitting on. I can't believe in this theory.

The most believable theories on this are that the Central Bankers had him killed because he wanted to give Congress the power to print the country's currency, keeping the Federal Reserve and the Central Bankers out of the profit-loop, or Israel's secret spy agency Mossad had him killed because JFK was pressuring them to let us in and see their nuclear facilities to make sure they weren't developing nuclear weapons (just as the US is doing to Iran right now)... and obviously as we find out, Israel was developing nukes.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by VirginiaRisesYetAgain

I commend you for taking on such a difficult subject matter such as the JFK assassination. While I have been aware for many years of the allegation that Jackie did it, and while I also have some thoughts to that affect, it is the two men marked A and B that I want to bring your attention to and also I want to add a few remarks that I feel are relevant to this thread beyond the two men remark.

The two men that are comparable to the 911 Dancing Israelis and if anyone looks closely, they Blatantly appear concentrated on recording the event. Even I, years ago concluded this thought. But, today I have a different idea that I would like to share with you and others.

The CIA back in the 60's had developed a movie camera that was also a hidden gun. While there are two camera men taking the same shots, they are on the side of the limousine that is to Jackie's backside. I think that this was by design and part of the plan. I think that while Jackie could very well have been a MK-Ultra victim, her actions were also for deception or redundant death insurance. It is the level of deception that disguises more than just shooters intent on killing the president.

I now suspect that one or both of those men with camera boxes was in fact taking a head shot or they were doing something else that we do not yet fully understand about that day. Anyone who sees them not flinch says they were expecting the shot or were shooting the final head shot among one of the two men with camera boxes. Any shooter, shooting does not flinch as if surprised.

While many already know that the entire planning for the JFK murder was planned so that it included many Masonic uses of symbolism and a laundry list of anomalies that many now describe as being a ritual of some sort. A ritual that included the Stars, Planets, and a slew of many things that denote a ritual being played out in the JFK killing. It was done in broad day light and that is how they intended to deceive the masses from the very beginning.

As anyone knows who has studied this event, most already suspect that the CIA was involved. Back then in 1963, our nations organizational structure was so simple that the only agency besides the CIA that could have been involved in the secret plan was the NSA. While many FBI, Police, Mafia, Business interests were all used in the plan, the secret planning in my mind came from both the CIA and the NSA. There is a reason for this remark.

There have been many rumors through the years and many have attempted to place George H. Bush Sr. in this elaborate plan and for many years I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but today I honestly believe that George H. Bush was not just involved, but the key player with connections to the means of pulling off the murder with no concern for being caught by anyone no matter who witnessed what. Bush's involvement alluded me for years, but I now understand how it could have been done with such a precision and with such a far reaching scope to be publicly declared or called a "Ritual Killing" of a "King" in broad day light.

Bush Sr. in the years to come would become the Director of the CIA and a secret player with the secret technology called "Looking Glass Technology" that in the 60's was still being researched as to what it could do and how it could do it. Well, without getting into a full thread of why I think this, it is my belief that George H. Bush Sr. in his future was using a super computer that modeled the JFK murder and planned every aspect of what needed to be done to ensure complete success in 1963. Bush Sr. in my mind developed the plan in the future and then gave that plan to himself in the past. The only way Bush Sr. from 1963 would believe what was going on is for his future self to deliver the plan that would forever change the world and alter our time line.

I think that the world and the reality that we once had was forever altered by those that used secret knowledge from the future and used that knowledge to achieve the murder of the century. Afterward in the years to follow, every witness that had seen or knew that it was an inside job died in some way.

Current estimate is that over 300+ citizens that were witnesses ended up dead and by ending up dead, it negated their first hand accounts of things seen that in my opinion prove more than just the fact that the CIA and others within the government planned and executed the murder. Those deaths hide evidence that would eventually confirm that someone knew in advance as if they knew the future and it is those references and witnesses that all needed to die to keep that aspect secret and hidden from the public.

As anyone who has read my many postings, I keep up with the Looking Glass Technology and I have spent hundreds of hours viewing videos from interviews given by Andrew D. Basiago and Dr. Dan Burisch who discuss the secret technology and it is Mr. Basiago that discusses how he and the Bushes, Clinton's and now the Obama regime are using the secret technology to alter the future into what those that possess the future looking technology want for themselves and their NWO agenda.

If you take a pause in your JFK research to look into how the Looking Glass could have been used by Bush Sr to plan the JFK killing you must also remember that no computers, no cell phones, no faxes, only phones and some ancient radios that the era had for commercial use. The point I want to make with this remark is that in order for the whole murder to be planned as a ritual with so many anomalous elements of masonic and Illumination symbolism would require a super computer to plan.

That plan had to be designed around the limited means of communication and as such the super computer foresaw all hurdles and planned around them. That final plan had to be delivered to the 60's in advance of the murder date and only by using a super computer from the future could such a precise plan go into affect with so much symbolism wrapped or disguised within the murder ritual itself.

Anyway, that same secret technology is still being abused and is still altering our time line into what the NWO elite who control this technology desire or what is needed for their NWO agenda to be successful. With such secret technology, they know in advance what will work and what wont. Anyway, take a look into the Looking Glass technology and you will soon learn why I think like I do.

Thanks again for your posting. Difficult subject matters takes someone with some hard skin to get over all the nabobs, but as for me, I hear you and while I think Jackie went through the motions as you indicate, it could have been for the intentional deception needed while others murdered JFK in plain view of everyone.

The last thing no one should deny is the fact that the whole JFK assassination was in fact a "Ritual" killing and that is why Bush Sr was involved. His evil would continue into the future to continue to do the same evil that began on November 22, 1963. That is when our real time line changed and when the false time line began. Bush Sr. made that time line change happen and no one will convince me otherwise. Just listen to the Andrew D. Basiago interviews and you will discern much about this technology and its abuses.

Thanks again. Decent subject matter even if the nabobs are too comatose to understand why.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:11 AM
If mind control was what was used then I could see as to how it could have been pulled off. And it wouldn't matter where they committed it, they would have nothing to lose if it was caught in plain view. As she would have no recollection of the event due to being under the influence of mind control. Looks like a new angle on the shooting to me. Thanks OP for the idea to ponder.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:12 AM
What if everyone was shooting at him?

Oswald, grassy knoll, driver, Onassis, Connely, and that guy in red?

CIA is all powerful, wouldn't they over kill?

I'm suprised they didn't use a missile.

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