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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 09:59 PM
Fallen like a soldiers sword
Cast from holy ranks
Tearing through heavens skies
Descending many days

Scorching beauty sears the night
By a goddess thrown to earth
Night's pitch yields for a moment
As the clouds unfold her birth

Smashing thunder escorts her
To our cradle of war
She rises from the foliage
This lovely angel of lore

Cascading around her
Resplendently drawn
Is the vibrance of love
Like the renewal of dawn

No memory of home
She knows not of that place
But I argue, whoever lost her
Angels aren't misplaced

Not by mistake or accident
Not by happenstance
Not by ill lived fortune
Nor any circumstance

When her maker returns
I'll bow if for one wish
Before ascending upward
I'll plead for one last kiss


[edit on 27-8-2010 by Crossfate]

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