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Religious Rally has over 750k attendees.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by saltheart foamfollower

Religious Rally has over 750k attendees.

I'm a little freaked out by big rallies. Especially religious ones, that's how wars are started.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

REALLY, tell me, how many people were at the Obama inauguration?
Last I heard, the National Park was quoted as saying 1.5 Million. If this was 90,000 than only 140,000 were at Obama's inauguration!

NOW, if you look at the crowd that was there, and extrapolate that to this rally, what do you GET?

Look at the photos I provided and the park estimation map, what do YOU get?

Oh, I forgot, SOME people do not know how to use their OWN brain.

As for Beck saying there was only 300k-500k, he said that was what the MEDIA was reporting.

You are SOO obvious in your endeavor.

As for that quote, that WAS from ABC. Hmmmm, I wonder if it was a Journ-O-list author? YOU KNOW, the ones spreading the RACE CARD TACTIC!

For your info, I sent an email to I am hoping they will ACTUALLY return an email. I am assuming they DID NOT make that estimate. If they did, they LIED and should never be used for another estimation. BUT, them being a REAL business, I am assuming they estimated 930,000 and ABC can call it a typo or some such thing. That way they can BURY the retraction somewhere in the basement 6 months from now.

Tell me, did you even go to their website or read the link I provided?

As for ME lying, I just went to YOUR posts. Hmmmm.

I suggest reading up on this members type posts folks, here is his home

This might EXPLAIN his purpose.

Still seems NO ONE will compare photos from other RALLIES or INAUGURATIONS.

Why is that do you suppose?

Hell, why don't you go get some expert opinions from media matters or politico.

Oh, one other thing, THE MORE YOU LIE AND THE MEDIA LIES, the bigger the movement becomes.

Do you NOT understand that? Probably not, just wishful elitist progressive thinking.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by woodwardjnr

Hey, religion is not scary.

This country was FOUNDED on Judeo Christian principles.

The main one was to do NO harm.

It also came from Locke and other sources.

The religious in our country really has ONLY one beef with things, that is abortion. They find it ABHORRENT.

Myself, I do to, but being Libertarian I feel if someone wants to commit a sin, I am to hate the sin not the sinner.

Anyway, if a theocracy is attempted, I would fight that.

This is NOT what this is about. This is about reinstating HONOR in ourselves and thereby IN our government.

For WE ARE the government!

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by Aeons

Tell me, have you looked at other rallies?

Does the National Park estimation map MEAN NOTHING?

Does the inauguration and these pictures side by side mean NOTHING?

Does anything mean ANYTHING to you folk except what the MSM whispers in your ears?

My God some of you folks just get my boxers in a twist.

Can you NOT see with your OWN eyes?

Or are you just being obtuse on purpose?

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:50 PM
Thought I would post a video of the previous tea party rally.

I suppose there was only 50 people at that rally?!

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 04:04 PM
Just for fun I did some quick math.

Let us say that only 2% of the crowd was black.

Now .02 x 750k = 15,000 people

Now that would STILL BE twice to three times as many as that went to the Al Sharpton rally.

Just for those SPECIAL people out there that want to try and play the race card.


But MY figures do not lie.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Beck took his TBN show on the road.

They buy his books. He loves it.

He knows the answers...but you gotta keep watching his TV SHOW....his RADIO SHOW....BUY HIS BOOKS....SUBSCRIBE TO HIS WEBSITE....SUBSCRIBE TO HIS MAGAZINE.....he's basically a televangelist.

What I find most fascinating about all of this is that Beck is creating himself to be something he warned about.

Obama Zombies.....Beck Zombies.


[edit on 8/30/2010 by semperfortis]

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 09:10 PM
Just sent off another email to the lowball rally number originator.

No reply today, hoping I get one tomorrow.

Oh well, if no reply, I guess THEIR numbers can be just thrown out.

So the numbers are looking to be accurate in my purview.

If people do NOT want to back up their numbers, kinda like peer review, we can just throw them out.

No way to verify the math and modeling done.

SO there you go.

[edit on 30-8-2010 by saltheart foamfollower]

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by Quadrivium

Originally posted by no special characters
reply to post by Quadrivium

How sir do we know that the "ancient folklore and rewritten history" were not taken from the book itself? Passed down, passed around and changed enough to be recognizable but different in most ways?

well... common knowledge. that religious folks tend to ignore science is indeed true. But do your own research and you will find that these stories have been around 10k years before the bible was written for instance.

Everything, friend, works within a set of rules. We may not understand the rules or be aware of them all but they are there.

I am not your friend. Perhaps we could be but that word is too often misused. Your mindset pertaining rules are showing me that you are not in touch with your soul or it is blackened. Either way your statement is wrong. Love is the proof that none of your so called rules are either applicable to everything or even real.

How do you know?

Because good is not defined in rules or words. It's just a matter of opinion. Once mans achievement is now mans crime.

What is our imagination?
What purpose does it serve?
What if, what these people saw was something they could not yet explain? Would their imaginations then play a part to try and help them understand? Help them see the event in terms they could relate to?

As said 99% of the stories in these religious books are folklore or stories past from generation to generation with minor alterations to apply to the society the stories were told. Failing to see and understand that makes you ignorant and I pity you for not opening your mind and doing some research.

That is why the rules are there. To keep the evil from overtaking. And it is most definitely about missing out on things!
Open your heart as well as your mind.
You will see.

Your definition of evil is no doubt different than mine. I believe that we can agree on one thing and that is that you should not inflict something to someone else that you wouldn't want to have done to you. Call it a rule.... I call it logic. As very few people are following logic out of greed, hate or fear we can define those actions that are against ones being as evil.

In the greater perspective we (humanity) are evil in almost every step we take. If you will trace back all your actions from one day or even an hour all consequences that your life is having on millions of people, animals and plants you will find my words to be true.

That you accept this is forgivable as most of us are merely trying to get by and never understand the truth of mankind. This itself makes me more evil than most as I do see this truth, I can only stand by and let you make your decisions as you will be judged one day. Not by me but yourself so that is perhaps comforting as you seem to cover yourself in a blanket of a distorted reality.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by no special characters

You poor, poor soul. It is you who should really be pitied.
For all of your talk about an open mind you seem to have all the answers you want. Anything that does not fit your version of the truth is wrong.
Anyone who does not agree with you is ignorant and should be pitied.
FRIEND, I know I do not have all the answers and can admit it. It harms me in no way to do so because I AM NOT GOD. I have been wrong before and I will be wrong again. JUST LIKE YOU!
By the way even love works with in a set of rules. Think about it.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:34 AM
Nowhere in my writings I claim to have the truth or know everything, I am merely stating facts. If you would have reached down inside and thought about my words. Perhaps do some research on that what you believe in rather dan getting in a defensive mode and protect your sacred beliefs you could've discovered a new realm of reality.

Love is not bound by rules, love itself is a rule defined by man it is just a perception as many things are in this world.

Lets not waste any more words on this as it's not worth spoiling counting heads at a rally where no doubt most attendees had a positive mindset for the day.

posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 04:22 AM
My final estimate will be downgraded to 625-750k and that is as low as I go.

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