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If I Could Be a Paper Airplane

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 02:13 AM
I wrote this when I was very, very young; I don't remember how old as it's not dated. I found it going through old papers and thought it was very strange. Here it is, as is, with all the awkward mistakes.


One day I was doing my homework. When I was done, I began to dream. I said, "What would happen?" I began to wonder, and then, I fell asleep.

The dream started when I was just a piece of paper in a dark, lonely, droor. Someone opened the droor, took me out, and begain to fold me in the dest design of paper airplane he knew.

When he finished, he threw me high in the air. I sailed around the room and kept myself up in the air as long as I could. When I landed, he picked me up and threw me again.

After a while he put me down and left me alone. When he left the room I began to fly by myself and I left the room and flew outside.

After about an hour I was moving at supersonic speed or Mach II. When I got to California I was so tired from going fast I took a rest.

When I woke up I grew wheels, two engines, a metal body, metal wings, flaps, a cockpit, retractable land gear with shock absorbers, swing wings, two tails, after burners, a canope, a dashboard, internal cannon, missles, a nose cone and a good paint job! I said, "I've turned into an F-14!"

First I put my landing gear down, started my engines, taxied, and took off. When I was in the air I was going so fast I put my wings back. After that I began to travel Mach III plus.

In a minute I began to get the hang of it. I did loops, rolls, and controlled crashes.

When I landed I found myself in New York. It was a busy place, but I didn't like it and I took-off again.

When my wheels finally touched the ground, I had landed on the countryside. This place I loved. Then I decided to take-off. I did all kinds of tricks, then I flew to Princeton, New Jersey to meet Albert Einstein.

When I got there, I taxied into the Institute for Advanced Study.

When I got into Einstein's office he had a lot of papers scattered all over his desk!

Suddenly Albert saw me and he wondered for a minute and said look very puzzled, "There's a live airplane in my office!"

I said to him, "Don't worry, I'll be your pet plane."

Albert said, "Ok."

So we went to his house.

When we got there we went and played Monopoly. I won the game.

At 11:00 P.M. we went to sleep. When it was morning I told Albert I had to leave. So I left for Chicago.

In the middle of my flight I was day-dreaming and I crashed into a skyscraper and blew up. Suddenly the dream ended. I was happy to find myself in my room and in my chair.

The End

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